It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 27


Hello guys!!!!!!! Sorry for a misunderstanding actually lama ur ri8 the last one was my 26th epi but mistakenly I wrote it as 25th so this 1 is my 27th epi but the comments which I received in my yesterday’s epi were quite less so the 1 who didn’t read my yesterday’s epi its my reqst to read that epi first orelse u will not understand the story line

The episode starts…..
Twinj are feeling hell awkward on hugging each other in front of their mothers. They quickly composes themselves and came down from the sofa
K: t…t….tw…twinkle kya kar rahi thi…..handsome ladka dekha nahi ki tut padi
Usha and leela giggles along with uhi and Anita
T: hawww so mean ….let me remind u…..I didn’t hugged u intentionally…I was scared that’s why I did so and the universaral truth is that ur not at all handsome!
K: what! Teri aankhe hai ki button….leela aunty kaise sanskaar diye hai isse
T: why r u complaining to maa talk to me……
Kunj was about to speak

T: no no I m not interested in talking to…and ya there is no need to cm at my party in the evening….. Usha aunty pls ull cm but not this so called handsome sarna
L: twinkle! Its really very mean…..kunj beta don’t take it srsly u r most welcome.
Twinkle fumes while yuhi are still in shock they r watching the thrilling movie with the eyes wide open.
K: no no leela aunty its ok I too m not interested in cmng to her party.
L:(in a whisper) usha ji they both r in hell anger ri8 now but pls make kunj ready to cm to party later.
Usha nodes in yes.
L: accha twinkle puttar today in the party ur not going to wear this short dresses and neither u mahi.
Both: why!
T: maa its my birthday and what has happened to u….u never stopped me to wear my choiced cloths
M: no ways maa I will only wear my one piece that I specially bought for twinkle’s bday party
L: shut up u both! I m telling it bcus today in the party many of my business partners are coming with their sons so….
Twihi: so what?
L: so today I m going to choose someone special for both of u!
Twinkle and mahi stare at each other whereas kunj r uv can’t believe their ears.
T: (laughing nervously) ma ha ha I m so stupid na haa I just forgot that I hv to complete my college project….we have to ha ha submit it tomorrow so (in a serious way) party canceled
L: twinkle today ur nakhras will not work

Mahi was going to speak
L: neither yours mahi….I m not going to fix yr marriage I m just asking u both to meet them.
Twihi: who r they?
Yunj: (angrily) yes yes who r they?
All the mothers stare yunj surprisingly.
K thinks: no ways twinkle is only mine noone can even think to marry her! Kunj beta mar li na apne hi per pe kulhadi! U told twinkle that u r not cmng to the party now how will u prevent twinkle for meeting that person.
U thinks: I hv to tell mahi that I love her today only and then we both will talk to twinkle.
K: ha ha leela aunty ha ha I was just joking how can I disrespect your invite I m coming today for twinkle’s party. Chalo ma we r getting late.
Kunj and usha goes from their and so does

A: chalo uv we also should leave
U: mm…ma u go I hv some work with mahi I will cm afterwards
A: okay then….bye leela ji
L: ya bye meet u at evening.
Anita leaves
T thinks: ab aya na kunj sarna line pe I knew he also loves me that’s why he became possessive when ma told me about my marriage I hope he proposes me fast.
Uv takes mahi on side.
M: what happened uv!

Uv bends down on his knees
M: what r u doing….get up
U: mahi I love u!
M: uv get up
Mahi realises what he just said
M: what say it again
Uv stands up
U: I luv mahi I luv u!!!!!
Mahi hugs him
M: I luv u tooooo
Uv gets very happy…..they both break their hugs

M: but wht about twinkle…..she is ur gf na I can’t ditch her
U: ya mahi even I was worried for her but today I realised that twinkle and kunj love each other but they r not willing to say it to each other.
M: ya even I feel the same….I think we should talk to her ri8 now!
U: ya
Yuhi leads towards twinkle’s room where twinkle is looking at the long dress that leela gifted her to wear.
M: may we cm in
Twinkle looks towards them with a bit sad eyes

T: ya ya cm na
M: oh my lovely bday princess why ru sad its yr bday na
T thinks: what bday…..I love only kunj and I don’t even want to meet someone else
T: umm nothing…. But u both together!
M: twinkle vo….
Uv signs her that he will talk to her mahi nodes in yes
U: voh twinkle I just proposed mahi
T: what!

U: twinkle I m sorry but I don’t love u I only love ur sis I know I m sounding like a ditcher but what was between us was not love.
Twinkle staring him in a shock
U: I know that u too don’t love me u only love kunj I saw it In yr eyes and I can also see that he also loves but he is not proposing u
Twinkle quickly runs towards yuhi and hugs both of them together.
They three have a friendly hug….they break their hug
T: oh uv thank god u said that….I was worried that how to tell u that I don’t love u and I love Kunj. Mahi I m soo happy for u

U: twinkle we are still friends ri8
T: no
Yuhi worried
T: best friends
All three laugh
U: but what to do of this kunj!
T: voh ek number ka darpok hai! But I m twinkle….twinkle taneja I will make him confess his love for him.
M: what’s the plan sistie.
T: look I hv a plan but I need both of ur agreement in it. The plan is making kunj jealous
M: but how?
T:look I and uv will act like a bf and gf and we will ACT to cm close in front of kunj so in jealousy he will confess his love as I m damn sure he loves me……ok uv I hope u don’t mind
U: ya ya I dont mind….I can do anything for my bestie
Twinkle smiles
T:(teasing tone) mahi I hope u will not get jealous uh uh! Bol bolo

Mahi blushes a bit
M: ya ya of course I don’t mind after all its just an act
L: I too don’t mind
Yuhi and twinkle are shocked to see her
Twihi: maa aap….aap kab aaye?
U: aunty did u heard anything?
L: ya I heard everything.
All three gets worried
L: I m very happy for u mahi
Yuhi and twinkle are getting shocks continuously
M: what ma!
L: ya I m very happy to see u and uv together.

Leela and mahi hug each other….
L: and ya I heard ur plan I m with u guys….as I too think kunj is perfect for my twinkle
Twinkle smiles…..they both also share a hug.
L: look I will talk about this plan with usha ji and anita ji its important to know whether they are ready to accept u both as their respective bahus or not and if they say yes then the plan is on
All three nodes in yes.

Credit to: Ritzi

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