It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 4

Thanks alot guys for appreciating me to not to stop this ff, only because of u guys I m writing this epi I cannot take everyone’s name but I can say thank you ‘ twinj’ fans ….OK now let’s start.

The episode starts with kunj spoiling his shirt due to tea
M: what are u doing kunj can’t you be careful?
U: calm down
L: arre manohar ji no problem twinkle puttar u take kunj to your room
T: w..wh..what? I mean why? I mean no problem I will take him
She acts sweetly to kunj
T: come kunj JI
They both go in her room kunj is very much surprised to see her room as her room was decorated like a princess with all her stunning pics….. Kunj is busy watching it
T: hmm! Kunj I know my room is beautiful like me as I hv decorated it and my pics are just increasing its glory but we don’t have time come in the washroom
Twinj go in the washroom where twinkle is cleaning kunj shirt and kunj is again busy staring her and to bring him in senses twinkle splashes water on his face. Kunj gets stunned
K: oo god what are you doing
T: nothing I m just bringing u in senses
K: accha now wait
Kunj also splashes water on her
T: o babaji my cloths!
She gets a container she fill it and throws water on kunj…kunj is fully wet
K: I m not gonna leave uuuu
They both start running in the bathroom but as it ismwet twinkles fall but as usual kunj holds her they both share a long eye lock, but the knob of shower from which kunj was taking support breaks so the shower starts both come into senses and try to stop it but fail
T: kunj I m not well I m suffering from cold and if I get wet I will definitely catch a fever
Kunj comes in between her and shower so that twinkle doesn’t get wet further. Twinkle is impressed by kunj’s nature. After some time leela comes to watch them as twinj were still upstairs and gets happy to see them in this condition.
L: o god how did the knob broke ????? Are you both OK???
T: yes maa we are fine
Just then water stops
L: twinkle and kunj come out and twinkle you change I m sorry kunj puttar I don’t have any cloths for u
K: no problem aunty I will manage

Precap twinj are in same college and kunj comes to know about twinkle and uv’s relationship and is bit jealous.

Sorry frnds but today I will not be able to send thank you comment as I m going out the whole day but pls do comment and I will read it as soon as I come

Credit to: Ritzi


  1. sanam

    its just so awesome
    aww poor kunj felt jealous
    plz post next epi asap
    feel like singing is this love

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