It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 20


Thanks a lot guys! Seriously u’ll have encouraged me a lot….be4 I start I want to just clear that misha (ff writer of don’t hate me) I m really very sorry dear I just didn’t knew that we have two Misha’s so I just got confused……m extremely extremely sorry darling and thanks sanam for clearling my misunderstandings dear.

The episode starts…..
Kunj is running hard so that he can catch twinkle
K: twinkle ruk jaa meri maa! At least listen to me!
Kunj finally reaches twinkle. Twinkle looks on side and finds kunj, both are still jogging. Twinkle takes out her ear phones
T: kunj u? What r u doing here?
K: I will tell u everything first let’s sit
T: no I won’t sit tell here only what u want to tell
K: ok ! Twinkle pls let’s go home
T: why? I hv to loose weight to show it to uv
K: OK u won’t come then (he gives a jacket that he brought to cover twinkle from his room) wear it
T: no I won’t! This is uv’s punishment
K: twinkle don’t act childish! Just look around everyone is watching u with a dirty sight
T: I know but I don’t care
K: twinkle pls wear it pls 4 me
Twinkle is so so so surprised and happy to see his caring behavior towards her she melts a bit but then she recalls how uv compared her with that girl
T: kunj I will not wear it and u must go home
K: how can I leave u alone I this state. Pls I m telling u for the last time wear this jacket or else
T: or else what uh? What will u do just tell me
Kunj too takes out his T-shirt
K: I hv already done!
Twinkle who was looking straight will jogging looks at kunj adn she is just shocked and still
T: k…k….kun…kunj what the hell is t..this? Wear it
K: OK I will wear it but u too have to wear this jacket
Twinkle looks around everyone was seeing them with a weired and puzzled mind she thinks a bit
T: o…o…ok I will wear it bas! U won I loose
She takes the jacket from his hand and wears it. Kunj gets overjoyed
T: what r u thinking now, u too wear it
K: oh ya…..OK
Kunj also wear the T-shirt
K:can we sit for a while now.
T: umm…okay let’s sit on that bench
They both go and sit
T: kunj may I ask why did u do this?
K: do this what?
T: why so much concern for me?
Kunj gets into fix.
K thinks: I did this because I love u, I cannot see u in any problem I don’t like when anyone else thinks about u with a dirty mind but how can I tell u this?
T: where r u lost? Answer me!
K: twinkle it is not necessary that every question has an answer
T: but kunj….
K: hey twinkle do u like coconut water, I will get it for u
He goes from there
T thinks: no problem kunj if today u changed the topic very intelligently but some day I will take the answer of this question from u and that’s my promise.
Just then kunj comes he gave the coconut to twinkle.
T: thanks
Twinkle drinks it by that time kunj messages uv that everything is alright. Twinkle finishes her coconut water
K: OK now shall we go home
T: no kunj! I have to loose weight to show it to that uv. I promise u I will not take out the jacket, u go home
K: twinkle r u mad! U still didn’t understand that we all were joking in the college it was all uv’s plan
Twinkle gets super overjoyed
T: what! That means I m not fat
K: exactly! Intact yr figure is just perfect and ur waist its just…….
Kunj comes into his senses and realises wht he just just. Twinkles smile fade away and she starts to blush in her heart. It was an awkward moment for both.
K: I….I….mean l…let’s g..go home or else we will get late for the college
T: oh haan I just forgot about the college

Both starts to walk as they didn’t had any vehicle. They both talk a lot on their way home. Somewhere twinkle also started loving kunj. His caring nature impressed twinkle a lot

Precap not decided

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. thanks to write a big one and i dont mean to hurt anyone.your badluck that i dont say sorry to anyone

    1. Its OK misha but thanks for the comment

    2. Hey ritzi..this was a really good your are amazing..???
      And misha I know it’s not my problem to interfere. But geez girls, bad luck doesn’t stick to those people who are good. So girl chill because it’s your bad luck that your sorry isn’t needed by her??
      It won’t change her my dear ritzi life if you don’t say sorry.
      But still sorry is a form of courtesy. Which maybe lacks in you.
      Anyways, ritzi no need to say sorry to all are my friends. ??❤… love you

      1. Misha today I m seriously feeling that I m not alone thanks a lot for supporting me and commenting for me thank u dear thanks a lot love u!

      2. Hey mish..plzzzzz update don’t hate me..m dying to read it frnd….

        Btw…god is gr8…he created human with such varieties… One misha is so well behaved & d other one shows attitude & arrogance in saying sorry even…god bless her anyways & i m SORRY for interfering

    3. Zuha (Asya fan)

      I am sorry to say Misha whatever ur intentions were but u may say sorry coz by saying sorry u don’t loose anything. ?

      1. Zuha (Asya fan)

        And sorry re if it’s hurt you dear,?
        Please pardon me.

      2. I know right zoha? she is saying that of her sorry is worth diamonds??…

      3. Thanks for supporting zuha

  2. Osm episode Ritzi

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