It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 37


chandra, jerly, kruti, grace, misha, fiona, sidmin(twinj), aastha, vidushi, prapti, mannat, k, taru(tara), sam, sanam, mitali, loveleen, anushka, salma, zikra, rupam, lama, baby, sasmeera, callmenazu, fatarajo……. srsly i m feeling very sad for not replying in yr cmnts personally…. but at the same time i m not able to express how happy i get on reading ur inspiring cmnts…
hey loveleen srsly u wont believe but that female dog wala idea was my upcmng track… it was in my mind to bring a cute female dog for pluto… u might be thinking i m just faking but trust me! now if u guys wnt that track then i can orelse i can even change it
and ya KRUTI, GRACE AND SASMERRA who r no more silent readers of my ff… hi! i m soooo happy tht u all commented today… so officially i welcome all three of u in my ff!

The episode starts…..
Uv nd kunj leave for their respective houses…
Twinkle, mahi, kabir and pluto were playing till evening and recalling all thier memories spent together…
Its around 6 p.m
all four r still in twinkle’s room and chatting…. playing with pluto.
Leela is in hall reading a magzine just then sarnas arrive i.e usha, manohar, bebe and cherry(i know i never introduced cherry and bebe but they r in positive role and surjeet has still not entered my ff but will soon be entering wid a twist), anita also arrives at the same time(she is alone her husband is dead)….
All: namastey leela ji!
leela looks up and gets a smile. she stands up and welcomes them all
L:arre aap log… iss waqt…. aiye aiye
anita and sarnas give a puzzled look to her
A:uh…. leela ji u only called us for the dance practice na!
leela hits her head with her hand
L: oh ya… sorry sorry please a have a seat… voh dimag se hi nikal gaya… u all just have a steat i will go and call the children. oh wait were r kunj nd uv
U: kya leela ji unhi ki haldi mei voh thodi dance karenge so let it be a surprise for them but as twinkle and mahi stay here unfortunately we cant hide our dance frm them
l: haa ye baat bhi sahi hai…. ok u all talk i will be back in a min
leela tells the servants to give them sm snacks and goes upstairs..
Twinkle’s room….
four of them r playing continously…
Leela enters…
L: arre baccho shaam ke 6 bajh gaye and tum log abhi tak gappe lada rahe ho…. chalo koi nahi… kabir all hv arrieved now pls start ur dance practice
Ka: oh haa…. ji aunty
all 5 go down…. pluto is also there..
speakers where arranged in the room
Raman, pinni and bubbly also came
Ka:okay now so let us start our dance tutions.. hehe.. so first dance will be from…..
T: twinkle taneja!
ka: be teri satak gayi hai kya? (r u out of yr mind) teri haldi mei tu hi dance karegi?
Twinkle gives a sad look to him… and she and mahi sits on the sofa sadly
Kabir starts his dance….. he is actually a brilliant dancer… first he teaches all the ladies to dance on sajan ji ghar aaye… then bubbly’s solo dance on radha… all are having fun… at last all the members are dancing on london thumakda…. just then twinkle’s phone rings…… she a 200 volts smile on reading the name on it… the name was stored as khadoos sarna… kabir sees this and thinks khadoos sarna might be kunj only so he grabs the phone frm twinkle’s hand and cuts the call
T: kabir…. y did u do that
ka:wht yaar twinkle yr phone call is disturbing me
He switches off the phone
T: arre… but!….. okay(sadly)

