It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 15


Surprise!!!!! Ya ya I know I told in aakansha’s ff that I will not be able to wrote my ff but luckily I got time so I m writing it!

The episode starts……
K: uv I think we should leave now…its to late
U: ya u ri8….bye mahiiiiiii…….bye twinkle
Twihi: bye
They leave
L: now u both go in ur room and talk I will bring food
M: OK maa
They both go in the room and talk till night as they were meeting after so so long they slept like that only

At morning
Mahi had woke up early and had got ready she was wearing a white colour one piece with a simple necklace
M: wake up twinkle its my first day in the college a d u r still sleeping
Twinkle wakes up being lazy, mahi pushes hernto the bathroom she gets ready she was wearing a red coloured one piece and was looking amazingly gorgeous…..they both they Leela’s blessings and leave for college

At college
Both the boys were on time and were waiting for their dream girls
U’s self talk: oh god when will this mahi come
K’s self talk : twinkle hurry up can’t wait anymore to see u
Just then their car reach the college door they both come out
Boys where mesmerized to see their respective dream girls
Girls go to the boys but before the boys could speak anything a teacher came to the garden with mike in his hand to announce something
Teach.: hey students may I have ur attention pls

All students go there
Teach.: so students I want to tell u about a riddle competition which is going to held in college ri8 now….ya ya I know u guys r surprised but it is like a surprise examination …u all will be divided into the groups of 4 and the group which wins this will get 3 marks extra in their exams in all subjects
Everyone became happy
The teacher first divides the students into the groups of 4 and luckily twinkle,mahi,uv and kunj are in same group
Teach.: OK so this will be your groups so now let me explain the rules,it is quit simple I will give a chit to each group , the group will have to solve the riddle given in it and reach the clue where u will get another chit like u will reach the final clue where u will get a a congratulatory certificate which u will have to give it to me and meet manik malhotra …he will see whether u r playing fairly or not.

Everyone in the group was excited
Teacher: so here are your first chits….come on fast
Kunj runs from their group to bring the chit and other groups also take one-one chit
Kunj: OK the riddle is ” I m essential to life on earth!I m split into thirds.two thirds are the third is 8.the other two are 15 each.without me,life on earth cannot be possible! Everyone person knows of me,yet none know a lot about me…what am I?

Everyone gets tensed and starts thinking
T: I am essential to life on earth!!! Ummmm
K: it can be air
M: no no it can’t be spilt into 2\3rds
U: it can be water!!!!
T: how?
U: sadly I only guessed
M: hey hey guys he is ri8 wait I will explain
We cannot live without water then the riddle states ” I m split into thirds.2/3rds are same” remember when we split water we get 1/3rd oxygen,2/3 hydrogen.H2O.H is the 8th letter.O is the 15th letter! Oh my god thanks uv
He kisses uv on cheeks in excitement. Uv reaches cloud nine
U thinks: oh god she kissed me she kissed oh my god!
M: sorry I was not knowing.
T: mahi leave it now we got water….so what next….water is everywhere
Just then twinkle sees swimming pool

T: aaaaaaaaaa I got it! I m sure its in the swimming pool
Everyone in the group runs towards the swimming pool
M: what u guys are looking go…,jump
U: ya ya kunj …,go fast!
K: why me u go
( actually both rmscared of water) then they hear splashing sound from water….ya guys twinkle had already jumped into the pool
M: luv u twinkle….look she is far better than u guys!
Yunj look in shame, twinkle comes out of water with a chit in her hand ( the chit is waterproof) she is very happy
T: ya we did it
K: oh ms siyappa queen we still haven’t won
Twinkles smile fade away and she starts to read the next clue

To be continued….

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Wow ritzi u r back… Wlcm yarr.. Nd plz mention me how many ff u have wrote ..i want to read them

    1. Aastha I have written 15 episodes till now… the way thanks dear and ya sorry guys for soo short epi actually I hv posted epi 16 also I think it will get published at nearly 9 p.m or so pls do read that also

  2. wooooooowwwww…. awesome episode ritzi … loved it….. so intresting …. wtng fr d nxt one …..

    1. Thanks panchi thanks a lot

  3. wow ritzi liked d surprise nice episode dear luv u ……

    1. Ooooo riya its really shooooo shweet of you

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    This one went nice πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    But was just toooooo nice πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    1. I meant wasn’t 1st
      Freak! !!

      1. Sanam sanam u r driving me crazy dear

  6. Cooolll dts awesome… updt d nxt prt soon

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  7. Osm epi Ritzi as usual u rack ur ff I luv it alot….???????luv u 2….???

  8. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.

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