It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 13

Hello hello its been a while baby,I got something that I really wanna let u know yeah something that I wanna let u’ll know oo……that I m so glad to read yr comments and keep commenting like this only!

The episode starts……

Twinj and uv enter the class where twinkle sits beside chinki and just diagonal to them yunj sit. Professor enter the class and starts teaching ….everyone gets bored therefore some starts to yawn while some starts to pass snacks in the class to each other . kunj and uv too are eating chips while twinkle is yawing she secretly takes out her special specks from her bag yunj and chinki are shocked to see it
C: what is this twinkle?
T: wait and watch darling

Twinkle wears the specks, on it’s glasses two open eyes were made due to which everyone thinks that twinkle is awake but actually she was sleeping. All three, yunj and chinki began to laugh
K:( while laughing) gr8 idea siyappa queen
U: ( too while laughing) no no kunj not siyappa queen, chashmah queen
They both given hi5 to eachother , prof.sees it and shouts on yunj
Prof: hey both of u …stand up
U: sir…sir we?

Pro: yes you and yr fend
K: sir what have we done?
By now twinkle wakes up and chinki whispers
C: twinkle ek aur siyappa!( she tells everything to her)
Prof: ( continuing) u both were laughing and talking and u are ask what u have done….wow that’s gr8!
U:( in a funny tone) sir we are citizen of free India!
Prof:oh thanks for reminding me…..( angrily) so what?
U: sir we are citizen of free India so…a….so next part kunj will continue
Kunj still in shock

K: sir we….we…..we…..we….we
Prof: do u want me to give u money to fill petrol in your car as your car is stuck on we only
K: we are citizen of free India so we have full rights to talk and laugh whenever we want to ( he says without stopping)
Other students : ya ya sir he is right
K: thank u …thank u….autograph later
Chinkle and yuvi giggles
Prof: shut up! ( shouting like hell)
The corridor of that floor is shown and it is shown that yunj are thrown out from the class, prof.comes out
Prof.: come on boys
U: wh….where s…sir

Kunj speaks softly in uv’s ear
K: yuvi aaj aisi kyu feeling aa rahi hai jaise hamari izzat lutne wali hai!
Both giggles
Prof.: I m taking u both to principal and I will make sure that he will rusticate u both
Chinkle hear this and gets worried
T: chinki we have to do something orelse today they are gone
C: hmm! But what?
T: wait I have a plan
When the scolding yunj
C: aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Sir aaaaaaaaaaaah!
Prof.gets worried and goes inside the class but prof.orders yunj to stay outside
Prof.: what happen chinki?
C: aaaaah sir actually my leg got fractured aah
Prof.: what….but how come?
While the professor is busy talking with chinki, twinkle silently goes out of the class. Both yunj are shocked
U: tu yaha kya kar rahi hai?
T: shh! Wait and watch

She quickly goes to the college bell and rings it. Everyone gets happy in the class as it got over 30 mins early
Prof.: but still 30 mins are left how come this happened? Hey class stop…..still time is left….wait
But no one listened to him and ran out of the class along with chinki
Prof.shocked! Chinki rocked!
Prof.: didn’t she had fractured? Forget It first I need to deal with the 2 boys
Prof.goes out, he hears uv saying

U: thanks yaar twinkle u saved us by ringing bell
T: its my job u…..
She had not even completed but uv starts to run followed by chinki and kunj
T: hey wait why r u all running
She turns behind and sees the prof. She also starts running
Prof.: stop twinkle!
She stops….kunj hears it…..he is halfway…. He starts to run towards twinkle
T: sorry sir
Prof.: no I will not leave u
But this time kunj reaches twinkle …..he lifts her up and starts running…..while running
K: bhaag siyappa queen
T: aaaaaaaaaaa……sorry sir
Prof.: wait u rascles…..I will not leave u

Precap mahi’s entry……trip to manali…..realisation of true love

Credit to: Ritzi


  1. Mannat

    Amazing ritzi
    I have jst 1 request plz mention recap
    Actually i m reading so many ff
    I always get confused with diff storylines
    Any way ur brilliant writer

  2. riya

    wow ritzi so funny episode I’m still laughing can’t control my laughter I loved d last part where kunj lifts twinki n says bhag siyappa Queen bhag luv u dear waiting for next episode …..

  3. Aakanksha

    It’s was damnnn funny dude….I enjoyed it to the core ritzi… Eagerly waiting for the next epi… Plzzz post it asap

  4. prapti

    Goddd!!! U rocked it… Lol…it was soooooo funny..full college masti…hehehehe & I pity that Sir?

    • Ritzi

      Ooooooo loveleen bcus of u I m on cloud nine I just hope I dont fall from the cloud…..haha lol!

  5. Anaita

    its really awesome… i read ur ff for the frst tym… actually this is d ff of tei that m reading nd it was mind blowing.. read all ur epi in a go… keep going… ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.