sarna mansion….
kunj is trying her phone continuously… but it is cmng switch off
self talk of kunj
K: arre ye twinkle phone kyu nahi utha rahi hai… y is it cmng switch off! kahi siyappa queen vaps koi siyappe mei toh nahi phas gayi…. i will hv to check…
Kunj calls uv
Uv was in his room… playing the video game along with loud rocking music in his lappy
just then his phone rings and the name was written as kunj buddy.. he pauses the game and music
U: bolo kunj bhaisahib!
K: hey bro whts going on there
U: nothing just saviouring the last days if my bachlor life… tu bata kyu phone kiya
K: arre haan…. u wilk hv to cm wid me to taneja mansion
U: y?
kunj tells him everything and uv agrees to go wid him as he also wanted to meet mahi
taneja manion (yunj are still on their way… in the same car as kunj came to pick up uv)
kabir sees twinkle sad… bcus of her phone
Ka thinks: dont be sad yaar…. i cant see u in pain
ka: (whispering) leela aunty twinkle cant dance in her haldi but she can dance here na!
L:(whispering) ya ya y not!
just then kabir starts the song from sanam re
hua hai aaj pehli baar jo aise muskuraya hu
twinkle smiles hearing that song as it was her faviourite one! kabir goes near twinkle
(song continues)
tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
ki kyu duniya mei aaya hu (he bends down and forwards his hand for a dance)
ye ijahe karle ja meri
tumhe jeene mei aaya hu (twinkle happily gives her hand and they both stands up)
mai tumse ishq karne ki ijazad rab se laya hu (he pulls twinkle towards him hikding her waist….. twinkle gets a little shocked but later gets confortable thinking him as her bestie all family memebers also think kabir as her bestie and just smile)
zameen se aasmaan tak hum
dhundh laye jaha saara
(both are dancing flowlessly)
bana paya nahi ab tak
khuda tum se koi pyaara
(kabir moves his finger on twinkle’s face… both still dancing passionately just then kunj and uv enter and kunj sees them dancing soo romantically… )
K thinks: how dare he…. how dare he touch my twinkle… dance with her like this… touching twinkle is only my right… he is crossing his bl**dy limits now!
his eyes r red wid jealousy, anger, frustration
(song continoues… now its female part so twinkle lips the song)
baaton mei teri hai badmashiyan
sab be wajah ki hai tarifiyan(kabir makes twinkle turn around and again pulles her by her waist…. kunj is hell angry by now infact shivering due to anger… uv sees this and. consoles him)
uv: kunj just calm down… they just frnds
but kunj doesnt listen to him and goes angrily towards twir (twinkle and kabir, kunj pulls twinkle from kabir towards him… all r shocked but kabir is the most shocked and angry person
(the song continues but now kunj makes twinkle dance with him)
Mai likh du aasman par ye
ki padh le ga saara jahan
hua na hoga ab koi yaha hum do sa dobara (while lipsing this line kunj looks at kabir… kabir backs off sadly… twinkle notices this but ignores it)
(kunj bends down on his knees)
mai duniya bhar ki tareefain tere sajde mei laya hu
(twinkle gets happy now kunj stands up, he pulls her towards him by her waist) mai tumse ishq karne ki ijazad rab se laya hu (he rubs his nose with twinkle’s and both smile… like this after sm tym the song gets over)
everyone claps… twinj cms into senses… as they completely forgot that they were dancing in front of everyone…. kunj removes his hand from twinkle’s waist and both composes themselves feeling a bit nervousness
Bebe: oihoi kya romachik dance kitta tum dono ne! majja aa gaya
twinj shyly looks into eachother and blushes
manohar: bebeee! voh romanchik nahi romantic hota hai
everyone smiles a bit
B: ha ha ek hi to hua!
kunj tries to change the topic…..
K: maa! aap sab log yaha kya kar rahe ho… aur hame (yun) kyu nahi bataya?
U: arre kunj hum yaha tum logo ke haldi ke liye dance sikhne aye the and if we would have told u both then our surprise would have broken na! but y u both here
K: arre maa voh twinkle call nahi utha rahi thi toh mujhe tension ho gayi thi….
Twinkle’s eyes widens up on seeing his carefull nature towards her
T thinks: thank u soooo much baba ji for sending kunj in my life
U: but y u called twinkle? (she knows the ans but is puropsfully asking him to pull his legs)
kunj cms into his senses….
K thinks: mar gaya…. kunj beta bolne se pehle thoda soch liya kar yaar!
K: vh… voh maa i wanted…. uh to talk about the project.
L: phirse project? tumhare college wale kitne project dete hai (she too….. puropsefully)
kunj worriedly looks at twinkle nd signs her wht to speak…. but twinkle starts looking here and there signing him to deal wid this prob. on his own…. kunj gives a frustrated look
K: h… how many dances u learned! (his best formula for escaping a siyappa)
everyone giggles…. kunj does his most heart melting one eyebrow look!
K: accha accha! now stop it! by the way twinkle on which song will we dance
ka:(immediately) no u cant dance with her
everyone gives a confused look to him by frowning thier eyebrows but kunj didnt looked confused but angry as he had somwhere underatood kabir has came for some motive
ka: i… i… mean… just now leela aunty told na that the bride and groom cannot dance in thier own functions!
frowns disapperas frm everyone’s face leaving our kunj

to be continued….

Credit to: Ritzi

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