It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 41


helllllooooo guys! so today am i on time? today is my father’s bday so pls forgive me for the shrt epi as i m supposed to spent tym wid him the whole day today! nd yaa hpw can i forget to thank….
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Really really a biggggg biggggg biggggggg thanks frm the core…

Let the fun begin…..
Twinkle nd kunj r hugging eo tightly…

T: kunj!


T: chodo mujhe ab!

K: twinkle bas 2 minute pls… bahut accha lag raha hai yaha

Twinkle smiles on his childish behaviour
nd she too hugs him more tightly

Then after smtym they break their hug

T: ok now chalo niche!

kunj nodes sadly

Both climb down the stairs nd reach the hall where only kabir is sitting on a sofa nd doing smthing in his mobile

T: (whispering) kunj u know na u hv to say sorry to him

K: (sadly) hmm…

T: toh say now nd finish it off

K: abhi kyu twinkle… baad mei boldunga na!

T: shut up kunj! see the tymng is perfect

K thinks: be twinkle tuje kaise samajhau ki isse dekhke hi mujhe gussa aane lagta hai… i dont know why this happens

T: kunj for me

kunj cms out frm his thoughts

K: yaa okay anything for u my love

Twinkle smiles

T: kabir kunj wants to tell u smthing..

kabir looks up frm his phone nd stands up

Ka: ohn yes kunj pls speak up

K: voh.. um.. umm… kabir actually i wanted to say sorry for rude behaviour

Kabir smiles and hugs him

Ka: no problem kunj… i had forgotten it….

he breaks the hug and forwards his hand

Ka: frnds!

kunj smiles nd they bith shake their hands

Ka: sorry guys ut i hv to leave now i hv sm work… cath u both later

twinkle smiles nd gives a side hug to him

T: okay then bye… cm soon

kabir goes…

T: did u saw kunj! he forgived u soooo easily

kunj is still confused about kabir

K thinks: i think twinkle is right…. i was wrong… kabir is a good person yaar… mai hi kuch zyada soch raha tha

Just then leela cms

L: arre kunj puttar… how is your cheek… did twinkle applied ointment properly?

both twinkle and kunj look at eachother nd twinkle starts to show her cute wala blush whereas kunj starts showing his kiiling smile!

K:(looking towards leela) yea maa…. aapki beti ne ointment bahut zyada acche se lagaya!

Twinkle widens ger eyes

and our bechari leela nt able to understand anything

L: good! accha kunj waise toh i hv informed usha ji to cm tomorrow sharp at 9:00 am for twinkle’s mehandi nd sangeet bt still u remind her
(hey guys as i dont want to waste much tym in these sort of rituals i m doing mehandi nd sangeet in one single day)

K: ji aunty dont worry!…. accha ab mai chalta hu

kunj looks at twinkle nd goes smiling at her

kabir is shown going towards a room in a hotel…

he enters the room…. it is dark there

he switches on the lights nd the room’s wall are all filled up with twinkle’s beautiful pics

kabir goes near one pic of her nd rubs his hands on her cheeks in tht pic

Ka:(talking like a mad person wid teary eyes) h.. how can u do this to me twinkle… how can u leave me again… dont u know how much i love u! i love u frm the tym i first saw u in the college but never confessed it to u in fear of loosing u then uv came in yr life nd became ur bf… i was really very jealous of him but i thought abt ur happiness which was with uv at tht tym nd went far away to london just for the sake of ur happiness but in london my love towards u was making me die… i only know how i spent these many years without u…. then i came to know tht u broke up wid uv i didnt know tht u nd kunj love eo so i came running frm london just hoping tht this tym u become mine…. but wen i came here i got the biggest shock of my life…. i came to know tht u nd kunj are gonna marty to eo soon…. but this tym i hv taken an oath to make u mine forever… this tym i m not gonna go away fr u…. this tym i wilk look after my happiness which is in u twinkle….. this tym i nd only i will marry u

he kisses her lips nd head towards her other pic

Ka: soo…. i hv heard tht ur hvng mehandi function tomorrow uh!

no problem… kal tere haath mei mehandi lagegi…. tere naam pe K bhi likha jayega… lekin kunj ke naam ka K nahi mere naam ka K… K for kabir!

nd he starts her villian wala laughter

to be continued…..

hey guys i knw u all must be mad at me for kabir wala chap nd 2nd for short updates… i gave u the reason for short updates ri8 nd when the thing cms to kabir i obly wanna tell tht no ff cn be complete wodout a villain but trust me its gonna be a gr8 fun nd always remeber… true love always win

Credit to: Ritzi

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