It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 25


No bak bak today….
The episode starts……
The car fight gets over. And everyone laughs a lot
U: so guys let’s bring some live to this party
Uv takes out bear cans
K: oh wo…
Kunj was about to say wow but twinkle interferes
T: uv don’t to dare uh! Its my birthday and u know I don’t like all this
U: but twinkle!
T: no means no
Every boy says
Boys: this is not fair

T: what what uh? What is not fair its my party look at kunj he is not like u guys…….
K thinks: but I also want to join them yaar!
U: kunj tu pagal hai( are u mad) u r also supporting girls
T: oh shut up uv! OK I permit u guys to drink
Boys: yay!
T: but! Get lost from her….go and drink somewhere else not her
Everyone becomes sad
M: uv I think twinkle is ri8 pls not now!
Uv gets melted
U: ok boys plan cancelled!
Boys first get sad but then they refresh themselves
U: ok twinkle madam may I hv a permission to play music
T: ofcource permission granted!
Everyone laughs
Uv plays the song and everyone starts dancing on
Yaaro ki yaari taazi karari

Isspe hai mauka phir kahe ki duniya daari
Music lagle mehfil jamale college ke campus to rocking disco banade
Ohooo hai him bhi ohoo ho tum bhi ohoo toh chalu ho pajama party
A for aao re aao B for bhav na khao C se chilla ke gao D se daaru peete jao
Everyone is enjoying a lot but twinkle gets tired she goes near the sea….no one is aware of it. Kunj is busy dancing with other. After sometime he realises that twinkle is missing
K thinks: arre ye twinkle kaha chali gayi?
He starts searching for her while everyone is still dancing and uhi lost in each other
Just then kunj sees twinkle who is walking near the sea shore bare footed…..she is jumping,playing with water by her legs and is smiling
Kunj gets happy too he goes there
K: twinkle u….
Be4 kunj could complete his sentence twinkle hugs him tightly! The cool winds are blowing faster
T: ( still hugging) kunj thanks yaar……thanks for such a birthday party yaar I loved it!
They break the hug

K: I m sooo happy that u liked it……but what is birthday princess doing here? Its your birthday and ur alone and not enjoying
T: u said that I m not enjoying…..I m enjoying tooooo much
K: but here
T: ya here…..I like to spent time with myself and that to in such a cool atmosphere….. Its seriously so nice to be here in early morning its giving me peace, comfort everything
K: but why? I mean its more fun with friends what’s there in standing alone here
T: ya kunj its really so much fun to be with friends but friends will always be there for me but this moment will never come back…..I like to be with friends but I love to be here on such a special day!
K: wow twinkle!
T: accha chalo spread your hands
K: twinkle yaar tell me directly if u want to hug me don’t make riddles
T: oh god kunj! I m not hugging….do u want to remember this day….do u want to remember every breath u take today for ever? Look kunj we cannot freeze moments but we can capture them I our heart and remember those feelings for life long…..I want to remember this day its really special for me but….why will u want to remember it its nothing special for u
K:(in a romantic voice) no twinke dont say it again…..I want to remember my every moment my every single breath I take when I m with u…

Twinkle stares at him
K: ok ok so why do u want me to spread my hands
T: don’t ask just spread
Kunj spreads his arms…….twinkle makes him turn towards the sea. Then twinkle to comes in forward of him her back is facing kunj she also spreads the hands….both are in titanic position
T: ok kunj now close your nice
Kunj closes it….twinkle to closes her eyes
T:(her eyes still closed) ok now just breath in and breath out
The cool wind is blowing…..water waves are hitting their legs….its really a romantic moment…kunj is seriously feeling a gr8 peace
T: when u close ur eyes just think about the person u love the most
Kunj sees twinkle in his closed eyes….twinkle too sees kunj in her closed eyes….both smile secretly
They both open their eyes and breaks the titanic pose
T: how was it?
K: mesmerizing!……. Seriously twinkle I will never ever forget this day.
We too…..we will never forget this pic!
Kunj and twinkle turns back and are shocked, embaressed, surprised to see all their friends. Chinki was holding the mobile in which there was a pic
T: wh….what are u a…all doing here?
K: what……i…..i…s the p..pic chinki

Twinj goes near to chinki so that they could see the pic. They were surprised…….they were again in a shame at the same time twinkle could not stop blushing
The pic was of twinj standing in a titanic position
To be continued…..

Credit to: Ritzi

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