It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 38


he s*xy girls….. hw u all uh!….. sorry for nt posting my ff yesterday…. actually i had posted it but it didnt got posted…. so i hv to write the whole epi again… arghh! But i hv a bad news fr u all that perhaps i will not be able to update my ff in this week…. m hell busy wid my tests and projects moreover my cousin is cmng frm mumbai! But the gud news is frm saturday my vacations r gonna strt…. yeppeee! so long epi.. whohoo!

The epi starts……
The haldi day
Its bright morning…. Taneja mansions is shown where leela is busy with the decorations as the haldi function is gng to be held at taneja
(hey guys i srsly dont knw abt all the rituals but in my ff, twinj and yuhi will be celebrating haldi function in same house only)
Mahi: maa! calm down pls!
L:arre wht calm down? today at 12 p. m its haldi and look these kamchoores…(to servants)… oh my god is already 9 a. m
M: maa….. pls sit
she makes her sit aftr so much difficulties but suddenly leea gets up
L: mahi! weres twinkle!…….. dont tell me she is still….
M: ya mom ur ladli is still hvng her beauty sleep…
she didnt went up as she was busy wod preps

Twinkle’s room is shown
she is shown sleeping on her cosy bed very peacefully

once again


by hearing this twinkle bounces off frm the bed nd sits there

T: Ye maa bhi na…. aise hi tension leti hai…. gud mrng beauty(to herself) soo finally today is yr haldi…. wow m sooo xcited

T: ohh shit…. maa aaj bahut kharab mood mei hai
she jumps out of the bed.. she is wearing her faviourite ni8 dress…. short white t-shirt and hot red shots wid a thin white border on it.

she is lukng extremely hot

T: 2 min mei niche nahi gayi toh tu toh gayi twinkle…. lekin i cnt hv bath in just 2 min i need at least 2 hrs for my beauty bath na! ek kaam karti hu aise hi niche chali jaati hu

but be4 she culd cmplete her words she saw twinkle cmng
down…. her eyes got wide open… twinkle cms in hall
T: mrng maa!
L: kaheka gud mrng…. aur ye kya pehen rakha hai tune!
T: mom isse ni8 dress bolte hai
L: zyada oversmart mat bann…. ab se tu ye ni8 dress nhi pehnegi
T: kyu! mom u knw iss ko pehne bina mujhe neend nahi aati… nothing is as cmfrtable as this one
L: twinkle look… now ur getting married…. u should
knw yr responsibilties nd yr dressing sense… grow up!
T: but maa……
L: no buts ohkay
twinkle gets upset

just then munj enters there…. upon entering the frst thing
he saw was his lady love in tht s*xy attire…. he is freezed at the
entrance only…. he coulnd nt remove his eyes frm her…

just then mahi notices him

M: arrey kunj tu!
leela nd twinkle also looks at him…

L: kunj…. puttar tu yaha?

leela quickly hides twinkle behind her

T:(whispering)maa… hato mere aage se…. kunj has to accept me
the way i m
L: twinkle ye filmy dialogue marne chod de tu

kunj notices this.. he goes in hall from the entrance

K: leela aunty… i mean maa… y r u hiding twinkle! no worries aunty i hv accepted twinkle frm the way she is… she doesnt need to chng hereself fr me

Leela smiles… nd twinkle jumps out frm leela back

T:(xciteldy)dekha! maa i told u na…. kunj will allow me. to wear my favourite ni8 dress… raat ko salwar kamiz pehenke kon sota hai bhala!

everyone laughs

L: accha kunj u didnt told yu came here

K thinks: kunj maar gaya aaj toh tu….. twinkle ko dekne ka mann hua to milne aa gaya widout thinking anything… jitna dimag chal raha tha… voh bhi twinkle ko iss ni8 dress mei dekhke chalna bandh ho gaya!. twinkle aaj mai mara na… then u nd ur killer look will be responsible fr it

M: kunj!

he cms out of his senses

K: h.. ha mahi!

M: maa kuch puch rahi hai!

K: oh. haan…. voh…voh.. a.. aaj… (exciteldly)arre haan! aaj toh hamari haldi hai na!

