it was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 34


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The episode begins……
kunj stops twinkle from reading messages….
Twinkle gives him a puzzled look but obeys him.
K: ok twinkle now…..
Kunj bends down on his knees
K:twinkle i want u to be my life partner….. look i cannot promise u that i can buy taj mahal or bring stars for u but i can definately promise to be with u… holding yr hands in good and bad times… i promise u that i will bever doubt u and ya even after marriage u can follow ur dreams, i will never stop u….. u wanted this only na? u only said that u dobt want a guy who is reach or habdsome but u want a guy who will always love u and will bever stop u to fallow ur dreams….. Twinkle!
Twinkle was in tears
T:hmm….. say
K:can i hv ur permission to get up as my legs r paining badly
everyone smiles. Twinkle nodes in yes
M:(whispering)look uv how romantic kunj is! u never proposed me like this!
U: so u want me to propose u!
funny tunes plays
M: go to hell
she goes from there towards twinkle
Uv:mahi….. mahi listen
But of no use
L: today i m sooooo happy that both my daughters are getting married. Their wedding is gonna be grand one!
Usha and anita: ya ya ofcourse
L:so twinkle…. mahi get ready tomorrow early
T:why maa
L:arre i hv called most famous designer of amritser tomorrow she will be coming at 9 a.m
T and M: We love u maa
and they hug her
kunj smiles looking twinkle smiling
They break the hug.
L: arre anita ji usha ji pls sit i hv to talk something important.
The three of them sit. And starts talking
our 2 coupls are busy staring eachother. twinkle and kunj r standing side by side and are having an eyelock whereas uv is busy in seeking forgiveness from mahi
K:(whispering) aaj terrace ka din mei kabhi nahi bhulunga.
K:kya twinkle itne mei hi blushing and all uh! then what will be ur state after marriege
T:stop it kunj!
K: kyu! Oh ya i got it…. twinkle taneja the great got scared from the romantic talks of her would be, handsome, dashing husband kunj sarna
T:scared and me! never ever! u may be scared but not me
K: Me and scared never…. kunj sarna kisi se nahi darta
Just then leela who was busy talking with anita and usha now turned towards twihi
L:Arre twinkle, mahi i forgot to tell u one thing! He is cmng today
Twihi: He?
L: arre how can u forget him….. the love of ur lives
Kunj and uv look at eo…. still confused
T: (jumping literally) oh my god oh my god oh my god he is comming wow wow wow…. mahi he is cmng
M:ya twinki i m sooooo excited I will meet him after such a long time!
Unj: (angrily) who is he?
Twinkle and mahi look at eo
T: arre no no u both r getting us wrong wo actually he is…..
bow vow bow vow…. yup guys u guessed it ri8 its twihi’s beloved dog… very cute… a puppy actually
All looks towards the entrance
twihi: pluto!
They both run towards pluto and hug him very tightly they start playing with his hairs
kunj and uv looks at eo and gets a sigh of relief
K: oh god toh ye hai he…. mai to darr hi gaya tha
U:ya me too

twihi hears it
T: ya yahi hai the love of my life
M: love of our life…..pluto!
T:kunj…. uv…. cm nd shake hand with him
Kunj and uv go thier as none had dog fobia both were about to touch pluto’s front leg in order to say hi but be4 they could…. pluto bursts on them
pluto:(angrily) bow vow bow wow
unj steps back
K:(scared)t… t… twinkle. s… stop hi… him
U: m.. mahi stop him
but be4 the girls could speak anything, pluto had started running towards them. yunj in front and pluto behind them all the moms stood in one corner as they were also scares
A:leela ji stop him orelse uv or kunj could get hurt
L: h.. han twinkle mahi stop pluto he will only obey u!
T:pluto… baby stop na!
kunj was running and got shocked…
K thinks:(still running)ye baby toh mai. kon baby ka baccha! mujhe toh kabhi baby nahi bulaya.
M:stop pluto darling
uv too was thinking the same.yunj look at eo while stilling running as pluto was not listening to anyone
K:(whispering)uv i can understand ur pain!
uv nodes sadly
pluto was not stopping and running behind them barking and barking they hv messed up the whole hall
K:(running) pluto mere baap ruk jana
u: hamne tera kya bigada hai?
finally yunj climbs on sofa pluto was trying to climb it but was not able to do so due to his small height. Finally twinkle comes and lifts him in his arm.
T: oh my baby! i know u r sad
mahi too comes and caresses his hairs
M: ya we can understand u darling
kunj was fuming in anger
M:u both can cm down he will do nothing as he is in twinkle’s arms
They both were about to y come down but as soon as they step down pluto barks again at them
yunj; aah!

They both again climb up and were hugging eo tightly.
All look at them and giggles
T:(faking anger)pluto! stop barking at them or else i will not talk to u! Pluto makes a sad…. small and sweet bark (dogs makes it when they get scolded)
yunj climb down and to thier surprise pluto was not barking at them
T:aww my baby i know u r sad we can understand u….
K:why is this kutta scared
K: mummy!
he goes and quickly hides behind usha
T: aye kunj dont u dare call him a kutta his name is pluto. Dont u understand he is sad ri8 now
K:(cmng out frm usha’s bck) wh.. why is this kut…. i mean pluto so sad!
T: arre bcus we and mahi r getting narried and he doesnt want us to leave him
yunj: what?
K:h… how do… do u kn… know that
T: arre bcus whenver a boy used to come with marriege proposal for me and mahi then he used to do the same thing which he did it today with u guys
K: isski toh mai!
p: bow!

kunj again steps back
U: where was he till now?
M: arre as he was not well so he was admitted in hospital but now he is good
K:(whispering)kyu yaar!
T: (narrowing her eyes)did u said anything?
K:n… no do i hv a strength to speak against ur “baby”
T: it will be better for u! And ya he is going to stay with us after marriege!
K: what!…
pluto gets happy and starts licking twinkle’s cheeks
T:if usha aunty doesnt mind
Usha gives a worried look
U: b.. but twink….
be4 she could speak anything pluto quickly runs towards the kitchen, opens the fridge and comes out with holding a chocolate with his mouth. sarnas and luthras r shocked by seeing the way he has been. trained
pluto comes near usha, kunj who was standing behind her goes nowaway from her bcus he was still scared.
pluto picks her front leg and starts waving it up and down
U:twinkle what is he saying?
T: aunty he is telling u to bend down
K: no maa he will ite u
T: shut up kunj he is not gonna do anything of that sort
usha worriedly bends down. pluto touches his front leg on usha’s ri8 hand
usha looks at twinkle
T: bring that hand foreward
usha brings it slowaly, pluto puts the chocolate on her hand
usha gets a smile. and again looks at twinkle
T: he is asking ur permission to stay in yr house
usha smiles
Us: hey chotu u can stay wid us…. ur sooo cute
pluto gets happy and stands in his two legs and starts dancing
everyone laughs.
Ub haha twinkle he loves u so much!
K thinks: and what about me! i love twinkle the most not this kutta… abhi toh ek hi dialougue man mei aa raha hai yaar…. kuttey mei tera khoon pee jaunga(dog i will drink ur blood)

to be contined….
I hope u guys liked this dog wali storyline and if no then just let me no i will change it

Credit to: ritzi

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