It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 29

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The episode starts…..
(Uv continuing his talk to that lady)
Uv: and ya aunty we both r soon gonna get married…..
Now kunj is like a living dead body….he can’t believe his ears….there is rush of adrenaline at the speed of 40km per hour…haha lol….
K thinks: no no no twinkle u can’t leave me….pls pls don’t leave me….I will srsly die! Ur mine….twinkle ke bins kunj ka koi wajud nahi hai. Twinkle ur my love my junoon the craziness of my life…actually ur my whole life…within such a few days I don’t know how did u attracted me….I luv u twinkle!
His eyes are red with sadness…..sadness of loosing is love…his life…HIS TWINKLE
Twinkle sees this all and Is feeling very sad for kunj
T thinks: kunj I know u….I can understand ur pain…it hurts me too…but I m doing this for our future!
T:(in a whisper) uv thoda zyada nahi ho gaya kya?
Uv looks at kunj
Uv: ya I too think so….oh god why do I become so overexcited when the things come on my acting!! Sorry twinkle
T: I m sorry too
U: why??
Twinkle signs him to see mahi…mahi was there fuming in jealousy
M thinks: uv wait…u just meet me alone…..this was not the plan…who told u to talk about marriage???
Everyone starts clapping as uv just announced their marriage.
L: OK OK now pls continue enjoying!
Twinkle and uv goes where sarnas,luthras and tanejas are standing.
Leela (trying to change the topic as she knew that nothing was going according to their plan their plan was only to make kunj jealousy then wedding….where did that came from)
L: a…a…twinkle beta u know kabir is coming.
Twinkles sadness had now changed to 50 volts smile
T: what????wow!!!! When did he came from US? When is he cmng here
Just then they hear a voice of a person
Person: I m already here sweetieheart
T: kabir!!!!
She runs towards him….kabir(played by karan wahi…seen in my most favourite serial dill mill gayye as sid)
Kabir lifts twinkle and starts revolving..
K: ab ye kon naya aaya!
Uv hears it and smiles…
Uv: arre bro don’t u know he was…actually he is twinkle’s best frnd or should I say bestest frnd
Kunj ignores uv as he was upset with him
Uv thinks: sorry kunj I didn’t really intended to hurt u…bit I m sure at the end of this jealousy track twinkle will be yours and only your a d don’t worry about kabir he is just her good friend…
Kabir was a handsome,smart and really a rich man.
T: ooooooooMG when did u come? Why didn’t u tell me that u r cmng from US and…..
Ka: arre sweetieheart how much do u talk…..u still not have changed!
Twinkle smiles.

Ka: well I came from US yesterday only
T:(whispering) any girlfriend in US?
Ka: ummm…
T: what!!!srsly! Accha any crush
Ka: umm…no…..actually yes!
Twinkle gets super excited
T: who who..tell me her name….show me her pic?
Ka: chill chill baby doll not know
Just then leela shouts
L: arre kabir puttar kabhi hame bhi milliya karo….after all I invited u.
T: maa! U knew he is in India
L: ya
Ka: oooo aunty how can I forget to meet u..!
He goes there and touches her feet
Twinkle introduces kabir to everyone. Twinkle didn’t told him about all that plan and her love at that moment of course its a long story after all.
But kunj cannot stop himself recalling about uv’s words….
K thinks: no twinkle pls no don’t do this pls don’t leave me pls…
Everyone gets busy in enjoying the party and twinkle is also busy in meeting Leela’s business patterners but kunj is so so so stressed that he went to the bar and started drinking continuously. After sometime twinkle sees kunj in that state,her smile fades away.
T thinks: oh babaji what a mess I hv created! I and only I m responsible for his this state oh my look at his state!
She quickly runs towards him. By this time kunj is so drunk that he is not able to handle himself . his eyes r red with tears. His bright face has became dull by now. Twinkle holds him by his shoulders.