T: (giving her most famous childish look) lekin haldi ko to abhi tym hai

kunj gvs a death glare to her

k thinks: haan haan… abh tu hu bachi thi.. tere liye ye sab kar raha hu aur tu hi mujhe phasa raha hai

L: kunj! kaha kho gaye vapas!

he agn bcms conscious

K: arre…. arre… haan voh i jst came to. ask tht do u need my help in any way for haldi?

leela pulls his cheeks

L: aww how cute… no but we dont need any help… anyways u sit i will bring smthing for u to eat… nd twinkle go nd hv yr bath

T: yes mom

mahi also leaves along wid leela…… twinkle was about to go but kunj stops her by holding her wrist tightly… he pulls her towards him

T: kunj! koi dekh lega

K: dekhne do… i dont care!

T: koi aa jayega toh!

K: toh aane do…. i m nt scared of anyone

T: accha bacchu… hey pluto! hi baby

kunj gets scared hearing his name… he starts jumping

K: aaaah… ahaa. kaha hai… kaha hai pluto

Twinkle starts laughing heavily..
T: hahhaa… i jus… haha i just heard smone here telling me tht he is nt scared of anyone… hahaa

in nomore tym kunj understands tht twinkle had played a lrank wid him

he quickly composes himself nd agan pulls twinkle towards him but dis tym. y holding her waist

Twinkle shockingly looks at him
T: kunj. agar sach mei pluto aaya toh
K: twinkle pls change the topic

twinkle giggles as she knw how much scared he was

K: accha tell me. one thing…. shaadi ke baad bhi yahi ni8 dress pehnogina! (naughtily)

T: (blushing)kunj!

K: dekh twinkle ab tu blush mat kar… ek toh tera ye hot sa dress uoar se tera ye killing blush…i m nt able to control myself..

T: oh achha!

K: hmm

both starts laughing…. just then kabir cms frm the guest room nd sees twinkle in tht dress…. he is staring her from down to up wid a bad sigh

twinkle doesnt notice dis as she was busy laughing…. but kunj noticed everything nd gets hell angry
but be4 he could do anything… twinkle looks at kabir

T: (exciteldly) hey kabir… gud mrng

kabir breaks his dirty stare
Ka: (whispering) ya its really a gud morning

K:did u said anything

ka: o.. no nothing…. gud morning baby doll!

he goes and hugs her full tightly… kunj notices this nd his anger gets doubled

K thinks: agar issne meri twinkle ko agle 2 sec mei nahi choda i swear ye aaj mere hatho marega

but fr his gud luck twinkle breaks the hug

but kunj is still angry

k: hey kabir… if u dont mind… cn u pls leave me nd twinkle alone for smtym

twinkle nd kabir r shocked to hear it

Ka: tht was rude kunj!

k: ya… i knw now pls leave!

ka: easy bro…. i m levng

he leaves angrily… but dis tym twinkle is nt able to resist herself..
ao she pushes kunj a bit

T: whts wrong wid u uh!

K: wht do u mean by whts wrong wid me…. whts wrong wid tht kabir!

T: kunj….. wht the hell r u saying

K: twinkle didnt u saw hw he was looking at u…. nd yesterday the way he danced with u… man kar raha hai usse jaan se mar du!

T: kunj! mind ur tounge… he is jst a good frnd. he cn never look at me in tht way… nd abt ysterday’s thing… he was just dancing wid me to cheer up my mood…. nd u….. i think u dont trust me!

K: dont say tht twinkle… i trust u more then myself… but tht kabir.. i think he has came here wid a big motive

T: kunj hv u lost it! he is my best frnd…. bd wht motive…. argh!

kunj was abouy to speak…. but twinkle stopped him

T: kunj! i think u should leave now!

She runs upstairs….
K:twi.. twin
but of no use as she was already gone
K thinks: kunj! ye kya kar diya tune? bahut hurt ho gayi voh… u shouldnt hv said about kabir in this way… u should have told her in a calm manner but…. u hv created a mess…. ab issey kaise manau!

to be continued……

Credit to: Ritzi

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