It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 45


hello my cute ff readers cum frnds…… u guys wont believe tht ri8 now i m travelling in a bus… m on the way to my nani’s house… ok no more my real life stories…. but according to rituals… let me start the thanks giving ceremony ?

mannat, aastha, sayeeda, jasmin, lama, yashika, shreya aka cutie, mahi, naina, fiona, cutie pie, riya, panchi, zikra, Hima. S, rupam, jaya, anushka, shatakshi, amii, riya, loveleen, sidmin (twinj), sasmerra, ruchi, khushi, romaisah, sam, crazy and fatarajo…. sorry if i missed anyone

Many of u complained tht there r no twinj scenes…. well in tht case i only want to say 2 things

1. if i will show u all the romantic scenes between twinj be4 marriage then there will be nothing new in my ff….. nd its not tht i hvnt given u twinj scenes but u knw i cannot afford to give much intense scenes BE4 MARRIAGE….. thts the reason i m paying attention on pluto which will give u sm funny scenes nd will never allow to feel u the absence of romance but i think i failed in tht attempt

2. The speciality of my ff is comedy… look i cannot give u tht much romantic ff like tht of pali nd ridhima nd many more…. but srsly guys trust me i m trying my best nd will keep trying my best to keep u entertain

Finally i jst want to say tht i cannot asure u “ALWAYS” twinj’s romance….. loke i gave stress on word always which means i will give u twinj’s romance frequently but not daily

sorry if i hv disappointed u guys but cannot give u fake promise nd all tht na!

Okay so enough of my head eating lecture… now lets move on to the epi….

The epi starts with twinkle reaching home along with pluto in her hand who is still trying to free himself

Twinkle reaches the hall… where sarnas nd luthras r already there

pluto still trying his best

T: arre arre pl.. pluto control ur self baby… i know ur sad bcus i didnt let u stay with her…. sorry na pluto

P:(sadly)bow vow!

All the family memebers stand up seeing pluto in tht aggressive state

NOTE: Mahi was not there bcus she was not allowed to meet uv nd all tht

Uv: twinkle wht happened to this pluto…. he is not in control nd tht too when he is wid u!

pluto finally gets successful to free hinself frm twinkle’s cluthes nd he quickly runs towards the door to meet his love

T: pluto one mire step nd then ur nt my baby anyomre okay!

pluto stops at the very moment nd runs back nd hides himself under a sofa… as he didnt wanted to loose twinkle too…. his tears shedding voice was clearly audible

T: aww pluto

Uv:twinkle now would u pls explain us wht happened to pluto

Twinkle told everything…. everyone started laughing loudly

L:haha twinkle…. pluto is in love…. haahaa

T:(sadly)maa…. i m feeling sad for him nd ull r laughing here…. i wish i could bring tht dog here

just then a voice is heard frm enterance

Voice: yr voice is granted twinkle

everyone looks towards enterance nd its none other than our kunj…. he is with the same female dog

T: kunj! wht is this!

everyone too looked confused

K: shh….pluto… pluto where r u… look wht i brought for u… cm out pluto

pluto cms out of the sofa nd was literally jumping to see her

P:bow vow bow vow

saying this he rans towards his gf nd he licked her

T: kunj… thnks yaar… i too was thinking the same so tht pluto can get his life partener nd stay happy

K:me too… i was thinking the same

K thinks: actually a little different…. if pluto will get busy in his own life then there would be no one who will cm in between me nd twinkle

pluto looked at kunj…

K: de… dekh plu.. pluto… i.. i did this 4 u!

pluto starts walking towards kunj

K: pluto… dekh now… dont get mad on me again

but pluto was not listening nd jst miving towards him… kunj to started moving backwords unti ge falls on sofa

T: pluto… look no scrating again uh!

pluto jumped on kunj

K: aaaaaah!

but to his surprise… pluto was nt scrating or getting angry on kunj infact he started licking kunj

all gets happy to see as finally they both became frnds

T: finally yey!

pluto again goes to his gf nd they go towards pluto’s dog house

Leela now walks towards twinkle nd turns her opp. to kunj such tht she shows her back to kunj

