It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 2


Thank you so so so so much for the comments , I am so happy……. OK now let’s start….
The episode starts with both fuming in anger
T: you will have to pay for this
K: you too

Both go into their respective cars and cross each other , they both give an angry glare to each other, they both clean up themselves in the car
T’s self talk: oohoo babaji I don’t know why was I so rude with that man although I know that it was my fault so I should say sorry to him as I cannot ignore my mother’s teachings
K’s self talk: it was my fault as I was talking in phone at that time and i was going to say sorry to that girl but what should I do if she blasted in anger that time? No I will have to say sorry to her.
T: but how do I say sorry to him I don’t even know his address . but if babaji will want than we will meet again, I trust you babaji. Wait wait ! I have an idea let me gift him a shirt as a sorry as because of me his cloths got spoiled
K: yeah this is a good idea kunj I will gift her a dress to say sorry I hope we meet again
Kunj goes in a cloth shop

K: please show me a nice dress for a girl she must be 22 yrs old
At that time twinkle also enters the same shop but both are in opposite side and their back is facing each other
T: pls show me shirt for a boy I think he must be 22-23 yes old
Sales man: sure mam but what size I need a size.
T: are I told you he is about 23 yes old
S: sorry mam that will not do
The salesman look at kunj who is facing his back
S: mam is that man’s size do
T: o ya he will be perfect
S: excuse me sir

Kunj turns ……twinj in a shock, salesman continuous
S: sir actually this mam wants to buy a shirt for a man but she doesn’t know the exact size but the man is like you so can u pls give me your size.
Salesman who was dealing with kunj also says that kunj is suffering the same problem. Unknowingly that the gift was for whom both give their size to each other and both buy cloths. Kunj selects a nice sky blue velvet touch short dress which would suit twinkle and twinkle also buys a blue colour shirt for him. Both outside the shop
T: w..w..wait kunj
She hands him the gift and says sorry….kunj in shocked but then he also hands her the gift
K: I m sorry too
T: you bought it for me?????
K: yeah unfortunately
Twinkle gets angry ya I was also not interested in buying a gift for a kharoos!!
K: uuuu
T: what you uh? You know what I don’t want to talk to you
K: I am also not interested I don’t want spoil my day
Both go to their cars and twinkle gets a call from leela
L: twinkle puttar where are you today our new neighbours are coming to meet us
T: the neighbour who shifted in the house opposite to us just 2 days back?
L: ya come soon
T: OK mom I will be there in 15 min

Kunj gets call from his mother usha
U: kunj come soon we have to go to meet our new neighbours, as we are new here so we need to know them
Kunj look at his shirt and hair which got spoiled due to watermelon
K: mom u do one thing u go there I will reach the house which is opposite to us directly
U: ok
Twinkle reaches home and rushes upstairs in her room as she also had to change… Manohar and usha arrives and leela greets them.

Precap twinkle and kunj come to know that they are new neighbours leela says twinkle sings quite well so manohar asks twinkle to sing

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. getting even better ritzi…keep it up dear…

  2. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome yaar.

  3. Awesome……superb….

  4. Thanks prapti muskan

  5. I’ve nt read the ff & i think whatever i m going 2 comment is nt i just want 2 tell all twinj fans & specially tara that in the gossip insha was just expressing her views.toh yeh koi galat baat nahi hai. Tara u just stay cool & calm before commenting otherwise u’r head’ll blast out of anger.i think u must do yoga that may help u in reducing u’r anxiety.all the best.

    1. dear alia have u seen my comment in the gossip?? i commented quite politely i guess…actually m sure..nd frankly speaking my reply to insha’s comment was rude nd i knw do u think she did correct by telling all those things abt sidafter knowing that we all were cmnting in twinj ff…nd it is the first time i commented so rudely..coz continuously she was behaving like it our fault that there is only one ff on twiraj?? nd btw u should really mind ur tongue coz whatever u commented was really personal nd u dnt knw me personally nor do we have ny personal grudge…so its my request that if u dont like something don’t comment..i hope my point is clear..nd its in simple polite language..nd i dont need to do ny yoga and all coz u twiraj fans always start this so better u see to it..!!

    2. Exactly now there is no chance pe dance for Twiraj it’s only Twinj it wl be Twinj and it wl be Twinj forever do u get that Alia and it’s not our fault if less people like Twiraj and don’t write FF on them if u love them so much make one of ur own and tell all the people who write rubbish messages about Twinj and r Twiraj fans to make FF what they just sit and rest and comment rubbish!!!this time Tara not need to apologise in the end!

    3. Alia u are a Twiraj fan nd We all are Twinj fan … You have no ryt to say anything about sid… If you don’t like kunj that doesn’t mean that u will say anything about sid… It was the decision of writer nd directer to make kunj the protagonist of the show… It was not Sid’s mistake… All Twinj fan’s doesn’t like Uv’ char but we are not commenting any foul thing about him in Twiraj ff… We all love Zain but we don’t like Uv…
      All Twiraj fans should understand this…
      Sorry if i hurt anyone…

      1. U r absolutely right… It’s okayyy…

  6. Awesome ritzi

  7. Meenat Abubakar


  8. awesome epi ritzi..keep it up..

