it was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 32


guys u”ll, r free to kill me! seriously guys i m feeling soooo shameful but i can only say sorry. Aakansha i wanted to tell u that i too have catch hold of migrane…. its worst like hell. But i want to thanks those who made me feel really special… samriddhi, yukku, akhanya, zikra, riya, mitali, sanam, twinky, lama, sam, poorvi, harna,ridhima, tamanna,salma, prapti, panchi,sidmin(twinj), shamz and a big thanks. to my dearest fiona i was. really overwhelmed to read yr comments and here r ur answers fir the question…..
my real name is Ritti Thaker

i m in 9th standard
i m from gujarat
my. faviourate subject is science
and ya fiona i liked ur surprise. verrrrry much!
ok so no more tp

recap: leela calls fake media to announce twiraj’s wedding so that kunj feels jealous and confess his love towards twinkle. its morning luthreas had reached tanejas house for the media conference. which is going to be held in the lawn of the taneja mansion

the episode starts…..
twinkle and uv r standing in the lawn and talking just then sarnas arrived. as soon as kunj comes in the lawn uv holds twinkle by r waist and pulls towards him. uv signed twinkle that. kunj is here so twinkle also started her acting.
u:aww baby only few days then we will be one
kunj is standing and looking at them as usual fuming in anger.
T:ya uv i too cant wait.
juat then kunj comes and pulls uv.

u: what?
K: umm nothing….. bs congrats uv.
Twinkle was able to see the pain but was left with no option
T:kunj will’nt u congrats ne…… i m also getting married.
kunj eyes at twinkle full of anger…. anger of ditching him… sadness…. sadness of going far away from her.
K thinks:how could u twinkle…… how can u forget the time spent with me i thought u were also falling for me but no! kunj watever it is now i will tell twinkle that i love her like anything and i will make her realise how much she has hurt me and i will do it today in fact now only
uv shakes kunj…. kunj comes out of his thoughts
K: twinkle. i want to tell u something very important…
twiraj becomes becomes haply and smiles looking at eo.
T: finally kunj…… chalo tell me…. fast
K: voh twinkle i wanted to tell u that I…..
T:I wht?
K: i wanted to tell u…… congrats.
twinkle’s smile fades away and gives a weired looked to him

T: oh so this was yr. important talk….. wow!
just then media…. actually fake media arrives… leela, usha and anita. too comes out and greets the media(all three has got a grt acting skill too… ) twinkle and uv were made to sit. on table and the media starts their fake questions
k thinks:. shit yaar i was not able to do it again…… again the same fear of loosing her, its too late kunj………… noo its not too late, if i will not. tell her then i will loose her and if i will tell her then also i hv chances of loosing her so i will have to confess it be4 they announce their marriage in media. oh god shit yaar but how do i tell her….. idea!
kunj goes inside the tanejas house and climbs the terrace. There twinkle’s eyes were. searching for him
T thinks: oh babaji jisske liye ye sab kiya vahi yaha nahi hai…. i think i was wrong….. he doesnt loves me.
Just then a small pieces. of cement falls on her. she looks up….. and is shocked…. she couldnt believe her eyes.. she quickly gets up she is soo much shock that she couldnt even speak. everyone also gets up seeing twinkle in that state
L: twinkle puttar kya hua.
U: twinke r u ok
T: kuunnnj!

everyone also looks up nd are equally shocked!
U:kunj! what r u doing there
yup guys kunj was standing on the very edge of the terrace on the ceiling.
Twinkle was about to go to the terrace but kunj stoped her
K:(shouting)wait twinkle….. ruk ja ek kadam bhi aage mat badhana
uv: kunj r u mad just come down… u can fall frm there.
K: o uv no. first of all….. twinkle i want to tell u something
T: kunj just come down we will sit and talk
K: no i will tell u here only
usha: kunj for god sake come down
L: come down kunj pls!
K: no! first i want to tell something to twinkle
T: bolo jaldi! and cm down fast
K:(shouting his heart out) I LOVE U!……. TWINKLE
all gets surprised they hadnt expected his conefession in that way.
Twinkle who already was in teary eyes now burst into tears
T: I lo….
K: no twinkle no….. dont say that u love uv…. as i already know that
all gets frowns on thier forehead

T thinks: is he mad or what?
T: no kunj i was telling that….
K: ya i know that u were going to tell that u dont love me….. no problem twinkle….. but i cant live without u so now i m going to jump frm here
all gets a hell hell hell hellest shocked.
usha: nooooooooooooooo! kunj pls come down
K: no maa not this tym….. i love twinkle….. she is my life and how can a person live without his life. but before dying i just wanted to tell twinkle that how much i love her!
kunj was busy talking so twinkle quickly runs towards the terrace. she is in the hall whereas kunj has started stepping ahead towards the extreme end of his life.
usha, leela, uv, mahi:. noooooooooooo!
there twinkle is shown climbing stairs
K: good. bye…. an… and u.. v pls ta… take care. o… of. m… my twi.. twinkle
And he is about to jump
usha: nooooooooooooooooooooooo kunj pls
and he jumps…. wait wait wait he didnt feel…. ya ofcouse guys how can a hero die…. our heroine…. twinkle pulled kunj down from the edge. everyone got a sigh of relief…. all were about to go to the terrace
uv: wait….. i think we shouldnt go to the terrace ri8 now let twinkle and kunj clear the issues…… usha aunty will u mind it?
us: no uv u r ri8

there twinkle pulls kunj frm the edge
K:(in a breath)twinkle why didbu stoped me i want to die let me die na i dont want to dance in urs and uv’s wedding pls let me die.
twinkle stood there stil…. fuming in gr8 anger kunj again started moving towards the edge but twinkle pulls him and chatak! chatak!
yup guys kunj got a very tight one frm twinkle and that too on both is cheeks…. who were now looking like a red tomato but be4 kunj could speak anything he got another one on his lips…. no guys ur getti g me wrong he didnt got a slap but a kiss on his lips! a very passionate one! a long one! after sometime twinkle broke it…. kunj was still in a shock… he couldnt understand what was happening. he was again about to speak something but in vain as be4 he couldt utter a word. he got his third slap.

T: dont u dare kunj sarna….. dont u dare utter a word! now let me speak! who the hell told u to do this stunt uh!
K: but..
T: do u want another one from me….! let me speak…. i also love u kunj….. i love u toooo
kunj was again about to speak something but he stopped on his own thinking that it would but good for his. cheeks if he would stay quite

T: U must be confused na…. it was all a plan…. a plan to make u confess yr love and twinkle now started telling eveything to kunj.

To be continued…..

pls guys bear with my typing mistakes

Credit to: Ritzi

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      this was a substitute for my thank u

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    1. misha as i told be4 i also dont like to be late but as i m suffering from migrane so doc. has strictly advised me to be away from electronic items and this was also a reason for short update….. so pls understand me

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