It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 24


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The episode starts…..
Kunj reaches twinkle’s balcony with the ladder…..he quietly heads towards twinkle’s room. He sees twinkle sleeping sooo peacefully.
Kunj quickly runs in the balcony
(The conversation takes place in a whisper)
U: what happened kunj….why did u came back!
K: hey can’t we celebrate her bday tomorrow only
M: no ways! But why did u changed ur mind
K: umm vo actually she is sleeping so peacefully na ki uthane ka man nahi ho raha!
Mahi and uv laugh
U: chal chal don’t be so sentiMENTAL go and wake her up
K: OK OK going has
Kunj again goes into her room
K thinks: she is seriously a sleeping beauty yaar……I love u twinkle
Kunj silently goes towards twinkle’s bed and caresses her hair
K thinks: u r seriously the most beautiful girl I hv ever met
Kunj comes into his senses
K: twinkle……twinkle wake up!
But still she doesn’t wake up

just then kunj receives a message from uv
U message: kidhar mar gaya be! Do it fast!
K message: she is not waking up only
U message: I don’t know anything just wake her up!
K message: chill dude! I will wake her up
K: twinkle wake up yaar……ye toh ek number kumbh karan Nikki
10 minutes has past but still twinkle is sleeping, mahi messages kunj
M message: kunj how much time now! We want to celebrate her birthday now only
K message: be tum dono shanti rakho na! Look at ur sis! I m trying.
M message: OK baba
K thinks: I have to wake her up at any cost or else uv and mahi are gonna kill me…….sorry twinkle
Kunj moves towards twinkle and he kisses her on her lips……twinkle wakes up and sees herself in that state ( both are still kissing) twinkle gets up, kunj breaks the kiss…..twinkle is about to shout but kunj puts his hand on her mouth very tightly
K:( very fastly!) Look twinkle I m sorry I didn’t had anyother option I was trying to wake u up since 15 min but u were not waking up and ur sis and that uv were eating my head to wake u up at any cost i know u are mad at me this is the second time in a day but pls control dont shout uh…

Kunj removes his hand….twinkle breathing heavily she gives a slap to kunj…..kunj staring at her with mouth wide open
T: how dare u kiss me again uh! U wait!
She takes a pillow and starts hitting him. Kunj starts to run….twinkle runs behind him in the room
K:(still running) arre baba sorry na! Accha happy birthday twinkle
Twinkle stops running….kunj too
T: ( happily) what! U remembered!
K: ofcource we all remembered……. Accha get ready now
T: why?
K: don’t ask anything get ready I m going down mahi and uv are also waiting…. And ya u have to come from balcony
T: no I m not coming anywhere
K: why?
T: I will not forgive u how dare u kiss me and how dare ull hide from me that ull know that its my birthday
T thinks: wow I m so happy yaar…..kunj chalo I forgives u for that kiss and about that hiding thing I was never upset with it…..but its so good to see u tensed like this u look extra cute yaar!
K: twinkle yaar! Pls
T: no! Never ever!
K: so ur not going to come then wait
Kunj takes twinkle in his arms
K: I will take u like this only

Twinkle was wearing a pink night gown which was above her thighs
K: let everyone stare at u in this hot night gown
Kunj starts walking
T: no no kunj wait
Kunj doesnt stop walking
T: OK OK put me down I will change and come
Kunj gets happy and puts her down
K: thank u! And ya wear that one piece only that we brought from mall today…..u know na my choice
T: ya ya u go now!
K: accha do u need me again for closing the zip( in a teasing manner)
Twinkle recalls that how kunj closed her zip in the mall in changing room…she blushes in heart
T: shut up I don’t need u anymore……u get lost!
Kunj goes he has a broad smile on his face….he climbs down the ladder.
M: so kunj u got unsuccessful in waking her up!
U: kunj tere se ek kaam thik se nahi hota!
K: chill na! She is getting ready
Kunj and mahi get happy
M: wow that means she is…..
U: she is coming wohooo… And ya kunj this time u have done all the decorations for twinkle’s bday bash…I hope everything is
K: haa be everything is perfectly done

There twinkle is combing her hairs she is looking adorably hot and s*xy. She is wearing the same one piece that kunj had selected for her in the mall- the dark blue coloured one piece which is actually a tube one piece ( the one which does no has any sleeves) and the one piece is in the high low fashiond.
Its past an hour that yuhi and kunj are waiting for her
K: what the hell yaar why do girls take this much time to get ready
M: oh shut up kunj let twinkle take her time after all she is the birthday girl
Just then twinkle comes in the balcony no one can see her clearly due to dark
K: twinkle come down from this ladder
T: pls u guys hold it properly
U: ya ya just come we are already late
Twinkle climbed down, kunj now can see her clearly and completely
K thinks: shit man shit! She is more beautiful than any actress she is looking double hot than before oh god! Koi toh rok lo( pls someone stop me)
Just then mahi speaks
M: oh my goodness my princess is looking hell beautiful today…..happy birthday darling
T: thank u yaar
They both share a cute huge
U: oihoi twinkle! Ek sum pataka lag rahi hai
U thinks: but not beautiful than mahi
U: happy birthday twinki
They both also share a hug….kunj cannot respond he is in the heaven ri8 now