  9. First of all ritzi the epi was really very nic but now cmng to alia’s cmmnt….dear aalia I know the way Twinj fans supported ff reader in gossip section may have hurted u as u may be a twiraj fan or due to some other reason but Plss u r no one judge any person by his or her cmmnt….if this the case then can we judge insha also…but we won’t coz we love zain imam but not his character Uv who always become obstacle of twinjs happily married lyf. When we r fan if Twinj, we relate ourselves to them Nd get into character…. And now talking abt Tara….how can u b so rude and specify her name ciz wid her I Aakanksha muskaan and all fans were there…..and foremost fact u don’t know her in person…..Had u been u would not have even thought lyk this….. I also dont know her too much but we r really close drnds Nd in fact she is lyk my better half….who judges me despite being unknown….she is really sweet….u don’t have a right to offend or hurt any other person….dare u say anything at Tara or anybody…. Mind ur language or tongue coz now I m losing temper MD u r getting on my nerves……and Plss don’t feel bad as I am writing as a fan and a frnd who cat bear a word against her fav couple and her dearest frnd!!!!

  10. Oh my alia go and get some life you are such a backward thinking type of person dude if anyone pass a comment on a person of course the person will get angry alia I think you need yoga class more compare to Tara and pls stop all your nonsense by giving stupid comments let bygone be bygone and I seriously can’t stand someone speaking bad about my friend so pls just stop all your drama

  11. btw sorry ritiz I seriously don’t know why all these is happening in your ff but darling you are a amazing writer…..keep it up…..lots of love

  12. Mastttt

  13. guysss plzzzz plzzzz plzzz I want ull to just ignore these stupid comments…I know reading such comments enrages us…I to got extremely angry but then I calmed myself down and understood 1 thing that our reaction is what these twiraj fans want and that’s what they enjoy…otherwise tell me 1 thing y wud they bother to come and comment on a twinj ff…so plzzz guys if u consider me as a friend accept my advice and just don’t respond to their comments…soon they will understand that we are not at all interested in them and their comments and they will stop commenting….sry tara I too got very angry but later I come up with this solution…and sry if ull didn’t like my suggestion…and as I always say HATERS STAY AWAY.

    1. BTW ritzi dear the ff is outstanding

    2. no no akku..its all right..even i thought the dont knw y cudnt resist myself…bt i wont from next time…

  14. ritzi dear u r awesome n m feeling sry fr ur ff is suffering this way……n i totally wid aakanksha …its jus unnecessary to reply such ppl. no matter how much they shout fr twiraj bt twinj will remain as twinj forever they will nvr become twiraj. be it ff or in serial…..n rest is of personal cmnts its a warning to them that if nxt tym we get such cmnts on any of our frnds they i assure u it will b ur last cmnt……

  15. Ritzi ur ff is amazing…

  16. Ritzii Amazingg epii yr

  17. This comment is deleted.

    1. btw alia u can also keep control on ur mouth….u dont have any right to speak abt personal things….n if ur twiraj fan then we cant do anything….bt as a actor u should respect kunj(sid) …..we hate yuvis character bt not zain…….we respect them… plzzz first learn to respect actors n then talk abt them……………n plzzz dont spoil ritzis ff by ur useless comments

  18. BTW ritzi ur ff was really outstanding…!!

  19. Yes exactly aakansha… I don’t know why they r doing like this ….. And alia u r no one to say anything to tara or to anyone… we all love zain but hate uv …. Just control ur tongue alia we r not morons …. Got it or not…::@:@:@:@

  20. And alia plse don’t spoil Ritzi’s ff by giving useless comments

  21. Srry ritzi i don’t know why it happens only in ur ff…. It is awesome

  22. This comment is deleted.

    1. Alia just stop it do you know something the person who called other ppl moron they are actually the real morons on earth… stop humiliating yourself and pls stop all your nonsense as well and in tei the best character is KUNJ and our though can’t change it

    2. btw pllzzz dont comment on this ff….why r u spoiling ritzi s ff……..

  23. Alia.. snehal is not behaving like immature, u r behaving like it…. And weather its about siddhant or about kunj u r not suppose too say anything to them…

  24. Alia stop saying these type of words… Just be in ur limits dear don’t exceed from it … We r not saying any bad words it doesn’t means that we r not angry it is because we know how to talk to anyone….

  25. And off course i agree with esha those who say anyone moron, they are only the biggest moron

  26. Sooo good episode ritzi… well done.. ur one of the best writers n ur imagination is just awesome….. well done ritziii. Keep it up… But I don’t know what the hell is going on in the comments.. still u r an awesome writer…. I love ur ff and will read it daily♡♡♡

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