It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 12


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The episode starts…..
Twinkle is in her room getting ready for the college…. She is wearing jeans and short T-shirt her belly is perfectly visible along with long black heels and is looking adorable, she goes to the drawing room where leela is sitting
T: OK bye maa getting late so will eat something in college itself
L: OK but eat something for sure
T: ya mom don’t worry now bye
She leaves in her car

Uv and kunj are already there
U: sorry yaar bro I was not able to come at your house yesterday as mom had given be some important work, but how did u controlled twinkle?
Kunj starts to think that to control twinkle how he took her to bathroom and how she kissed him and by thinking this he had a small smile on his face
U: arre where are u lost and why r u smiling or should I say blushing
Uv gets a bit angry and holds his collar
U: I hope u haven’t done anything wrong with her
Kunj gets shocked to see his anger,uv laughs
U: arre imwas just kidding I know u will not do anything of that kind

Just then twinkle’s car stops at the gate and she comes out she is looking extremely s*xy and hot she was wearing goggles and while she started walking towards uv and kunj she pushed her goggles above her head( I hope u have understand) and her hairs are flying. She comes near yunj.
T: helloooo guys!
K: hi twinkle ( in a flirty voice as he was mesmerized by her beauty)
T: hi uv
U: (still lost) hi baby doll
Then he comes in his senses and gives a jerk to himself
U: what hi,uh ( in a angry voice), I have told u so many times that not to wear such cloths
T: (sadly) but …but why
Uv turns her around, and points toward the college boys who were staring at her
U: look at them, these bl**dy chepos. It don’t like when someone stares at u like this
Uv angrily tells to boys to get lost and the boys runaway
T: so what uv only because of few people I will stop wearing the cloths which make me comfortable and free and yes we are still not married after marriage I will wear whaterver u say I will even wear saree if u want but right now let me enjoy these freedom days and I don’t give a damn shit on thses boys
She leaves angrily
U: arre twinkle twinkle wait
Twinkle doesn’t stops

U: look na kunj she got upset
K: of course she will get upset
U: so u also mean that I m wrong!
K: hmm look uv u are not wrong your possessive behavior towards her is right even I dont like when someone stares at her at wrong way I feel like killing them….
Kunj stops and gets conscious about what he just said while uv stares at him surprisingly, kunj continuous
K: after all she is my good friend but she is also not wrong she has complete liberty to wear cloths of her own choice na so u go and say sorry to her
U: hmm I think u are right
Uv and kunj go to twinkle who is sitting with chinki and some other girls
U: I m sorry baby, pls forgive me
Twinkle gives a death glare to him
T: chinki tell anyone present here that I will not forgive him
Uv tries very hard but twinkle doesn’t even answered him and she ignores him. Kunj gets angry on her, he takes uv on a side
K: uv mujhe nahi lagta ye aise manegi
U: so now what to do?
K: wait I have a plan
Kunj tells his plan to uv and both of them smirk
Kunj goes to twinkle, holds her hand and take her aside
T: what the hell u think u r doing?
K: twinkle what’s ur problem can’t u see uv is struggling so hard what will u do if he will leave u?
T: mind your tongue okay he will never do that!
K: he has already done that
T: what

Kunj turns twinkle around and makes her see uv, uv is flirting with some girls, twinkle gets angry like hell
T: uvvvv!!
She goes to him and talks to the girls
T: hey girls hi can I borrow my boyfriend for sometime?
Girls go from there as they understood how much was twinkle angry. As soon as the girls go she starts beating uv
T: how dare u uh! How dare u leave
U: ah twinkle ah its paining pls leave me ah
She hugs him tightly uv hugs her back. Kunj gets teary eyes as he is very jealous of looking twinkle so close to uv
K: OK now if ur romantic hug is over shall we go
U: ya u guys go I hv some work with vivek I will just come
Twinkle and kunj are walking
T: hey kunj u know today when I went home I saw my hairs were a bit wet, do u have any idea how did it happened even my cloths were bit wet
Kunj gets nervous as her cloths were wet because of that bathroom incident
K: n…n…no I don’t know it g…got wet
T: hmm
The bell rings and students go to their classes

Precap kunj and uv gets punishment, twinkle’s plan to save them from principal’s scolding

Credit to: Ritzi

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