it was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 31


Guys pls pls pls pls forgive me yaar…… I couldn’t answer your comments but I read all of them. As I told u be4 I was not well so my parents had to hospitalize me for a day so just came home….felling a bit better so I m trying to write my ff. Pls forgive me if the update would be short.

The episode starts…..
Kunj is applying ointment on twinkle’s wounded shoulder.
T: aah! Kunj pls slowly na!
K: sorry….sorry twinkle(tear drops from his eyes)
Kunj finally applies her bandage. Twinkle was trying to put her sleeves up….but in vain!
T: aaaaaaaaaaah!
K:(hell worried) twinkle twinkle…..u okay….wait let me do it.
Twinkle nodes in agreement. Kunj slowly puts her sleeves up and closes the zip very passionately
T thinks: oh babaji whenever he is close to me why do I feel butterflies in my stomach! But whatever it is…..the feeling is awesome! I can’t stay away from u kunj….pls pls confess soon!
Kunj has closed her zip by then
K: done! Come let’s go down
T: kunj! Pls don’t tell about the wound pls
K: but twinkle….ok
They both go down. They are halfway at stairs when they saw all the guests are gone. The two supermoms (usha and leela) are staring at them like they r gonna eat them today.
T:(whisper) kunj we r dead today…..just bcus of u
K:(whisper) why bcus of me!
T:ohoo so innocent of u kunj! Nahi tum drunk hote nahi mai tumhe apne room mei me jati nahi vahi room mei voh safe siyappe hote!
K: ur r quite wrong miss twinkle….nahi tum uv se shadi karti nahi mai jealous hota air nahi mai drink kar…..
He then realises what he just said.
K thinks: kunj beta ur totally gone today there my supermom here this angry beauty. Aage kuva aage khai!
T thinks: oh my god oh my god kunj u just said that wow wow now pls pls just tell the three magical words now! Can’t wait for that moment!

They have reached the hall by now.
T:(nervously) where r all?
L:(angrily) the party is over!
K:(faking laughter) when did it got over…aa.aunty?
U: when u both were in ‘room’!
Kunj and twinkle felt embaressed
T: vo I told u na that I hv to complete an important project so kunj was helping me out in it
K thinks: ladki intelligent hai! That’s why she is my girl!
Twinkle winks to uv saying the plan is on
Uv starts walking towards twinkle. Kunj comes in between them.
K: no!

All gives a puzzled look but laugh in the heart.
M:oh ma look at him he is too jealous
Leela is still giggling silently
Uv:why kunj? Why did u came in between and what no? I didn’t understood
Kunj comes to his senses.
Uv:arre she is my would be wife I hv full rights on her!
Kunj gets angry in heart but he clears uv’s way.
Uv is holding twinkle by her waist. Kunj is clutching his fists tightly
K thinks:stay away uv! Stay away from her!
L: ok twinkle and uv I want to ask u both finally are u both ready for the marriage!
First twinkle looks at kunj
T thinks: ab toh bol do.
Uv:(whispering) twinkle just say yes…..I hv a plan
T and uv:yes maa
T: but why are u asking this?
L: because tomorrow I m gonna call media and gonna announce ur wedding.
Kunj puts his eyes down as tear was about to fall from his eyes. He wipes his tears and looks at twinkle who was also looking towards him sympathycally.
U:ok mom (to leela) we don’t have Any problem regarding it. Ri8 baby?
T:yes maa. But where is kabir? He was going to stay with us only na until his parents will come from US?
L:ya beta but he has went to stay with his best friend for few days then he will be here.
T:umm ok
Usha:okay then bye leela ji!
Usha winks towards everyone
Us:chalo kunj!
Kunj sadly nodes in yes and the sarnas go from there
T:uv now what is this media and all?
Uv: arre I hv planned it to make kunj jealous
T:but its risky….what if kunj will not confess his love and we will have to announce our wedding in front of media?
Uv:chill twinkle the media is going to be fake only
T:oihoi nice plan!
Luthras also leave after sometime and all go to sleep.

Sarna mansion
Kunj is sleeping and usha comes to wake him up
Us: kunj wake up beta we have to go.
K:(sleeping tone) where maa! Let me sleep pls!
Us:arre don’t u remember that we hv to go to tanejas as media is going to come there……leela ji has invited us there.
Kunj recalls how yesterday uv announced that he and twinkle are gonna marry. He again gets teary eyes.
K: ma u go I dont want to come
Us:arrey kunj if u will not come then how will we proceed to our plan.
Kunj gets shocked
K:plan? What plan?
Usha becomes conscious
Us:arre I I..I mean that oh haan….actually we have decide that after this media session is over then our family,tanejas and luthras will go out for lunch and its compulsory for all kids to come.
K:(sadly) ok ma give me 5 min I will get ready.

Taneja mansion
Twinkle is ready and looking for the preparations in the lawn where the media conference is gonna held.
Luthras also come there.
T:namstey anita aunty
A:namastey beta….where is leela ji
T:aunty mom is in the kitchen
A:ya okay I will go there…
Anita goes and twinkle notices uv searching for someone.
T:(teasingly) arre uv this is not mahi’s room why r u searching her here? She is in her room go and meet her fast as kunj has not came yet
Uv smiles
T:sorry uv only bcus of me uv also have to stay away from ur love!
Uv:twinkle yaar its okay it’s just for sometime na then everything will be alright.
Uv was about to go but then he sees sarnas coming
Uv:ooh damn!
Twinkle gives him a guilty look.

To be continued…..

Credit to: Ritzi

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    episode has crossed limits of awesomeness, wonderfulness and was very amazing
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    may i ask u some questions because they are strucking in my mind
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