It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 3


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The episode starts……
Usha and manohar coming to tanejas house
L: Namaste! Pls come in
M: thank you Mrs taneja
The trio sit down on the sofa
U: leela ji I hv heard that you have a daughter we have also heard that she is very pretty where is she call her na I want to see her
L: thank you usha ji, she is,upstairs in her room she is changing must be comimg in a minute
Just then kunj enters
L: this is kunj right?
M: ya our son
K: namaste aunty
L: nameste beta!
Just then twinkle comes she is climbing down stairs she is wearing a chocolate brown short skirt a pin t- shirt and her hairs are flying due to air
U: she is so cute ….right kunj
Kunj is busy staring at her but then he come to senses and remembers all the fight ( car accident, watermelon and tomato fight and the shop fight), twinkle comes downstairs and is equally shocked to know that kumj is the new neighbour…
Both: tum ….tum yaha?? Tum ho hamare naye padosi!!
L: do u both know each other?
T: maa its a long story I will tell u later
Leela calls servant and asks him to bring the food
M: arre leela ji no need for food
L: no you will have to eat something
The servant brings typical Punjabi nashta which is full of oil
T: pls lejiye!
U: ya beta we are taking you also take na
Leela interferes
L: no no usha ji she never eats this oily food she is very conscious about her weight so she only eats fruits and mostly “watermelon” kunj and twinkle look at each other and smile in their heart.
M: twinkle beta we have heard that you are a good singer
T: no no uncle I don’t sing that well its just my hobby
L: actually she is a good singer but will never show that
M: can u pls sing one song pls beta pls
T: ohh….OK uncle
Twinkle tells a servant to bring her guitar…servant brings it and twinkle sings
T: kisi ko sapna lagen tu kisi ko behti hawa kisi ko bas yaadon Karen pal me yahan vahan kiske sau juth sun le kisi ka sach bhi gunah kiski bas baaton mei kare hulchal saara jahan….. Te amo me ti amo tu chahon he tu dhoop hai te amo mi ti amo tere hazaro roop hai
Koi samajha nahi Jo bhi hai bas tu hai
Falling so crazy in love
Everyone is mesmerized to hear her voice but after she stops to sing everyone come into senses except kunj who is busy staring at her
Usha pats on his legs and kunj comes into senses
M: twinkle beta what kind of boy do u want to marry
T: uncle I don’t know I don’t have made a list about the qualities
U: but still every girl has a desire u also must have come on tell me don’t be shy
T: well my desire is too simple I want a boy who understands me and my feelings, who appreciates me to continue my dream even after marriage I want a person who doesnt love me because of my beauty or my qualities but the person who loves me only because of my nature I doesn’t matter if he is rich or handsome he should be only good at heart who Respect’s girls..umm..that’s it
M: wah beta wah I haven’t met a girl like you right usha
Usha nodes and says yes but kunj is again lost ….he is impressed by her just then servant serves him tea but as kunj is busy watching twinkle so tea falls on his shirt
K: ooh god ( his self talk) whenever I meet this girl my cloths get spoiled!

Precap leela says twinkle to take kunj to her room and help him to clean up in her washroom….kunj and twinkle’s water fight

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Amazing yr…

  2. I hope u guys liked it actually I was not in mood today as my parents have made me join a new tuition class whose timings are from 7: 30-8:30 so I will not be able to watch tei at night

    1. So bad ritzi …dat new tution & all bt u shld b happy dat ur marks will increse due 2 more studies…….any way i luv ur writtings thiz epi was also fab like ur other episodes

  3. Nice one keep it up

  4. Aaye ritzi… Dil khush kardiya tumne… was awesome loved it….

  5. Thanks ruchi,rupam And dheemahee

  6. Thanks rashi verma I m so glad ki tumhara dil khush hua lol

  7. oh poor u…bt studies are imp…anyways coming to ur is too good..i mean can’t believe its ur first ff nd that too 3rd epi….u r superb..nd m relly sorry for commenting all those thing in ur last epi…btw in which class are u??

  8. Awesome Ritzi love your FF

  9. ritzi too nice epi yaar

  10. Thanks Tara and harshi I’m in 10th

    1. u r promoted to 10th that means?

  11. Thanks a lot dear sudha

  12. Awesome.. Eagerly waiting for twinj’s water fight

  13. Thanks aarti,,….but guys you no what I got a news that rajjo will now start liking kunj because of his simplicity so she befools twinkle so she could really marry kunj!!!!!! This is exhausting !!!!

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  15. Woooow Ritz you are really an amazing writer so keep it up and don’t feel bad about missing the show study comes first okay

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    Wow wat a wonderful episode!

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