It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 17


Guys first of all I m so so so so so sorry for not answering your comments in my last ff but ya today I also luckily I got time to write the ff!!
The episode begins…..
Uv starts to read the third chit
U:”I m the thing people have tried to control
I can kill u after sufficient exposure to me
I also allow u to age
I m a perspective
I m a concept
I m the one which u need to save to win this competition”
I think guys we should give up
M: shut up! Why u always think so negative!
T:it is a concept
K: no no twinkle go step by step, it is the thing that people have TRIED to control which means….
T: we are not successful in controlling it…….flood ya flood can be the answer, it can kill us after sufficient exposure to it
K: but how does it allow us to age…..what allow us to age
M: time!!!! Ya time can be the answer…..
K: ya time is suiting to all the lines given in the line and ya we need to save time to win this competition…..but how will it help us to reach the last chit
U: I think first we should move out of the canteen
M: ya ri8….let’s go guys

They run and reach the garden,they are busy thinking. Just then twinkle points out a big watch which was hanged on the top of the collage wall
T: guys!guys! It can be hidden behind the college watch
U: ya baby I think u r ri8
Kunj gets a bit jealous of hearing the word baby from uv’s mouth for twinkle as he had came more close to twinkle during the competition but as very less time was left kunj ignored that thing
K: but how can we reach there it is so high! Twinkle are you sure about the watch
T: ya kunj as we have only one watch in collage!
Kunj finds a big ladder
K: got the way to reach the watch
He runs and brings the ladder quickly
K: guys you just hold the ladder properly I will climb it
T: no kunj its really risky I can’t let u go like this
K: we don’t have any other option dear
T: no we have, I will climb it
K: twinkle ur joking ri8? I cannot let ur life in danger
M: enough guys! Twinkle let kunj go because someone else( pointing towards uv)doesn’t even bother to try!
Kunj quickly climbs the ladder with twihi and uv hold the ladder. Kunj gets the last chit, he hurriedly comes down
K: wohoo we did it! Now the last chit
Kunj starts reading the chit

K:”All men have me
I can be long or short
Men give this to women after marriage”
Everyone their felt really awkward ( I hope u guys understood what the clue is talking about), twinkle and mahi looked at eachother for a sec and then again looked down,twihi were blushing in their heart whereas yunj were filled up with so much shame that they just turned around facing their back to twihi.
U: ( in a slow voice) hey kunj did that teacher give any chit to you to put it in your pants
K: are you mad??no ways, just think be4 saying
Twihi listen all this, twinkle gathered some energy to speak
T: oh guys! What the hell are u thinking, u all have got such a dirty mind
U: twinkle for your kind info u are thinking the same

T: ya but this cannot be the answer
U: no but this only suits the riddle, kunj I think we should ask all the boys whether the teacher has given any chit to hide under their pants
T: oh shut up uv!( blushing a bit)
Twinkle takes the chit from kunj’s hand and she re-reads it,she suddenly starts jumping
T: I got it! I got it! I told u that we were going on the wrong track
K: twinkle you think these riddles are less that ur adding more riddles just come to the point
T: OK the answer is…….…surname

Kunj and mahi: oooooooooooo yes
U: what but how
T: look uv surname is the thing that all men have,surname can be short or long and if I marry u then I will be twinkle yuvraj luthra from twinkle taneja
Kunj was red with anger,he held twinkle from her shoulders very tightly
K: twinkle!!!
He was so angry that a drop of tear fall from his eyes,uv as usual was not able to understand anything but mahi…..she was smiling as she understood that kunj was in crazy love with twinkle
T: kunj what happened?
Kunj came into his senses
K: nothing! ( with a bit arrogance), so now what next??we got the answer…..surname so what??
Everyone starts to think, 5 min passed but still they couldn’t reach the clue and then after sometime……
T: guys I think I got it! Look if we break the word surname then we get two separate word sir and name so where do we find names of all the sir
( kunj and mahi could not answer this as they were new in the college)
U: on the bulletin board of the college where there is a whole list of sirs who teach different subjects!!!
T: ya that’s correct!

So all of them run towards the bulletin board and found the list of the sirs which was pinned on it twinkle took it out and from behind it they got the congratulatory certificate! ( guys if u don’t remember than the sir told them that they will get a congratulatory certificate in their last level which the students have to give it to the sir)twinkle took the certificate and started hugging everone ….first mahi then uv and then finally kunj. But this time kunj had completely realised his love for twinkle so he hugged twinkle very tightly, twinkle too liked to hug him Mahi was very happy seeing her sister like this

M: OK now twinkle go and quickly give the certificate to sir
Twinj came into senses
T: oh ya mahi I completely forgot about it.
They quickly ran to garden where sir was standing and twinkle handed the certificate to sir.
Sir: very good students!
Sir called the rest of the groups too as the time was over and declared twinkle’s team as winner, all the groups were a bit disappointed but clapped for them.

Precap not decided yet

Credit to: Ritzi

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