It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 20


Again a big SORRY was this much late updates….but guys SBS segment was on instagram and I came to know that twinkle will be released from jail soon and then Anita will throw ink on her face and twinkle will be beaten by many ladies this was also planned by Anita and uv and twinkle will get badly injured but our hero kunj will come on ri8 time and will be saving twinkle from that ladies.

Now let’s start my epi…..
Twinkle was in her room getting ready for college and she had a smile on her face as she was remembering today day with kunj that how much he was concerned for her
Same way kunj also had smile and he too was recalling the same moments. But its a universal truth that girls take more time to get ready and that too our beauty queen twinkle so kunj had reached college whereas twinkle was still drying up her hair.

At college….
Kunj found that uv and mahi were on serious discussion he too went there
K: hey guys wassup!
U: nothing just planning something special for tomorrow
K: what is so special about tomorrow?
M: kunj don’t tell me that u don’t know what is tomorrow!
K: ya I don’t know
U: Ooo kunj its her birthday tomorrow!
K: oh wow that’s gr8……happy birthday mahi in advance

Mahi gives a death glare to kunj, kunj’s smile fade away as he came to know that he was on the wrong track
M: r u mad! Why will I be planning for my own birthday…… Its twinkle’s birthday tomorrow duffer
K: what! Wow! Wow! Its awesome
He hugs uv in excitement
K: wow uv its twinkle’s birthday tomorrow yay!
U: I know that bro but y r u so excited? Dude its twinkle’s birthday and not yours
Kunj changes the topic
K: OK so what u guys have planned so far?
M: we have been trying to think something since past 1 hr but we are not getting any special idea
K: no problem I hv a gr8 idea look what we will do is we will act as we don’t remember that it is twinkle’s birthday and we will not wish her mahi tell this thing to leela aunty too and then (everything else is muted)
U: wow kunj its a superb idea
M: ya its amazing yaar!
Just then they saw twinkle’s car
K: OK guys so here our plan starts

Twinkle comes out of the house asusual looking hot
T thinks: I m sure they remember that tomorrow is my birthday!
She reaches where all were standing
T: hey guys! Mahi y did u came without me
Mahi was blank as she was not suppose to tell her that she came early to plan for her birthday
M: voh….
K: twinkle she is not early u r late and of cource no one wants to get late just because of u
T: ya whatever! But u know guys I m so excited about to….
K: I m feeling so hungry come on let’s go to canteen uv
U: ya even I m hungry
Kunj and yuhi leave whereas twinkle stands there kuming in anger
T: I think they have forgot that tomorrow is my birthday! And look at this bhukkhad(hungry) kunj! He just came from home and he is hungry and uv I didn’t expected this from him.
She also goes in the canteen
T: mahi will u accompany me for shopping today
M: why? Why shopping?
Twinkle gets angry like fire
T: nothing I will go alone
She starts to leave
U: where r u going twinkle
T: I want to talk something with chinki
She leaves

K: oh guys shit mahi quickly message chinki and tell her about our plan….fast!
M: oo ya
There chinki is standing with few girls
T: hey chinki
C: hi darling!

Twinkle takes chinki aside
T: chinki I wanna talk something important
C: ha ha tell
T: u know I m soooooo angry wid kunj,uv and mahi
C: why?
T: they forgot that tomorrow is my b….
Just then chinki hears her message tone
C: just a sec.
She reads everything.
C: ha! Twinkle continue
T: I m angry with them as they forgot what is tomorrow!
C: what is tomorrow twinkle?
T: chinki! U too….u seriously don’t remember!
C: oh I remember! Tomorrow is
T: (happily) say say
C: tomorrow is Tuesday….. What else?
T: I know that but there is something more special tomorrow!
C: oh yes twinkle how can I be so stupid I forgot that….oh god!

Twinkle gets on cloud nine
C: kal to mere mummy ke papa ke Dada ki beti ke bete ke ladke ki shaadi hai!
T: whaaat!
C: sorry twinkle I m getting late I have to go for shopping for that wedding sorry uh bye.
T: ya bye!
Chinki turns and giggles
T thinks: no one loves me, no one remembered my birthday……o twinkle how can u forget maa, she toh must have remembered about my birthday!

She hurriedly calls leela
T: hello maa!
L: what happened puttar u called me from yr college is everything fine there?
T: ha ha maa,everything is fine, but what are our special plans for tomorrow?
L: tomorrow oh there are many special plans my baby!
T: wow maa pls tell me what are they.
L: OK then tomorrow u guys will go to college and I will be having 3 important meetings tomorrow then…..
T: then what!
L: then I will go for a spa massage then
T: uh uh! Say what else
L: then we will have our dinner and we wil have beauty sleep! Wow there are so many special things tomorrow!
Twinkle’s bright smile fades away completely
T: OK ma bye then
L: ya bye!

Leela keeps the call and giggles
FB is shown
Leela is doing some work just when she gets a call from mahi
M: hello ma!
L: mahi! Is everything okay in the college?
M: ya maa everything is fine actually I called u to ask that do u remember what is tomorrow?
L: ya of course tomorrow is our princess twinkle’s birthday!
Mahi’s phone was on speaker so kunj and uv were able to listen everythin. Kunj smiles when he hears the word princess twinkle
K thinks: ya she really a princess!
Mahi tells their plan to leela
L: wow what a plan! I m with u guys.
M: thank u maa! Love u bye
L: love u too, bye!
Mahi gives uv and kunj a hi5
FB ends

To be continued…

Credit to: Ritzi

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