it was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 30


Hiiiiiiiiiii frnds!!!!!! Hello! I was really overwhelmed by ur comments so so so so so so so so much sorry I couldn’t comment in any of ur comments I was too weak actually I m not well….. Enough of my bak bak
The episode starts…..

Twinkle wraps herself in towel
T:(hell nervous, tears in her eyes) Ku…k…kunj when did..u..uh w..woke up
She was sobbing by now……kunj couldn’t see her in tears so he started walking towards twinkle.
T:(scared) kunj….kunj pls stop u..know ….na I m not kind of that girls….pls …pls stop
She closes her eyes in embaressmnt again tears rolled from her eyes. After sometime twinkle opened her eyes and she was shocked to see kunj shooooo close to her
T thinks: no kunj no pls stay away from me!
Kunj starts moving his hand towards twinkle’s
T : pls kunj pls
But kunj was not listening at all. Kunj tucks twinkle’s hand and wipes her tears
K: pls pls don’t cry twinkle….I can’t see u in pain
T: but why! Who am I to u?
K thinks: twinkle ur my everything…pls don’t say like this…. I want to tell u how much I love u but I fear to loose u
T: tell kunj tell…..why so much concern!
Just then twinkle’s towel starts loosing… Kunj notices it the towel was about to fall but kunj holds the towel and tightens it again.

T: k….kunj!
Kunj turns around.
K: pls change quickly twinkle.
T:ah…oh haan
Kunj was about to go
T: k…kunj pls don’t leave me
Twinkle is changing and is halfly dressed but kunj gets shocked upon hearing that words from twinkle….he excitedly turns towards twinkle
K:(excitement) what!
Kunj again saw twinkle in that state
T:kunj yaar!
He again turns.
K: why shouldn’t I leave u?
By now twinkle has completely changed.
T:bcus I m ready so we can go down together (actually twinkle got an excuse)
K:ohnoo… that was the thing…I thought!
T: what u thought!

Kunj turns around towards twinkle
K:(in a teasing way) I thought that u love me..
T thinks: yes I do….but I can’t tell u ri8 now as I want to hear it from u
T: kunj I think u should remember that I m getting married to uv
Kunj’s smile fades away when he recalls it and he was hell angry by then so he hold twinkle by her shoulders and pinned her to wall
K:(in a red eyed anger) twinkle! U can’t marry him.
T: but….but why!
K: bcus I lo…..
He stops
T:bcus u what…..say it damnit say it!
K: don’t ask much…..but don’t marry him
Kunj his hiding twinkle so tightly that tears fall from her eyes
T:k..k…kun…kunj its paining…..pls leave me!
Kunj realises what he was doing he quickly leave twinkle. Twinkle winces in pain
T: aaah….ouch!
Kunj couldn’t see her like that so he quickly cups her face
K:I….I…I m so sorry twinkle
T: aah!
K: is it paining too much?
T: kun…..kunj actually aah I got hurt aah! On my ri8 shoulder yesterday only and I think its bleeding ri8 now bcus u….
She stops as she didn’t wanted to put blame on him

K:(crying) I m so…sorry twinkle
T: no..a…it…its okay…u….u do 1 thing u go out I need to do dressing
K:but how will u dress urself
T: no I will manage
K: wait let me call mahi or maa she will give u first aid.
Kunj was about to go but twinkle quickly holds his wrist by her ri8 hand so it pained her again
T: aaaaaaah!
It was paining so much to her that she lost her balance and fell down on floor. Kunj too sat down being hell worried
K: twinkle! U ok?
T:k…k..ah kunj pls don’t tell it to anyone ah as I didn’t told them about my injury to anyone ah!
K: twinkle yaar! Now?
T: u go na……I…will manage
K: no I will not leave u……chalo take out ur dress
T: wh..aa what!
K: we don’t have any option
T: k..kunj
But kunj was not gonna listen…he quickly brought the first aid box. He put it on the bed. Then he headed towards twinkle

T: kunj pls st…top!
Kunj was still ignoring her. He lift her up…in his arms and made twinkle sit on bed. Twinkle is busy staring him. Kunj took out ointment form the box.
T: kunj….ah I said no means no! AH!
Kunj couldn’t see her like that
K: twinkle will u pls stop arguing with me now….look at u! Ur not In a state to speak but still arguing
Kunj takes out hanky from his pocket and tied it around his eyes.
T thinks: kunj ur soo good yr! I love u!
K: now is it ok?
T: hmm! Wait I will o…open z….zip
She starts to move her hand but in vain
T: aah!
K: twinkle! Shhh u r not gonna do anything…I will d…do everything.
T: but kunj…..
Be4 she could complete kunj stops her by putting his finger on her soft lips

K: shhh! No argument… Trust me
Kunj moves his hand around twinkle’s back to find the zip. Twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach. Kunj got succeeded in finding the zip. He now started opening it…very very slowly…twinkle was breathing heavily by now and kunj was able to feel it
K: twinkle just cool down….don’t be nervous.
Twinkle blushes
T: him
Kunj has opened her zip. He slowly removes the part of dress from her shoulder….twinkle is busy staring him her heart is beating fast.
Kunj takes the ointment in his finger and touches his finger on twinkle wounded shoulder. He could feel the shoulder completely wet. Twinkle too got scared on seeing this much blood. Kunj hurriedly removes his hanky to see what had actually happened to her shoulder.
T: kunj!
K:(almost crying) twinkle! I m so sorry….only I m responsible for it I m very sorry….we need to go to the docter
T: no kunj no! Everyone is so happy ri8 now I don’t want to make them tensed
K: twinkle r u mad!
T: kunj I said no means no…. U…o…..only By the way y did u opened habky from ur eyes?
Kunj smiles while crying
K: u know the ans twinkle…..u know I was worried
T: ya ya now pls do it fast….all must be searching for me.
K: hm!

To be continued….
Sorry guys for short update but as I told be4 I m not well at all I m having fever and my body is weak so….. I m sorry

Credit to: Ritzi

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