It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 44


hi guys…. again i m late ?sorry 4 thr my frnds… loveleen, zikra, shreya, naina, Hima. S, sidmin(twinj), sasmerra, lama, riya, yukku, jaya, vinnie, amii, baby, sam, crazy, anushka, zarmeen, sayeeda, panchi, salma, prapti, ria, mitali, khushi, kruti, jerly, cutie pie, sharon, romaisah

sasnerra sorry dear i didnt understood ur doubt… can u explain it to me pls!

vaise toh i was srsly blushing aftr reading ALL ur cmnts… but amii! girl u srsly stole my heart ur line “tei ko tumne kyu nhi likha” wow like a honour for me… thnks yaar

sorry guys if u thought that i did partiality in ans only amii’s cmnt pls guys its nthing like tht alllllll ur cmnts make my day… thnk u soo much for entering in my life…. love u all equally!

but guys i m very very upset bcus many of my fav ff writers r nt posting their ffs like pali, tara, crazy, ridhima,sanam, sweetie the ff writer of tashan e ashiqui, ada ishq ada ho jayega, stardom , sath janmo ka khel, tashan e twists, twinj (opposite attracts eachother) and many more……. srsly guys m eagrly waiting for ur posts… as long as aakansha’s ff is concerned i know her problem of posting late nd of crazy too but pls u all fantastic writers pls pls post yr epi no matter of they r short but if ur reading my ff pls just for my sake post it nd pali nd tara r like disappeared fr TU…. i m srsly in a mood of crying cus m missing all ur ffs eagerly

ok guys yaha par toh nere ff ke alava sare ffs ki baat ho gayi ?

so my ff fans let me start my epi hehe……

The episode starts with kunj nd twinkle’s shocked face on luking pluto flirting with a female dog (NOTE: the female dog was left by the honour in the garden maybe the honour wnted to get rid of her)

T:(frm far) pluto! baby cmhere

but to her surprise pluto was nt listening to her command for the 1st tym ever

T thinks: be pluto marvayega kya… mujhe ignore kar raha hai… kunj ke samne meri izzat to gayi matlab… hayee babaji (this pluto wilk make me die… he is ignoring ne… my respect is gonein frnt of kunj … ohh god)

Kunj is laughing hardly…. twinkle notices this

T: what!

K: haaahaaaaaaahhaaaaahaaaa

T:(mimics him) haahaaa…. ab bolo bhi intni hansi kyu chut rahi hai (now tell me why so much laughter)

Kunj controls his laughter with gr8 difficulty

K: haha… twinkle pluto i.. haha.. i mean tere baby ne tera hi popat kar diya… haha… he is not even bother to listen u… hahaa…. bada aaya mujhe tujhse milne ke liye rokne wala… hahaaaa… pehle khud ko to rok le… haha

he is laughing really like a mad person…. holding his stomach

nd there twinkle is speechless

T thinks: hayee babaji…. i knw kunj is true… iss pluto ne mera popat kar diya… lekin whts there to laugh so much………….. ahaa idea!…. now see kunj beta.. twinkle taneja se panga lene ka nateja! (sorry guys dont knw its english translation….. ya i knw m stupid)

T: kunj!

K: hahaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaa

T:(sweetly)kunj…. u love me na!

kunj’s laughter which was making him look mad… suddenly completely stops

K: (in a serious nd a scary voice) nnnooo twinkle… noo.. mai usse pluto ko lene nhi jaunga! (nnnooo twinkle i will not go there to take pluto)

hey frnds dekho toh sahi kunj kitna pyaar karta hai twinkle se… twinkle just buttered him nd he got to know tht he was going to be bali ka bakra… hehe… pyaar ho toh kunj jaisa varna na ho… i knw it was cheap ?

T: (starts to move her finger on kunj’s forehead) oh kunj u love me soo much (now the finger reaches his cheeks)tht u understood wht i was going to tell u

kunj who was almost shivering due to twinkle’s touch, quickly puts twinkle’s finger down as he knw tht if she will touch him a scnd more then he is gonna melt

K: (still shivering) k.. kya tw.. twinkle… sunna nhi m… maa ne.. na kaha hai… shadi… s.. se pehle… n.. no touching…. aur ye tera. h.. hath hai ki 200 watt ka w.. wire… kya… current m.. marta… hai yaar! (wht twinkle didnt u heard leela maa saying tht nt to touch eo before wedding and is tht yr hand or wire of 200 watt… wht current it passes yaar! )

Twinkle controlled her blush wid lots of difficulty

T: so kunj darling u dont want me to touch u uh!

K: yes… i.. i mean no… not be4 marriage…. twinkle we should respect the rituals na

T thinks: ohoo look at this kunj… i think he was the only one who told “bhaad mei jaye aisa riwaz jime mai twinkle ko dekh na saku”(these types of rituals should go in crap where i m nt able to see twinkle)… no worries twinkle now stick to plan B bcus pluto ko toh ab kunj hi leke ayega (bcus now kunj will only bring pluto) how dare he naje fun of me uh!

T:(extra sweetness) kunj yaar…. i was thinking tht if u will bring pluto then i will give u a kiss… but here toh u r nt allowing to touch…

be4 twinkle could speak furthere…

K: arre pluto meri jaan wahi ruk tu mai aa raha hu (arre pluto my life… u stay there i m cmng)

nd he runs where pluto is still soooo engrossed in flirting with a female dog…

T: arre arrre kunj….