T: kunj! What is this? U never drink this much!
Kunj was about to speak loudly but twinkle cover his lips by her hand.
T thinks: if he will be here in the party anymore he will create a scene, he is not at all in his senses ri8 now. I dont want usha aunty to get hurt seeing kunj in this way just bcus of stupid me!
T: kunj! Kinj get up….slowly slowly!
Kunj is trying hard to free himself….but in vain. Twinkle’s hand is also getting hurt bcus of his continuous trying. But she ignores it and takes him to her room and luckily no one saw them. Twinkle makes kunj lie on bed.
T: kunj why r u so ziddi! Inspire of suffering from this pain can’t u just confess ur love for me! Oh God its my bday part I need to go.
Twinkle was about to go but kunj….who is half or maybe less than half conscious holds her hand.
K: t..twi….twink…kle pls pls don’t leave me! I love….
Kunj was ABOUT to say it but……he sleeps again!
T: ohoo kunj! Why didn’t u completed it just U was left na! But if u would have said it then also I would have not been counted as valid as ur in drunk state but now at least my doubt is clear now I’m 1000% sure that u love me. Twinkle u hv to be strong and continue with this plan! Kunj is less than 3 days u will confess ur love for me and that’s my promise.
She goes towards him and is about to kiss his forehead but she hears a knock on the door.
She gets extremely hypered!
T: oh my god! Who is it! What if the person sees kunj in this state and that too in my room! Hey babaji bacha Lena Bas!
Twinkle goes towards the door and opens it slightly and peeps her head out of the small gap. The person was noneother than kabir
T: oh….kabir tum! I was just scare….
Ka: u were just what??? Scared? Why?
T: now who is asking these many questions accha bolo why did u came here
Ka: its ur bday and ur here! And what do u mean by the que what r u doing here uh! Vaise accha hua that u r alone I want to share shooooo many things to you na! Why have u opened door this much only! Open it fully I want to see yr room….cm on fast!

Kabir gives her a puzzled look….
T: kabir u can’t come in! And u r going to stay here only na! We will talk later on!
Ka: arre but why not now! Open the door fast!
T: kabir voh umm actually na…..haaa…. I m not wearing any cloths! A boy spoiled my dress so I came here to change but before I could wear anything u came here!
Ka: oooo toh aisa bol na!
Kunj: I miss u!
T thinks: kunj!!! U miss me I m gonna kill me….I mean u!
Ka: what was that?
T: (faster than light) my mobile ringtone now bye
And she bangs the door
Ka: strange!
Kabir goes from there.

T: ooo god yaar this plan is bringing so much siyappas! Now I will hv to change my dress orelse that detective kabir will again doubt on me. But how will I change! Kunj is here and I dont like changing in bathrooms! Arre twinkle…..u r soo mad na! He is completely drunk so he will surly not wake up so let me change here only!
Twinkle goes towards her cupboard and selects a cute and sobar dress (sobar bcus of her mom’s order). Just then kunj gains his consciousness and shockingly his hangover is all gone. He holds his hairs by both of his hands as his head was paining like anything….but his his pain also got vanished when he saw twinkle in that state…….yes guys kunj was seeing twinkle with his eyes wide open (twinkle couldn’t know that he is awake as her back was facing him) kunj saw that twinkle was passionately taking out her top very very slowly (u know na just like in adult movies) first twinkles back waist was seen then slowly the dress reached her back neck. She had a butterfly tattoo on her back right hand shoulder (I don’t know what that part is called but I hope u all u understand it) by this tym kunj’s eyes were srsly about to pop out…he was too shocked or I should say happy on seeing twinkle’s s*xy body. He was that much shocked that his voice was not able to come only or maybe he is not willing the voice to come out. By now twinkle is removing her jeans….that too very passionately. (I must remind u all that twinkle was wearing a keptop and white jeans) kunj is gulping continuously… His mouth is wide open by now. Twinkle is standing only in her undergarments looking extremely hot. Kunj manages to speak
K: t..t…t..twin…twinkle!
Twinkle (still showing her back to kunj) gets shocked to hear his voice her eyes also got wide opened!
T: oh my god! Shit!
Twinkle turns towards kunj just to make sure that, that wasn’t a dream but due to her badluck it really wasn’t a dream.
Twinkle quickly takes out towel from her cupbord her wraps it around her body.
T: (hell ashamed,nervous,awkward and what not) k…k…,kunj u…wen did u woke up!
K: kunj is still busy staring her

To be continued…..

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