It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 18


Thanks a lot for bearing my ff
The epi starts….
Everyone is clapping for the winning team, twinkle is so happy that she hugs kunj and gives a peck on his cheeks unknowingly. Kunj’s eyes widen due to shock,surprise, happiness and what not.twinkle comes in her senses
T: sorry kunj
Kunj still staring her
Teacher: ok students as I promised the winning team will get 3 marks extra in their exams so congratulations kunj,twinkle,mahi and uv
Bell rings and its recess so all go to canteen to eat. Twihi are sitting and yunj brings food for them
T: fast! Fast! Now I m hungry
K: chill twinkle ( he gives her food) happy?
T: very happy that we won……wow!
U: twinkle but we could have loosed becus of u
T: what? Do u remember half of the riddles were solved by me and that last riddle we couldn’t have won if I didnt have found its answer
K: ya she is ri8 uv
U: what kunj listen to me first, we could have loosed becus twinkle has become fat so she was running slow
Kunj and mahi shocked as twinkle’s figure was perfect, but uv winked them so they understood that he was pranking twinkle. Twinkle was so shocked that she stood up and shouted
T: what?
Everyone in the canteen started looking her
K: twinkle just control! U dont have a need to expose our talks to everyone
Twinkle looks around and realises that kunj was ri8 so she awkwardly sits down
T: mahi u too think I m fat?
M: ummmm…..yaa
Twinkle more shocked
T: kunj?
K: yes twinkle!
U: what yaar baby u don’t trust me?
A girl passes by them with a s*xy figure she was very hot, uv points that girls
U: look twinkle she is so hot u should definitely have a figure like her
Twinkle gets angry as she was being compared
T: what the heck uv u are comparing me… with that stupid girl even though u are well aware of the fact that I don’t like being compared.OK so I have decided…..
M: what?

T: from tomorrow I will wake up at 5 am and go for jogging
Uv starts to laugh loudly kunj and mahi also giggles
U: haha twinkle u find it difficult to wake up in afternoon and u are telling to wake up early
T: just shut up now toh I will show u and u will wear…..
Yunj: wear what?
T: uv I will wear thaaat sports suit
Uv’s smile fade away while kunj and mahi are not able to understand anything
U: are u talking about thaat suit?
T: ya u got it ri8!
She gets up and starts to leave
K: twinkle wait eat something u must be tired
T: no kunj if u guys think that I m fat then I have also decided to go on diet
M: twinkle stop it! U can get I’ll
T: I don’t care!
She leaves

M: uv did u saw the outcome of your prank!
She also goes behind twinkle
Uv is still tensed
U: twinkle will wear that suit!
K: what suit are u talking about?
Uv ignores his que
U: kunj just promise me u will wake up at 5 and stop twinkle from jogging look I m telling this to u as I know that I will not be able to get up early no matter how much I try! And u stay opp.her house so it will be easy for u to stop her.
K: but what’s wrong in jogging?
U: nothing is wrong in jogging but the cloths that she is gonna wear tomorrow in anger is not suitable for her
K: look I don’t understand what ur telling but I will try my best to stop her
U: thanks!

They leave from college and twinkle was so angry that she left without saying bye to anyone
Twinkle is sitting in her rooms its ni8 time she is eating fruits when mahi comes
M: twinkle yaar stop eating these!
T: no mahi now the talk is on my respect how dare that uv compare me with someone!
She finishes her fruits and sleeps
M thinks: there is no use of talking to her ri8 now I will wake up at 5 and try to convince her at that time only
She keeps the alaram but by mistake she keeps the alarm of 5 pm and she also sleeps without noticing her mistake

To be continued…..

Credit to: Ritzi

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