It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 14

Guys I m so so so happy to read your comments….not much bakbak today

The episode starts….
Uv and chinki are running, behind them kunj is running still holding twinkle in his hand and behind them their running
Prof.: wait……u rascles I m not gonna leave u
Uv: ye buddha hamara picha kyu kar raha hai yaar!
He looks behind at prof.while running and he sees twinj
Uv: kunj what the hell are u doing with my girlfriend?
K: don’t worry yaar I m just saving her
Prof.slips as there was banana peel on the floor

Prof.: aaaaaaah!
Twinj and yuki sits in twinkle’s car where kunj is driving, uv is sitting in the front and at the back chinkle
K: aaj to balbal bache!
T: ooh Mr.bal bal Bach nahi hamne balbal bachaya!
Just then twinkle gets a call from leela
T: oh my god! Why mom is calling me….I just hope the prof.hasn’t told her anything
She picks up the phone
L: hello puttar! I know I m disturbing u but pls come fast I hv a gr8 surprise for u
T: surprise! Wow I love surprises….I m on my way , will be there in next 10 min
She keeps the call

C: what happen twinkle?what surprise are u talking about?I also want to see the surprise! I m coming with u only.
T: ya mom told that she has a surprise for me,I suggest all of u should come with me…what say?
All: ya ya sure!
U: vaise bhi we have bunked the class and we will get bore alone so its a gr8 idea….but what the surprise could be??
C: wait wait wait let me guess….twinki I think leela aunty has seen a boy for u and must be calling u to talk to him or maybe she has already fixed your marriage
Yunj: mind your tongue chinki
Twinkle looks shocked at both of them.
K thinks: if chinki is ri8 then I m gonna kill that person how dare he think to marry my twinkle!.wait wait wait kunj what the hell did u say? Ur twinkle no no kunj she is not ur she is uv’s and uv is yr best frnd so just control yourself
All reach taneja mansion…..there is dark….nothing can be seen
T: maa…maa where are u? Are u okay?

No answer……just then someone comes from back and closes twinkle’s eyes
T: aaaaaaaaaaaa
There is still darkness
K: what happened twinkle are u OK?
Just then the lights are turned on and a girl wearing orange coloured one piece is closing twinkle’s eyes
C: oo my god! U! What a pleasent surprise!
Uv is still staring her but later he comes into his senses,hey whispers into chinki’s ear
U: hey u know her?
C: ya of course
Kunj is standing there blank
T: who is it now….no more suspense
The girl takes her hand from twinkle’s eyes twinkle turns around to see her face….she is surprised
T: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Everyone there closes their ears while twinkle is still shouting
K: ( still his hands on his ears) chup kar siyaapa queen!
T: oh my god! Mahi! Finally u came my sis! I missed u shooooooooo much darling
M: I missed u too my cutie pie!

U: twinkle she is your sis?? Don’t tell me u had a real sis?
T: yes I have! Actually she went to London to study and came here after almost 5 yrs or so
Leela comes
L: how was the surprise twinkle?
T: maa u knew it?
L: ya of course ! And I have one more surprise for u my doll
T: one more surprise…..tell me faaaast
L: mahi has came here permanently and will join your college!
T: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Woooooooooooooow mahi
( hey guys in my ff twinkle and mahi are almost of the same age that’s why they will call each other by their names only)
Twinkle hugs mahi
T: I m sooooo happy
U: OK now twinkle! Introduce us also to her!
Uv was the most excited to introduce himself
U: wait I will only introduce myself! Hi mahi this is yuvraj luthra but u can call me uv
They both shake hands
T: OK mahi so this is kunj

M: hi
Both shake their hands too
T: and this is chinki as u know her
M: ya of course
They both hug eachother
U: ok so from when are u joining the college!
M: from tomorrow onwards
C: wow from tomorrow that’s gr8

Precap not yet decided

Hey guys in my ff mahi is one year older than twinkle but as she went to London she had to repeat one year in India again that is why she will be in the same class ie with twinkle and her gang

Credit to: Ritzi


  1. Sanam

    U r just soooo fab!!!!!

  2. riya

    wow ritzi again a nice episode . I just loved it when kunj thought how dare he to marry my twinkle . waiting for next episode . luv u dear

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.