It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 22


Thank u thank u thank thank u guys for ur inspiring comments….i m really overwhelmed!
The episode starts…..

Kunj and twinkle are in mall, they are walking by holding their hands and they r unaware of it. Just then twinkle sees a shop on her side while kunj sees a shope on his side both togther move towards their respective shops but as theywere holding hands twinkle got pulled towards kunj, due to twinkle’s sudden force they both fall down…..twinkle above kunj. Both share a deep and romantic eyelock. Kunj is mesmerized to see twinkle’s big brown eyes whereas twinkle too is lost in kunj’s romantic eyes. Just then twinkle come into senses but kunj is still lost. Twinkle tries to get up but kunj again pulls her towards him unaware if what he is doing. As kunj pulled twinkle both accidentally kissed each other on lips. Due to which kunj’s lostness into twinkle became for deeper
T thinks: shit,shit shit what just happened ri8 now and what is this kunj doing! Why is he not leaving me
Twinkle gives a little slap on kunj in order to get him back into senses. Kunj came into his senses he loosened his tight grip on twinkle’s waist so that twinkle could get up. Both gets up feeling terribly awkward.
T: what the hell were u up to uh! Why did u do that k…
Twinkle stops

K:( in a leg pulling tone) did what twinkle uh uh?
T: shut up! Don’t act too smart okay! U can go back home I dont need u!
K: two…twinkle sorry yaar u know that happened accidentally! Sorry sorry sorry
Twinkle thinks for a while and then starts moving. Kunj gets sad…twinkle turns back
T: come on fast! I m getting late
Kunj’s sadness turned into happiness he ran behind twinkle
K: ya chalo!
Twinj goes to a shop. Twinkle is selecting her cloths…..after sometime
K: twinkle yaar since past half an hour we are in the same shops and you are not able to select even one dress! Look this shopkeeper is also tired of showing about 30 dresses to u!
T: shut up kunj! Now what can I do if I m not getting any twinkle taneja type dress!

Just then kunj’s eye get stuck on a very pretty one piece its dark blue in colour its a tube top along with high low fashion style. Its seriously extraordinary. Kunj goes to that dress whereas twinkle is still busy in choosing her dresses. Kunj brings the dress to twinkle
K: how’s it!
Twinkle sees the dress and is seriously overwhelmed to see it, a big smile occurs on her face
T: wow kuni! Its such a pretty one! Thanks a lot
She unknowingly gives a peck on kunj’s cheek. Twinkle then realises what she had done
T: oo…OK I will go and change
She runs from there in order to escape embarrasment. Kunj smiles and keeps hand where twinkle kissed him….. Its past 15 min and kunj is waiting outside twinkle’s changing room
K: twinkle are u going to do matching make up of this dress and then u will come out! Fast yaar!
T: k…kunj there is a problem
K: now what!
T: actually the zip is not getting closed.
K: oh no matter twinkle I will get u another dress u just wait
T: n…no kunj I want this one only….after all u brought it for me…..I I mean I have been trying to select a dress since half and hour but still I couldn’t find any good one leaving this one so I have decided to buy this one only!
Kunj smiles a bit

K: so now we only have one option
T: what tell me fast!
K: open the door
T: what are u out of your mind?
K: look u will have to let me come in so that I close the zip
T: no ways!
K: OK then I will get u another dress
T: noo! OK….u come in!
Twinkle opens the door. She has made her back touched to the wall so that kunj cannot see it.
K: twinkle….turn around
T: no! U close like this only!
K: ok let me try.

Twinkle goes a bit far from the wall but still her face facing kunj. The zip was starting from the bottom. Of her spinal cord unaware of that fact kunj started moving his hand on twinkle’s bare back in order to search the zip. Twinkle feels his touch and closes her eyes a bit blush on her face.
K: where is it?
Twinkle came back into senses she took kunj’s hand and brought it at the end of her waist. Kunj got the zip and he started moving it up very slowly. Twinkle again closes her eyes, kunj smiles seeing her. Finally the zip got closed.
K: done!

Twinkle opened her eyes
T: kunj how is it looking?
Kunj sees her from top to bottom
K: mesmerizing!
Twinkle blushes.
Kunj moves towards her and twinkle is moving back until she got stopped by a wall
T: w..what are u up to ?
K: ( in a flirty+funny way) I m just opening the zip
Twinkle’s mouth got opened for a while
T: u boys na! No need this I can do it by myself
By saying this she pushed him out of the room. Kunj smiles,

Precap finally the much awaited….twinkle’s birthday!

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. WOOOOOOWWWW ritzi…it was splendid dear…just luv ur ff

    1. Thank u thank u thank u aakansha ur comment is not less than a treasure for me

  2. it was awesome , superb ,fantastic, outstanding
    every time i have to say these words
    you are greatest writer from all FF’s for me
    i like your FF very much
    waiting for next soon

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  5. Awesome episode. Loved it.

  6. Callmeprincess3

    As usual you nailed it ritzi ur ff is just mind blowing its just so amazing that i cant wait 4 d next 1….plzz updqte soon ?❤

  7. Ritziii! Awesome as usual! You really nailed it. Actually, everytime you do it. A great writer, a great ff, a great human for sure. Love you.

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