It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 19


Hello guys! First of all I want to clear all the doubts. Riya actually u got it a bit wrong its mahi has kept alaram of 5pm mistakenly but not twinkle so twinj will wake up at 5am only and secondly misha I m not lazy as u told me in my last ff, my school has started along with tutions and dance class so I don’t get time to upload it soon its not that I want ull to wait purposefully for my ff so sorry guys for late updates but I don’t hv any other option!

The episode starts…..
Its 3 am and kunj is still awake he was not able to sleep due to twinkle’s tension as he was worried that what if he slept and couldn’t wake up at 5am!
Its finally 5 am. Twinkle’s alaram rings, she was gonna throw it but came out from her sleepy state
T: oho babaji I m too tired let me jog from tomro…… no twinkle u hv to loose weight asap and show it to that psycho (uv)
She gets up feeling still sleepy but she takes her thaat jogging suit and goes in the bathroom. Mahi is still sleeping in her room as she had kept alaram of 5pm
There kunj came out in the balcony with a coffee waiting for twinkle
Twinkle comes out if the bathroom and she was wearing a really hot and s*xy jogging suit and was looking adorable she was wearing tight black colour shots and a green colour sports bra her tummy was perfect and of course was visible. She tied a pony, few strands of hair came out she tucked it behind her ear later she wore her green clouded matching sport shoes and took out her i-pod from the drawer along with her pink coloured ear phones.
T: so twinkle taneja is ready to jog!
She was looking extremely hot , she went out of her house very quietly. Kunj was drinking his 5th coffee and her just took its sip when twinkle came out of her gate. Coffee came out of kunj’s mouth due to surprise or shock that twinkle gave him. Twinkle took her pic so that she should show it to uv
K: ye siyappa queen nahi sudhregi! How come she did this! Just to show uv down but she is really looking hot yaar! What are u thinking dude! U just have to stop her or else everyone will stare her.
Twinkle puts her ear phones and starts to jog. Kunj runs inside his room takes his jacket and goes out and starts to run behind twinkle. Twinkle was a bit far from him, but kunj could see. Everyone now starts staring twinkle. Twinkle sees this she also didn’t liked it but had no other option kunj shouts
K: twinkle! Twinkle wait!
But no success as twinkle had ear phones.
Kunj quickly runs toward her…..

To be continued…..

Sorry sorry sorry guys for really short update I m very busy but I will try to publish my next part today itself I have to go for my classes really sorry!

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. I nailed it….

    1. Thanks a lot anaita but your ff is better than mine!

      1. sorry thats you… i am so sorry…
        but i dont agree to u…

      2. thats undoubtdly ur ff which is worth to read.. sorry for my mistake…

      3. typing error instead of U i typed I u

  2. Nice episode loved it

    1. Tysm Sam!

  3. Guys I m feeling really very guilty for these types of short and boring episodes so guys if u all find it too boring just tell me frankly I will end it and come up wid a new one…….sorry!

  4. Oh come on Ritzi yaar ur such hv wrttn such an amazing epi dear loved it and do cont soon ASAP plzzzzz luv u….lots of love….??????????

    1. Ooooooo zikra thank u thank u so so so much dear!!

  5. Plzz don’t tell dat 2 me dat ur ending I jus can’t imagine plzzzzz I luv ur ff alot plzzzzz contttt plzzzzzzzzz?????????????

  6. ritzi how can u say it is boring…it is amazing yaar….i just loved it…… u loads♥

    1. Gopika seriously love u and the way u hv appreciated me!

  7. Amazing epi yaaar Ritzi…… Love it

    1. Lama thank u from the core ☺?

  8. On yar it is not at all borring and ya it is a sort one but no problem studies are more important so we can understand your feelings any ways your ff is awsome one keep it up dear

    1. Dheemahee u hv left me wordless!

  9. Ritz no need to say sorry u can post ff as n when u get time . coming to the episode as usual awesome n funny episode dear luv u n ur ff to d moon n back .

    1. Riya u made me cry today! U made me realise the importance of my ff! I love u more than my life dear! Seriously wanna meet u!

  10. Ritz no need to say sorry u can post ff as n when u get time . coming to the episode as usual awesome n funny episode dear luv u n ur ff to d moon n back . no need to end ff if no 1 I will read ur ff n comment .

  11. It’s not at all boring. It’s amazingly amazing.

    1. Tysm anushka by the way if its u in yr pic……ur really very beautiful!

  12. Luv u ritizi ur all epi r fantastic…….I just luv ur ff …………thanz 4 writing ur ff……….luv u….Luv u…luv u…n yaa thiz epi was fab yrr……n yaa write ur next 2day only ….??????

    1. Luv u too luv u too luv u too luv u too rupam

  13. Ritzi no need to say sorry u can post ff as n when u get time . coming to the episode as usual awesome n funny episode dear luv u n ur ff to d moon n back . no need to end ff if no 1 I will read ur ff n comment .

  14. Very nice ritzi

    1. Tysm mannat

  15. Hello ritzi..nice episode..????
    You are amazing..this is betterment than mine ??
    But can I ask something?
    I have a confusion. You said about me in the beginning or it was someone else.
    Because as far as I remember I never called you lazy.? so can you please clear my confusion
    Loads of love to you

    1. Thanks misha but as far as I remember u called me lazy and late comer too u also told me to update early so more people get attracted towards my ff

      1. ? what? Are you serious?
        Can you tell me on what update?
        And one more thing was my dp of the same pattern..because whenever I comment at a ff..I use the same email and only the blue pattern which is my dp I’m a hundred percent sure it was not me..I can never ever say that to anyone..can you tell the the name of that update on which I commented?

      2. And maybe it’s someone else..I never said anything like that

      3. No ritzi it was some other misha

      4. Hello sanam…can you please tell me on what update? The name of the update ??

  16. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome amazing

    1. Thanks u from the core tamanna

  17. hey ritzi ur ff z nt at all boring yaar …. i rly loved it yaar …. its awesome ….. and no need 2 tl sorry yaar u can post ur ff whn u get tym …. we undrstnd tht u r bsy so no need to tl sry … and ur ff is jst awesome yaar…

  18. Jo beji thi comment
    Wo jaake TU page se yu takraagayi
    Ke aagayi lautke sada
    Gosh I always carry bad luck
    But yes I wouldn’t mind posting my comment infinite no of times as ur ff worths it ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Awwww ritzi…..its seriously my fav ff dear….and how can u even think its boring…I just luv it yaar

  20. nice dear

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