L:wht yay uh! twinkle u shouldnt cheat…. why did u broke the ritual

T: ma! ok i will not see kunj but be4 tht let me do his first aid na..look he got so hurt due to pluto

K: haan haan maa… once let her do my first aid then she will not meet me (he thinks but i can meet her even aftr tht)

L: ek baar na bola samj mei nhi aata kya

twij gets scared

L: kunj… u go in the guest room, there will be first aid box… i will give u first aid… nd twinkle run to ur room… quick!

twinkle got scared

T: o.. ok maa!

nd she ran ti her room

K: no need leela maa… (sadly)i will do the first aid on my own… just show me the guest room

Leela shows him the way nd he went there

@ Guest room

kunj gets the first aid box nd tries to put ointment on his face… but all in vain….. just then he feels two warm arms

without even seeing the face


Yes he was correct…. it was twinkle
she too sat on the bed

K: twinkle u… u here

T: ofcourse…. how can i see my kunj in pain

kunj got a smile on his tiredful face

Twinkle takes the ointment nd spreads it on kunj’s face

K: aah…. its burning

Twinkle quickly blows air on his face…. kunj felt heavenly relaxation

K: and wht about the ritual

T:(unknowingly) arre bhaad mei jaye aisa riwaz

kunj gets surprised and lifts his two eyebrows

Twinkle then cms in her senses nd she starts to leave

T:i think… i… i.. should go now

but kunj holds her wrist nd pulls her towards him… which makes twinkle sit on his lap

T: k.. kunj… s.. sm1 will cm

K: i dont care

kunj now starts to move his lips on twinkle’s left side of the face

Twinkle felt a gr8 relaxation nd closes r eyes due to it… kunj sees her like this nd gets over excited

he now starts to kiss twinkle’s left neck (as twinkle is sitting on his lap…. her keft side is only visible to kunj)

T: kunj… leave me pls….

K: (still kissing her neck) arre why should i….. look now no 1 will cm in between us…. not even pluto…. now who will save u frm me uh!

T: my mobile

kunj stops kissing her neck

K: what do u mean by yr mobile????

Twinkle takes out her mobile and shows a video to kunj… kunj is shocked seeing it

K: twinkle…. when did u do this?

Guys twinkle had taken video when pluto was running behind kunj nd was continuously scratching him…. nd our kunj was shouting 4 help

T: kunj juat think if this video gets on fb or instagram then…… fir toh tumhari izzat ka faluda ho jayega

K: twinkle…. twinkle ur a gud girl ri8! pls give me yr phone

T: kunj i m a gud girl but yr intentions doesnt seems gud…. so pluto nhi toh mobile hi sahi!

K: twinkle pls yaar plsssssssss let me romance na…. i m srsly dying to touch u

Twinkle cups kunj’s face

T: (softly) hey…… look i understand u… ur emotions…. ur feelings… i also dont like to stay away frm u… but its just few days den….. as i told u be4…. i will be all urs…. u can do anything u wnt to do wid me… but not be4 wedding na pls! infact after our wedding i myself will arrange a special ni8 for us…. nd its my promise!

Kunj smiles

K: sorry twinkle

T: u need not be

K: but i am eagerly waiting for our special ni8

T: me too!

Now twinkle stands up frm his lap

T: look kunj jitna sabra karoge uska phal utna hi meetha hoga (how much u will wait… its fruit will be tht much sweet)

K: i think u r ri8….. ok so me kunj sarna… i take an oath tht i will nt even see twinklebuntil our wedding ni8

Twinkle gers shocked

T: who told u to do tht!

kunj smiles

K: jitna sabra karoge…. usska phal utna hi meetha hoga

Both laughs

Precap: leap of a week…… marriage day nd a new twist

hey guys…. tiday i didnt felt so confident in writing my ff… i think u guys r not liking my ff…. as ull need romance… nd thts correct too…. but i cannot give u tht always… so sorry guys but still of ull feel i m wrong in my personal point of view then i will stop this ff.

Stay blessed!!!

Credit to: Ritzi

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  13. Twinju(Bhavika)

    for that u have to go in contact us there tell them that u want to change your dp IN REPLY THEY WILL GIVE YOU A LINK JUST GO TO IT AND DO AS INSTRUCTIONS



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