It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 39


sorry guys….. really sorry! i know i m hell late but as i told u be4 my schedule i tight!but still m takng out tym…. so if updates r shrt pls forgve me! i knw u guys r much more interested in my ff then ny life story so lets begin……

The haldi functions starts……

kunj nd uv r sitting opp. to eo nd making faces as they dont like hakdi nd all….. nd r in taneja mansion…. their eyes r only at stairs..
. waiting for their girl

uv thinks: mahi pls cm fast

k: bey twinkle yaar kaha hai tu! pls cm fast… srsly dying to see u. i knw ur upset wid me thts why we didnt talked since morning.. sab iss kabir ki wajah se… (u guys remember tht kunj was rude wid kabir as he was staring twinkle wid a bad sigh…. so twinkle is upset wid kunj for his bad behavious towards kabir)

just then winds starts to blow… kunj’s heart beat increased he understood tht his love was near him he quickly took a look towards the stairs… nd yes he was ri8 his gorgeous love was there! twinkle was looking extremely stunning in light yellow sari.

kunj’s mouth got wide open tears of happiness started forming in his eyes…. the tears were bcus of the end. if wait to see her… tears of not talking to her since morning… tears for love. towards her… just a single tear was saying so many thinks…

K thinks: pls twinkle i hope u hv forgived me.

Twinkle cms nd sits beside kunj… mahi also sits beside uv she too is lukng beautiful

kunj nd twinkle looks towards eo… kunj had wiped his tears nd. was now smiling at her.. but twinkle was nt smiling…. she looked towards other side… kunj’s smile fade away for a while but he again smiles

k thinks: i knw twinkle u cannot stay away frm me for long tym

k: hey u r looking beautiful!

twinkle was looking on other side, she blushed nd our kunj noticed it nd he too started smiling…

L: ok so now lets start our function

T: wait maa!

all look shockingly tiwards twinkle

T: maa where is kabir?

T thinks: i hope he is not upset wid me

kunj’s smile fades away

K thinks: twinkle tujhe kaun samajhaye tht he is not a gud person yaar!

just then a voice comes frm somewhere

voice: arre baby doll mai tujhe chodke kahi nahi gaya yaar!

Twinkle realises his voice nd smiles
T: kabir! were r u!

Ka: behind u!

all look behind but doesnt find him… then twinkle spots him on the stairs…. all look there

Kabir slides from the railing of stairs nd goes towards twinkle nd starts dancing on punjabi wedding song

he tries to take twinkl’s hand for dance but be4 he could ask for her hand kunj holds her hand…. kabir gets angry nd takes mahi for dance… twinkle notices kunj’s behaviour nd her anger gets doubled..

T:(whispering) kunj wht the hell is wrong wid u yaar… y u been so insane!. ur sooool insecure

K: twink…..

T: i dont want to listen any of ur explaination

The song gets. over nd all clap for them

L: twinkle madam ab agar aapki permission ho toh can. we start the function

T: yes mom..

both twinkle nd mahi look at eo

T & M: No mom!

all again looks shockingly towards both of them

Usha: now wht!

T: aunty voh pluto… where is he!

kunj puts his hand on his head

K thinks: offo… ye kabir nd pluto ka kuch toh karna padega… haath dhoke meri twinkle ke piche lage hai!

just then…. bow vow… bow vow!

pluto cms running with two dairy milk in his mouth…

He goes towards mahi nd gives one dairy milk to her

all gets surprised…

M: thank u darling

pluto then goes towards twinkle… nd gives another chocolate to her

T: aww! my baby is shooo smart… love u!

P: bow vow!

All laugh

k: (faking sweetness)hi pluto!

p: (angrily) bow vow!

K: ui maa! nd he side hugs twinkle

all laughs again…

Twinkle pushes kunj

T: dont u dare do tht again

kunj feels a bit disappointed

L: twinkle

T: yaa maa now u can start the function

K: thank god!

T: did u said anything

K: m.. m.. mai maine kya bola…. kya bola main!

Us: ok shut up u both

The function FINALLY starts

first usha nd leela goes towards twinj…

first leela applies haldi to twinkle wid a feather… kunj smiles

K thinks : finally twinkle… tu mere rang mei rangne wali hai…

just then he feels gudgudi (itching) on his face.

kunj jerks his face…

K: aa! maa ye kya kar rahi ho

yup guys usha was applying haldi with feather on kunj’s face

Us: haldi laga rahi hu aur kya…

K: maa! pls i dont want this to be on my facing

Us: arre lekin isse tumhare face pe glow ayega

K: mom i dont need this for glow on my face i m already very handsome

Twinkle gets angry

T: so wht do u think kunj… i m not beautiful tht i m needing this haldi to look beautiful

K:(whispering) marr gaye

but the rabbit ears of twinkle heard it

T: yup… ur dead!

K: be tujhe kaise sunai deta hai yaar….

twinkle glares angrily

K thinks: ek aur siyappa!

(did u noticed guys… this tym kunj thought nd didnt whispered to be safe frm the third siyappa… hehe)

L: ok stop it u both…. u both r good looking actually u 4 (looking towrds yuhi) but as per ritual we need to apply this so kunj no more nakhras okay!

K: (sadly)ok!

everyone. turn by turn applies haldi to twinj and yuhi with feathers… nw its kabir’s turn to apply mehandi on twinkle. leela gives feathers to kabir

Ka: arre aunty isski kya zarurat hai!

T: wht do u mean!

ka: i mean ki…

nd he takes two hands full of haldi nd rubs it on twinkle’s face… her face is all covered wid haldi… it is difficult to find out whether haldi is on twinkle’s face or twinkle’s face is on haldi.. hehe..

Twinkle’s mouth wide opens

T: kabir u!

nd she takes a whole plate of haldi nd puts it on his face!

now its turn for kabir to open his mouth

kunj was not liking all this

twinkle wipes her face nd again sits beside kunj for the continuation of function

all completes to apply haldi

Anita: ok toh sab ne dulhas ajr dulhan ko mehandi lagayi na

P: bow vow!

An: aww u cutie tu kaise reh gaya… go on!

pluto runs towards twinkle he dips his paws on haldi’s plate nd rubs his paws on twinkle’s cheeks…

T: awww…. my baby!

Pluto now turns towards kunj…

T: no pluto not him pls

K: y twinkle… let him put haldi on me also na!

T: but k…

K: cm pluto

twinkle places her hand on her head

T: siyappa! (whispering)

pluto again dips his paws on haldi plate nd he scratches his cheeks wid nails

K: aaah!

T:(worriedly playing her hand on his cheeks)kunj! u ok na! look thts why is was denying…
but kunj is feeling so heaven realxed on twinkle’s touch tht he doesnt respond just keeps smiling… both share eyelock

pluto now turns. towards uv… scaringly uv gets up

Uv: ok… ok.. i… i.. think the. function is over… s.. so b.. ye everyone nd rushes outside

all laugh

Twinj break the eyelock… the function gets over

to be continued….

Credit to: Ritzi

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