it was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 33


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The episode starts……
Twinkle told everything about their plan to kunj….. kunj got hell angry he pinned twinkle to the wall holding her shoulders tightly.
T:k…. k… kunjj i m s.. sorry look…….
but before she should just speak further she got a return kiss on her lips…… it was wild…. very wild seems like kunj was showing his anger through this kiss. he was biting her lips very badly. twinkle had tears of pain. kunj saw that and he broke it. He was hell shick to see blood on twinkle’s lower lip. he had bitten it very badly. Twinkle was not able to stop her tears.
K:(cupping her face)I…. i…. m s… s…. sorry. twinkle voh a.. actually i was v.. very a…. angry…..
T:(still crying) It…. its….. ok…. i… i understand ur pain..

K thinks: oh god why is she sooo good but i always give her pain.
T:No kunj u never give me pain
kunj gets. surprised.
K: ho… how did u k.. know that i was thinking th… that?
T: bcus i love u
kunj smiles
He lifts his hand to clean the blood on her lips but stops. Twinkle signs him like what happened. Kunj doesnt reply. He gain starts moving towards her lips..

T:k… k.. kunj
K:shhh….. galti maine ki hai na toh sudharunga bhi mai hi
Twinkle also wanted that so she didnt stoped him. Both parts thier lips. kunj inserts his lips on twinkle’s soft but blood wet lips. kunj slowly sucks the blood from twinkle’s lower lips but took a deep breath while doing it. kunj now slowly moved to her upper lips and took its sweet taste very joyefully. twinkle’s hand very busy caressing kunj’s hairs while kunj’s hand were busy holdind twinkle’s perfect and slim waist. The kiss was going on it was very passionate and a less wild this time after sonetime twinkle moved her lips a little back in order to break it as she was breathing heavily but kunj didnt wanted to stop so he agin pulled her lips and continued. After some more seconds they both broke it bcus of lack of oxygen both were looking into eachothers eyes very passionately but both of thier bodies were moving up and down as they were breathing very heavily.
K:(teasingly)Maza aaya!

both were blushing badly, they didnt know what to do next just then mahi and uv came in to break the awkward moment.
T thinks: thank. god they came! lerfect timing.

kunj sees them and goes to uv
K:saale kitni acchi acting karta hai tu…. tu sach mei ek din tv pe ayega.
M: kunj tv pe to tum aa rahe ho

T: what! what r u saying mahi!….. uv! whats going on y r u both behaving like this.
uhi look at eachother but doesnt answer mahi holds twinkle’s hand while uv holds kunj’s hands.
twinj: what r u both doing?
Uv: shut up and follow me.
They all reach the hall were usha, leela and anita are lost in tv badly but r disturbed by twinj’s voice.
T: mahi whats gng on?
M: shh….. just look at tv
twinj looks at tv and their eyes pop out.
K:wht? H… how can dis happen
yup guys…… kunj’s terrace wala stunt was now on tv…. his filmy dialouge and filmy stunt everything was captured in tv.

They hear the host of the channel speaking.
Host: bhaiyo aur behno dhyan se dekho iss chehre ko…. dhyan se dekho iss awara aashique ko jisne apne pyaar ki khushi ke liye apni jaan lene ki koshish ki. (bro and sis look at this face carefully…. look at this crazy lover carefully who tried to suicide only for his beloved’s sake)
Kunj was soo shocked by now that i cant even explain. His mouth was left open his eyes had widen up and he was tapping it continuosly.
K: w… wht i… is a… all t.. this….tw… twinkle wasnt the media f… fake! How dare they call me aawara aashique it sounds so c… cheap….m… meri izzat ki toh…. wat… la… lag ga.. gayi.

Kunj looks at twinkle whobwas controling her laughter with so much of difficulty but she couldnt stop her small cure on lips.
Now twinkle couldnt control herself and she bursted into laughter. seeing her laughing everyone too started laughing as their situation was same as twinkle…. kunj was looking at everyone present there in a bhul bhulaiya (puzzled) look. twinkle was lauging like anyone has sprayed a laughing gas in the hall she was not able to stop she bend down on the floor nd started. laughing mahi was also in same position with her whereas uv was rolling on the sofa laughing like anything the three supermoms were also laughing badly.
K:(making his famous innocent look… same look which he made when twinkle offered him beet root juice in tei)Maa u too!

Hearing this all stopped for a while and started looking at eachother and again bursted in laughter….
Usha:haahaa.. sohorry…. ku.. kunj haahaa

T:k.. kunj haa haaa haaaaa kunj. awara aashique suits u haaaa
Kunj was fuming in anger
All understood his situation and somehow controlled their laughter…
T:uv wasnt the media fake?
uv:ya twinkle i had called a fake media only but i think mistakenly i called the real media!
K: uv how can u do this to me!
U: sirry yaar it was a mistake!
Just then twinkle’s phone started beeping continuously seems like she got around 100 messages in a minute.
L: Twinkle who is this….. messaging u so much
Twinkle opens the phone and her eyes are left open!. she had same expression which a student has when he fails in 10th std the same shock….. the same widing of eyes and the same widing open of mouth.
K:now what….. ab konsa siyappa? Twinkle kuch toh bol
Twinkle doesnt speak anything but only turns the screen of phone towards all to show a video…
All also get shocked
T:someone uploaded the same video of kunj on fb also

K:what….. shit yaar!
Twinkle takes the phone and she reads all the messages that she got in few mins and she giggles
M:twinkle why r u giggling
T: mahi voh everyone is messaging me regarding this kunj’s video
K: what type of messages r u getting…. who is messaging u?
T:chill kunj my friends on fb are only texting me along with few unknow but actually i hv recieved 200 msges in 2 min so i cant read all but tell u all few.
T: 1 one: this is from mahira…. aww darling u r soo lucky to have kunj… i cant belive kunj can do this (mahira is in thier college so she knows kunj)
kunj smiles a bit

T:2nd one… from rohan. our batchmate….. oh twinkle darling i m gonna kill kunj just bcus of him my girlfriend broke up wid me.
K thinks: usski gf ne break up kiya ussme neri kya galti aur ussmei twinkle ko darling kehne ki kya zarurat. thi aane do haath mei mei hi usse maar. dalunga
K:ok ok bas! stop it!

to be continued……

Credit to: Ritzi

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