M: twinkle your dress is pretty awesome!!!!
T: ya mahi….actually its kunj’s choice
Mahi looks a kunj and gives a pat on his shoulder
M: good job!
Just then kunj comes to his senses
M: wait wait wait did u both went together in the mall today?
T: yup mahi
Just then kunj hugs her extremely tightly he was not able to control himself twinkle also responds to his hug
K: happy birthday twinkle!
T: thanks!
Kunj unwantedly breaks the hug
U: OK now let’s go its already too late yaar
T: but where!
M: control beta control…….kunj
Lunj understands what mahi wanted to tell
K: twinkle without asking anything just turn around
Twinkle gives a puzzled look but turns around. Kunj ties a red ribbon on twinkle’s eyes
T: kinj what is this?
K: twinkle u have to wear this until we reach our destination
T: but I will fall down
K: don’t worry I will never let u fall
M: ahem….ahem
K: ya ya twinkle hold my hand
Twinkle does it…..four of them reach the car where uv is driving mahi is in front whereas twinj at the back seat.

Its already mid morning
T: now how much time guys!
K: control twinkle control
They all reach a beach which is fully decorated. All four of them come out of the car. The beach is decorated beautifully. With a blue and white combination it has blue and white balloons, blue and white ribbons and what not
M: wow kunj its so beautiful….again a good job and ya twinkle I just wanted to tell u that all the decoration is don’t only and only but kunj
T: what! Was! But now pls open the ribbon I m dying to see it
U: not now…wait for sometime
The four go into the beach twinkle can feel the cool morning breeze, the cool atmosphere, she can hear the sound of water waves

T: is it a beach
U: yup! And the destination is also decided by kunj
T: pls open it
M: wait yaar!
All four of them reach the beach where already chinki, vivek and some other friends are waiting for twinkle
M: kunj u can open it now
K: okay twinkle so get ready!
Twinkle was so desperate to see the decorations done by kunj thousands of butterflies were flying in her stomach. And finally kunj opened her ribbon. Twinkle was stunned seriously no response. She turned around 360 degree to take a look to all the stunning decorations
K thinks: oh babaji I just hope she liked it
Twinkle looks at kunj
K think : I think she didn’t liked it
Twinkle runs towards kunj and hugged him so tightly kunj to responded to her hug he hugged her waist and pulled her up a bit.
K and T think : o I just wish this moment never ends
T thinks: shit I m in love ya I m madly in love with kunj and i want to shout so loudly that I love him. I want everyone to know how much I love him
Both break the hug. Just then twinkle’s friends shouted

By now twinkle had teary eyed she met all of them and they shared a friends moment while kunj was standing alone and was just watching twinkle
K thinks: she hugged me but didn’t told anything about the decoration but her eyes spoke how much she liked it…..I m so happy twinkle
Chinki: come twinkle let’s cut the cake now
T: ya one min
Twinkle goes to kunj she holds his wrist
T: come let’s cut the cake
Kunj smiles
All of them walks towards the cake. The cake had about six layers and was a black forest but I was also decorated with white and blue cream
T: wow! Kunj this also selected by u!
Kunj nodes in yes
T: thank u yaar!
M: OK OK thank him later come now let’s cut the cake
Twinkle blows the candle everyone starts to sing happy birthday. Twinkle feeds the first piece to kunj, kunj also feeds her back. Twinkle then feeds it to mahi then uv and then chinki and like this to everyone
U: cake is cut now what
Mahi throws a piece of cake on uv
M: now this!
U: u!!!
Uv also takes a piece and throws at mahi but mahi bends down so the piece gets on kunj’s face
K: arre what did I do!
Kunj also throws the piece at uv and like this the cake fight gets started
T thinks: oh babaji I dont want to spoil this beautiful dress given to me by kunj nor I m interested in spoiling my makeup and hairs
She quietly goes and stands on a safe side….watching everyone
Three layers of cake are already wasted now only three layers left
M: wait wait wait! Where is twinkle? Its her birthday yaar
T thinks: shit! Ye mahi bhi na
Just then uv sees twinkle
U: look there she is
Everyone looks at her
C: twinkle you are so plane….this is not done
T: no no chinki pls stop look my dress my make up my hairs everything will be spoiled
U: who cares
And everyone starts running behind twinkle
T: no no pls stop guys
Just then twinkle gets stopped by someone in her front….
T: kunj! No pls pls

Kunj holds her by waist….everyone else stop
K: its your birthday twinkle
T: no kunj pls
Kunj lifts her hand full of cake, twinkle closes her eyes but kunj puts a very little cake on twinkles cheek. Twinkle opens her eyes with relief
U: not done kunj
By saying this uv puts a whole layer of cake on twinkle’s hair
T: uv!
Twinkle takes another layer and throws it on uv but again it gets thrown on kunj
K: twinkle what did I do! Why both of u sis are behind me
By saying this kunj takes the last piece of cake and starts running behind twinkle
K: u wait uh!
T: no no no no kunj not again
Kunj finally catches twinke her back still facing kunj. He holds her from waist and starts rotating her twinkle bends a bit, after some rounds kunj keeps twinkle down and he put the whole piece on twinkle’s face
K: how is the fast of the cake uh!
Everyone laughs

To be continued…….

I hope u all liked it don’t know whether it is long enough for u guys but I hv to go as I m writing from past an hour or perhaps more…..sorry of u don’t liked it

Credit to: Ritzi

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