It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 10


Hey guys I was very dissatisfied with my last episode as I didn’t got much comments so if u guys don’t like my ff then pls tell me I will end it .
Recap kunj and uv make twinkle drink bhaang which gets overdosed

T: why my head is spinning soooo fast( in a dizzy way), hey kunj you… didn’t told me you have a twin brother ( due to bhaang she is seeing kunj as double), hey bhagwan ek kunj kya kam tha ki dusra bhej diya!
U: o god kunj bahut bada siyappa hogaya, o dont know why I made her drink this bhaang we will have to do something or else if leela aunty would see twinkle this way she is gonna kill her allong with us!!!wait let me think something……ya let’s do one thing we will take twinkle at your home
K: mujhe bhi phasayega kya??? Why my house and not yours
U: be samajha kar if my mother will see us in my room then I am gone!!! Perhaps she will think I’ll of twinkle then then hamari luv story shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho jayegi!
K: thik hai chal utha iss twinkle ko
Just then Anita calls uv
U: o god! Kunj u take twinkle to your house I will come after sometime
K: arre but uv…..

Uv runs from there as Anita was calling him
K: chalo siyappa queen
By saying this he lifts her up
T: kunj!! What are u doing????how dare you touch me….put me down only uv has this ri8! Help! Help!
She starts shouting but as the music is on nobody hears her
K: twinkle chup!
Twinkle makes a childish face by seeing this kunj smiles and takes her to his room, due to his luck no one saw them

Kunj’s room
He puts twinkle on his bed and goes far but twinkle hold’s his hand
T: don’t leave me
Kunj smiles, twinkle stands up and starts to dance
T: u lift my feet of the ground u spin me around….u make me crazier crazier crazier
Feels like I m falling( she acts to fall but kunj hold’s her) and I m lost in yr eyes…u make me crazier crazier crazier
K: twinkle enough now sleep
T: no I don’t want to sleep I want to dance as today is holi
K’s thinks: she will not get controlled like this I will have to do that thing to bring her in control, I m sorry uv
By saying this he drags her to his bathroom
T: no kunj no I m not in the mood to bath, I only want to dance
K: arre meri maa….u dance the bathroom….ok?
Kunj brings her to the bathroom and makes her stand just under the shower he holds her tightly so that she doesn’t move allows the water to flow. Both are fully wet and share a eye lock.
T: kunj……u r looking so hot! I can’t control myself
K: twink…..twinkle look if uv will see us like this then I don’t know what will he think… control

T: no I can’t
Twinkle starts to unbutton his shirt, kunj tries to stop her but fails, now twinkle starts to kiss his forehead then cheeks then she moves towards his neck….kunj is enjoying the touch of her soft lips and is no more stopping her she now moves toward his lips and they are just half a millimeter away and there lips met but kunj moved back
K: no I cant do this to uv and twinkle she is drunk that’s why she is doing this…..kunj control itself
He then lifts twinkle and takes her to the bed …both are fully wet
T: kunj!!!why u didn’t allowed me to kiss uh? Am I not s*xy?
K: no twinkle its nothing like that u are too s*xy but…..
T: but?? What??
K: nothing u sleep
T: kunj I will only sleep if u sleep next to me and hug me
K thinks: if I don’t do that she will not sleep OK let me just lie beside her
He sleeps next to twinkle…..twinkle hugs are very tightly and kunj is feeling like heaven in her arms ….even though he was not gonna sleep he slept.

Precap not yet decided

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Oh wow ritzi! !!!
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  6. its too good…n dnt end it dear…u hav started now only.

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    Tooooo goood

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  9. awesome episode ritzi …. loved it …. and pls dnt stop it… ur ff is ossum dear….

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  10. Fantastic superb epi ritizi ………I just love it……….I thought there ll be big siyappa in morning

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