Twinkle starts laughing at his childishness

T:(slowly)kunj i love u

There kunj goes to pluto…. he is bit far frm pluto

K: (still excite for kiss) pluto… its tym to go home!

P: bow vow… bow vow

K: ui maa (nd he jumps to steps back)

K thinks: twinkle ek kiss ke liye kya kya karna pad raha hai! (just for a kiss wht all things i hv to do! )

Kunj tries to lift pluto

K: chal mere jaani dushman (lets go my enemy)

but pluto scratches kunj’s cheeks (no worries guys i knw u all too cant see kunj in pain like me… so i hv made twinkle cut pluto’s nails earlier only… oh my gid i m so smart na! ?)

but kunj got scared nd droped pluto down…. pluto again ran to her newly forned gf!

T:(she is little bit far…. so shouting) kya hua kunj…. kiss nhi chahiye (wht happened kunj dont u want kiss)

she told it soo much loudly tht few people passing by twinkle in the garden… starts staring her

T thinks: siyappa! (nd she takes out her tounge )

T:(to the people) k.. kya hua… mai apne fiance ko kiss karne ki baat kar rhi thi aap logo ko nhi (wht happened i was talking to kiss my fiance nd. ot u people)

people strts walking nd jogging again

There still our kunj is struggling to seperate pluto frm his gf.. but all in vain

after smtym he gets tired nd stands for a while putting his hands on his waist

K: hayee babaji… itni mehnat toh britishers ne bhi india-pakistan ko alag karne mei nhi ki hogi jitni mujhe pluto ko uski is gf se alag karne mei karni pad rhi hai (oh god… britishers also wouldnt hv done this much hardwork to seperate india nd pakistan how much i hv to do to seperate pluto nd his gf)

Kunj looks sadly at twinkle expecting a help…. twinkle understands him nd shows sm mercy on him… she too goes there

T: kya kunj itna nhi hua tumse! (wht kunj even this much didnt happened frm u! )

kunj was soo tired tht he couldnt even speak so he just gave his bechara wala look to her…. twinkle melts due to it

T: okay okay now dont do emotional blackmail…. u do one thing u pull pluto to ur side nd i will pull this cutie (to his gf) to other side… kunj nodes…

Nd they starts pulling them both in order to seperate them… it looked like they both were playing tug of war where pluto nd his gf were playing the role of rope nd twinkle nd kunj where both players frn opp. team… they were trying soooo hardly but the two love birds (i mean kove dogs) were not ready to seprate eo only…. but aftr smtym it seemed tht gid showed sm mercy on the players… i mean our twinj… the rope broke… i mean the dog seperated themselves… but due to the sudden jerk all four (twinj nd dogs) fall down… twinkle on opp. side of kunj… pluto upon kunj nd his gf upon twinkle

T:(still lying on the grass) aaaaaah… in dono ne toh halat kharab kardi yaar (these too got my health bad)

here our twinkle is busy complainig nd there kunj… ohnoo our bechara kunj… kunj is lying on the floor nd pluto is attacking him… he is continously scrating his nalis on kunj’s face…. the scene was too funny… i mean just imagine guys… kunj on the grass.. a mad lover dog upon him… scratching him badly… nd our twinkle busy complaing…. whereas his gf engrossed in watching the scene hehe!

K:(still lying on the floor) aah aaha aaaahhhh twinkleeee teri complaine khatam ho gayi ho toh aaaaaaaah mujhe pe daya kha aur apne baby ko le mujh par se aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh maaaaaaa… maarrrr gayaa aaj toh pakaaahhh (twinkle of yr complains r over then pls show me sm mercy nd save me frm ur baby orelse i will pakka die today)

Twinkle cms to her senses nd sees pluto digging kunj’s face badly as he is digging a pit in the sand

she quickly stands up nd runs to kuni

T: oh my god kunj! pluto.. pluto leave him… leave him i said…

but as pluto was in hell anger fr seperating him frm her gf… he was nt even listening to twinkle nd was just damaging our kunj’s handsome face (pluto very bad uh… wht would hv happened if i hvent made twinkle to cut yr nails? )

Twinkle quickly lifts pluto in her arms… pluto is still moving his four legs in anger…. kunj painfully gets up

K: ui maa…. agar mujhe pata hota ki twinkle se milna itna mehanga padta toh to mai aaj uthta hi nhi… aah mere pyara face jispe ladkiya marti thi…. ussi face ko bejan kar diya tune kutte! (if i would hv knwn tht jst to meet twinkle would hv been so costly then i would hv like to sleep…. oh my face on which girls used to die… u hv made tht face lifeless u dog! )

P: bow vow!

kunj gets scared nd steps abck

T: pluto… wht is this ah…. jst bcus u saw a beautiful dog… u forgot me uh!…. cm lets go home

nd she starts walking… holding pluto tightly so tht he doesnt go again

nd there smthing diff was cooking in kunj’s mind

K: wht did jst twinkle said! pluto ko gf milgayi to voh TWINKLE KO BHUL GAYA!!! waah waah love u yaar (to female dog who was still busy staring her pluto going)

Twinkle stops in midway nd turns back to see kunj

T: kunj wht r u thinking… cm lets go home

kunj cms into senses

K: um.. um twinkle u take pluto nd go… i will aftr smtym

T: but…. okay… cm soon then i will give u first aid

kunj nodes… twinkle goes

kunj looks at the female dog nd does his most killing one eyebrow up wala luk nd smirks (his smirk makes me go mad yaar! )

To be continued….

Credit to: Ritzi

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