It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 26


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Recap:kunj and twinkle were caught standing in titanic position by her friends on her bday, the friends took their pic….the bday destination was a beach
The episode starts….

T: CH…chinki when did u click this pic?? Pls give it to me I will delete it
C: arre twinkle Hume ye pic delete hi karna tha to click kyu kiya hoga….now we will upload this pic on fb
Twinj: noooooooo
Twinkle tries to take the phone from chinki’s hand but chonki started to run….twinkle too ran behind her but every time she failed
T: pls pls pls give me
C: okay take it
Twinkle was about to take it when chinki threw it to vivek
T: vivek give!!!!!
V: never ever
Now vivek threw the mobile to mahi
T: mahi u r my lovely shweet sister na….pls give it to me
Mahi had started to melt
U: mahi no just give it to me
U thinks: twinkle I m really very happy to see u with kunj as I hv realised my true love….mahi but I was worried about how to tell it to u but now I m so glad to see u with kunj….ur true love…I hope u realise it asap
Mahi smiles and passes it to uv

M: sorry sistie darling but its fun in pulling your legs?
Twinkle gives a death and a helpless glare to mahi
Then she tries her blackmail on uv
T: uv pls ( extra sweetly)
U: oh my !today miss twinkle taneja who used to order me is pleading me wow I love this moment….thanks kunj!
Kunj is standing there helpless
Uv was about to pass the mobile to vivek but kunj comes and takes the phone
Uv,mahi,chinki,vivek: ooooooooo shit!
Twinkle becomes happy
T: dekha! Kunj chalo delete it fast
Kunj doesn’t wanted to delete it at any cost
K thinks: oooo god is it necessary to delete it……idea!
T: what r u thinking??? Delete it!
Kunj quickly sends the pic to his mobile and then he delets the pic from chinki’s mobile
K: done!
T: yay!

Mahi: twinkle yaar! That pic was damn sweet yaar!
T thinks: ya mahi even I didn’t wanted to delete it but I know kunj must have wanted it to be deleted!
T: whatever mahi!
Just then mahi gets a call from leela
M: ooo god! What’s the tym uv?
U: its ohno its 8:00 am
T: oh my! Mahi pick up the phone
Mahi picks up the phone
M: h..h.hello maa
L:(worried) mahi puttar where r u? Are u all OK….I m sooo worried
M: ya maa don’t worry we all are okay!
L:(angrily) then u guys r still celebrating!
M:(guilty) yes maa….voh tym kaha chala gaya pata ho nahi chala
L:(super angry) mahi! Okay u bring all yr frnds who r present there to our house….
M: wh…wh…why maa?
L:(sweetly) actually I want to give them all a big surprise
M:(happily) wow surprise for all of us….wow…we all are cmng wait!
She keeps the call
M:(excitedly) wow maa told that she has kept a BIG surprise for all of us…we need to go fast
C: sorry guys I and vivek will not be able to accompany u as our mom has called us (they both r bro sis)
T: arre but……..ok it may be important…. Bye
Chinki and vivek left… only twinj and uhi are left
U: chalo chalo fast…..I cant wait.
They all sit in the car

Taneja mansion
Leela,usha and Anita are sitting and are looking hell angry
A: aane do unn Charo ko
U: ya Anita ji ur ri8 let them come….they shouldnt hv be soo let
L: ya ya let them come we will give them there surprise
All the four reach the house
T:(from outside only) maa maa look we have come!
L: so here they are
All the three ladies open the door and talk sweetly with them they are holding sticks and they are hiding their hands
A: aww my sweet baby( to uv) ur came u don’t know how much I missed u
Uv gives a puzzled look
U: arre kunj puttar thank god u came I was so worried
K thinks: why is maa speaking soo sweetly…..something is fishy
L: arre meri rajkumariyan aa gayi….kitni jaldi aaya tum log! Twinkle ur party had just started no…I think u started ur party at 1:00 am and it got over at 8:00am only u 7 hrs soo sad!
Twinkle and mahi look at each other
T:(whispering) mahi,ye kya ho raha hai?
M:(whispering) I dont know!
Twinkle tries to change the topic
T: accha ok maa where is our surprise! Tell me fast…its my birthday

All the three mom look at each other and smirks
Moms: here!
They start hitting their respective children with sticks
U:(hitting) kunj did u like the surprise
K: aa aa aa maaaaa chodo na!
A:uv! Hv dare u cm late uh!
U: maa aaa sorry aa sorry na aa aa
L: tum Dono! U know na what’s the time!
M: s…aaaa… So..aa.sorr…aaaa.sorry maa
T: m….aaaa ouch maa pls leave me it….ouch ouch its my birthday… Aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa maaaa pls
Twinj and uhi starts running in the hall. And so does their supermoms
Twinkle stands on the sofa, mahi on the center table,kunj next to twinkle whereas uv next to mahi
Usha and leela comes near the sofa on which kunj and twinkle are standing and they are about to beat twinj when twinj scaringly hug eachother hell tight
Usha and leela stare them hell shocked. Uv got a nice bahana (excuse) to prevent himself
U: look look aaaa mom look at twinj
Anita turns around and twinj comes into senses.
U: what u both were doing?!!!
Twinj leave them selves
L: twinkle! What’s going on in between u and kunj (in a leg pulling way)
Twinj…….feeling hell awkward upon hearing upon hearing it from their moms

To be continued…..

Credit to: Ritzi

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