It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 43


Hello guys….. so tiday on tym… hope so! but u know wht i hv become addicted to all ye comments filled with love….u all hv bcome an important part of my life…. so i really wanted to thank u all… i. e
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Now let me clear yr doubts…
cutie pie i m so sorry dear… but i really dont know about the wedding rituals so i didnt knew tht there is a wedding after 2 days of mehandi nd as i said earlier that u all hv to go according to my made ritual order… hehe… but dont worry 7 days will get over really soon!

Sam i m really very sorry to u too…. actually i wrote yesterdays whole epi in hindi… as i thought it will add more feelings to my epi.. but dont worry i will try to write it in english!

Sayeeda ur most most most welcome to my ff dear…. i m soo grateful tht u commented nd tht too for the first tym!

sharon u too r most welcomed to my ff! i felt sooo good after reading yr cmnt dear… pls keep commenting

Now no more bak bak… let the ride begin.. wohooo….

The epi starts with sm(supermoms) laughing…. mahi nd twinkle blushing under the veil…. uv nd kunj holding thier heads with their hands… nd pluto standing behind them…

K: (nervous due to pluto) haha…. y.. ye ku… i mean… pluto will stop me… frm… meeting twi.. inkle…. i.. its… not po.. ssible

kunj starts walking towards twinkle… but he is still scared
before he could go more further…. pluto runs nd comes in between twinj

K: aaaaa…. mummy….. arre pluto bata ke aaya kar na.. idhar heart attck aa jata toh twinkke se shadi kon karta(pluto u should tell nd cm.. if i would hv got heart attack then who would hv married twinkle)

All again laughs

L:(whisper) arre usha ji… anita ji… justbtake ur sons frm here be4 they break the ritual..

anita nd usha nods in yes

anita drags uv frm there

usha holds kunj’s ears

K: aa…. maa…. pls chodona… i want to see twinkle

U: chal hat besharam….

she drags kunj holding his ears

K: aa…… maa… dard ho raha hai(its paining mom)

At night…. sarna mansion

#kunj’s bedroom

kunj is watching twinkle’s pic in his mobile

K: twinkle ye supermom ne to marva hi diya yaar…. upar se pluto… kehne ko toh mai sher se bhi nhi darta… lekin pluto se darta hu… lekin chahe kuch bhi ho jaye mai tujhe kal milke hi rahunga par kaise? (twinkle these supermoms has made me dead.. moreover this pluto… i m not even afraid of lion… but ya m scared of pluto… but whtever happens i will meet u tomorrow… but how? )

He thinks for a while

K: idea…. i will meet u twinkle… m sure tht u will go for jogging.. yippe!…. but how will i wake up at 5 a. m man! (guys he is well aware tht twinkle goes to jog at 5)..

after smtime… nd idea strikes kunj!

K: kunj u r gr8!

At morning… kunj’s room
kunj’s alaram which was near bed… starts ringing
tring tring
kunj stops it
K: aah…. ye subah subah alaram kyu baj raha hai (while is alaram ringing in early moring)

he sleeps again

after some time… hundred of alaram starts to ring nd tht too all together (so now u guys must hv guessed na wht was kunj’s plan… but such an irritating plan na! )

kunj wakes up with a bang nd bounces on the bed

K:(putting his hands on his ears) arghh! who the hell kept so many alarams in my room

just then he eyes a wall clock

K:(hurriedly stands up)ohhh…. god…. shit… its 5:10 twinkle must hv gone for the jogging… shit ab itna bade garden mei dhundhna padega usse (now i will hv to search her in the big gardern)

guys he very well know the garden where she goes to jog

he runs to thr bathroom nd comes out wearing his hot jogging suite nd runs to the hall after shutting all the alarams… he slowly goes to the hall

K: dheere kunj beta dheera… agar kisine dekh liya toh itni sari mehnat bekar ho jayegi (slowly kunj beta slowly… if anyone will see me then my whole hardwork will get wasted)

luckily he gets succeesful in escsping the sarna mansion…. nd reaches the garden

he is searching for twinkle everywhere

K: twinkle…. kaha hai tu yaar…. kabse mareja raha hu tujhe dekhne ke liye(twinkle yaar where r u… m dying to see u since so long)

just then he sees twinkle…. his miss india… wearing black sleveless t-shirt, black ankle length slackes and pink jacket tied around her waist.. with pink earplugs in her ears…. high pony tailalong with a thick flick tucked behind her ears

K: hayee mai marr java tere ishq mei….. kunj wasnt tht really cheap nd filmy! nd he laughs by himself

kunj was too lost in admiring her beauty tht he didnt noticed anyone else with her (i think u all might hv guessed whom it was ?)

Kunj waves her hand towards twinkle who was jogging…… twinkle got surprised… she stopped to jog… a bit far frm kunj…she pulled down her ear plugs

T: kunj!

kunj started coming towards her romantically…. he came near twinkle nd lift his hand to touch twinkle

whereas twinkle was still in shock nd numb as she didnt expected him in the garden nd tht too so early

be4 kunj could touch her….

K: aaa…. mummy! bachao!

nd he started running…. twinkle comes out frm her dreams bd started laughing

K: (still running) aaaaaaaaaaaaa….. koi bacho is pluto se mujhe

hehe guys yup pluto was running behind him

T: pluto… pluto cm back baby (she is continuously controlling her laughter)
but pluto wasnt listening
T: idea! (hey guys let me clear one thing twinkle’s idea is not related to saving kunj frm pluto)

p: bow vow… bow vow!

K: ae maaf kar de meri sautan! (i dont know its english translation ?)

after smtym… kunj gets tired of running but pluto was not stopping

K: kunj beta… do something!…….. ok so no option left i hv to do tht only

kunj stops running nd pluto too stops barking…. kunj closes his eyes nd turns behind where pluto was standing… nd he sits on his toes holds his hands (his eyes r still closed)

K: ae maaf karde yaar… i promise i will not touch twinkle till our wedding

just then smone taps kunj’s shoulders

person: beta frm whom r u seeking forgiveness?

K:(still his eyes r closed) arre from this dog… i mean pluto

Person: but there is no one here


nd he opens his eyes… nd stands up

K: pluto….ye kaha gaya (where did he went)

he asks twinkle with a sigh tht where is pluto… twinkle who was busy doing something in her mobile also looked comfused… nd signed him back tht she didnt know

kunj nd twinkle starts searching for him

T: pluto baby… where r u???

K:(happyily)pluto tu jaha kahi bhi ho bhagvan tujhe khush rakhe… bas bhagvan kare tu kabhi vapas mat aana

T: wht the hell r u saying kunj! i swear if we r not able to find pluto then….

K: then wht?

T: then… then i will not marry u!

K:(worrieldy walking nd searching here nd there)pluto… where r u bhagvan kare tuil jaye.

just then kunj eyes gets stuck on something

K: srsly!

Twinkle who was searching for pluto…. goes to him

T: wht srsly!

kunj points his finger near a tree… twinklr looks there… her eyes also pops out

T: oh my god srsly! pluto is flerting with a female dog!

K: how do u know its a female

T: ofcourse kunj my pluto is not a gay… okay!

K thinks: iss pluto ki toh mai… mujhe apni twinkle ko touch bhi nhi karne de raha nd iss dekho khud uss kutti se flert kar raha hai!…. wait wait wait…. every coin has two sides… let me think frm other sigh…. wow wow wow… idea! ab mujhe kaun rokega twinkle se milne k liye!

To be continued….

Credit to: Ritzi

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