It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 16


Hello guys I m updating 1 more episode today as I m not sure whether I will get time tomorrow or not
The episode starts….
Twinkle reads the second chit
T:”Three simple words
Everyone wants to hear
Three simple words
Such simple words
And yet…..
Life changing
Everyone thinks for a while,kunj takes the chit from twinkle’s hand and reads it again……kunj’s eyes widen up it seems he has got the answer same happens with twinkle her eyes are sparkling she looks at kunj with joy and kunj at the same time looks at her,both say the answer together,looking in each other’s eyes
Twinj: I love you
They both hug each other as they got the answer…. Mahi coughs
Both come into senses and realise what they just said ,even though it was an answer to the riddle that moment was really ambarassing for twinj…..
M: but what connection does I love u has with the riddles
T: no mahi I m damn sure the answer is I love you only as it is three simple words that everyone wants to hear and it changes life of a person too
K: yaa I agree with her…….wait wait wait I can be a book in library
U: ya u r Ri8!
Everyone run towards the library and start searching for the book….10 mins pass away but they still don’t get a book like that
M: no I think I love u is not the answer
Just then twinkle finds a small paper bag in a story book on it, it was written I love u and inside it was their 3rd chit

T: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
Twinkle shouts and jump like anything and that too in a library
K: twinkle what happened are u are u fine ( cupping her face)
T: kunj I m totally fine
She shows the bag and the chit to everyone
T: see I told u the answer is I love u only!
Mahi smiles
M: ok now let me read the chit “I can make u strong,I can make u weak,I can make u tired, I can make u crazy” what the f*ck is this now
U: ooh god can’t we eat something I m hungry if I will not eat anything I will seriously go crazy
Kunj, twinkle and mahi look at each other and smile as they got the clue
T: oooooo uv!
K: ur so smart
U: really
K: no!
Bye saying this twinj and mahi run towards canteen as they got the answer which was food and they get their food in canteen
U: where r u going
He too runs behind them
They reach the canteen and mahi finds another chit in an empty plate
M: I got it I got it!!! Yes yes
Uv comes and takes the chit from her hand
U: I will read as I found the answer

To be continued…..

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. nice one ritzi
    i loved it

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    Eagerly awaiting 4 the next

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    1. Even wn I read It I felt the same

  7. Very nice Ritz

  8. Ritzi! Awesomeness!

  9. Ohh dear..u reminded me of student of the year movie… Muahh??

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    1 request if u get time then post further
    Can’t bear suspense
    Take care

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    please post next episode soon

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    mujhe to tere ff ki lat lag gayi
    zamana kahe lat yeh galat lag gayi. luv u dear ……

  18. hey ritzi brilliant yaar reall;y awesome just loved it

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