It was love that brought them together….. twinj episode 1

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The episode starts with uv thrown out of the room and twinkle laughing ….after sometime twinkle comes out wearing a preety crop top and shots
Uv: twinkle you are looking adorable but……
T:but what? Am I looking fat
Uv: no baby u are not fat but I was telling that if you want to marry me then u will have to stop wearing all this after marriage

T: u mean I will also wear traditional dress like all the typical housewives!
Uv: yeah u will have to wear that
Twinkle thinks for sometime
T: yeah I can do anything for u and remember today we are going to talk about our relationship to our mother
Uv: yeah how can I forget I will talk to her right now when I go home
T: yeah me too hope both of them agree
Uv: yeah now let me drop u home u go and change
T: no uv actually chinki is also here so I will wait for her

Uv: ok then bye baby
T: bye call me after u talk
Uv goes and chinki comes
T: where were u why so late?
C: arre actually imwas taking selfies
T: as expected.….come let’s go home my shopping is done
C: yeah mine too
They both were walking in the mall and talking to eachother just when twinkle bangs into someone …..the man is wearing a white T-shirt with red jacket and blue jeans twinkle only notices his cloths and is not able to see his face

T: sorry(without seeing him)
Twinkle and chinki leave
T: ok bye chinki meet u tomorrow at college
C: yeah bye darling but drive properly you always have a habit of banging into someone ( she giggles)
T: enough uh I m not at all a bad driver
C: bye now go!
Twinkle sits in the car and goes,while going in the car…..

Twinkle’s self talk: how can chinki say that I m a bad driver, I have never had an accident I m so careful driver
While saying this she bangs her car in someone’s car
T: ooo damn ….but it was not my fault its that person’s fault
Both of them get out of the car and see both the car are badly damaged the person is same who banged into twinkle in the mall, twinkle gets to know this while noticing his cloths….

T: how dare you bang into my car! You know who am I? I am twinkle taneja
Person: oh ms twinkle u know who am I ? I’m kunj sarna, how can u say that I did the accident, it was you actually it is rightly said ” women are bad drivers”
T: ok u think women are bad drivers and men are good at driving?
K: of course
T: if men are good drivers then u should have been careful while driveng!!!!! Now who will pay for the damage

K: o hello madam I m not going to pay for this it was not at all my fault It was your fault you should give me a sorry gift
A vendor passes from there who is having fruits and vegetable. Twinkle notices him
T: ok Mr kunj sarna you think it was my fault and I should give you gift? Then I will, just a min
Kunj is shocked hearing this, twinkle goes to the vendor buys a watermelon she bangs the watermelon on kunj’s head
T: your gift did u liked it, by the way you are looking good like this
Kunj is still in shock. He is fully covered with watermelon, public had gathered and was laughing at kunj. Kunj goes to the vendor and buys some tomatoes , he squashes the tomoato and throws on twinkle
K: your return gift dear did uu liked it?
Both fume in anger
Screen freezes

Precap both think to say sorry to eachother

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  1. Dammm funny!!???loved it Ritzi..

  2. amazing very funny
    lovely update soon please

  3. loved it ritzi! !!
    cute fight .. 😉

  4. Thanks aarti,srija, sanam I am glad that u guys liked it

  5. wow ritzi awesome…very interesting…

  6. Wow nicr. Im still laughing imagining the story

  7. Thanks Tara but guys actually its episode 2 I think I have written it by mistake pls forgive me

  8. Hey it was really funny
    Tei news:sukirti kandpal to enter tei as kunj’s ex-girlfriend Rajjo n to apply breaks on twinj’s romance express train

  9. Thanks aarti

  10. Good one and good luck for your ff
    I hope you will post it daily

  11. too funny…

  12. what about twinraj yaar not again twinj

    1. m sorry ritzi for doing this bt can’t take it anymore…listen insha if u r a twinraj fan go nd read zai’s ff…thid is not the correct place..u insulted sid bt we kept quiet bt no more of ur nonsense…have u ever seen any one of us going to twiraj’s ff nd commenting any shitty things?? then y the hell do u come here nd comment such things?? if u want ffs on twiraj then tell twiraj fans o write it..else write it by ur own nd read it…

      1. exactly,, I agree with u Tara…m so sorry for being this much rude but Insha, I think u r behaving just like uv does in tei……m sorry again but just can’t take it..go to zai’s ff & tell twiraj lovers to write ffs & we promise that we won’t try to stop u even once…

      2. tara and prapti agree with u totally but from now on just ignore her…haters and their comments just don’t matter guys

      3. Muskan{News reporter}

        I agree with u completely tara prapti and akanksha di anyways calm down everyone. And insha its my humble request to u that plz yaar try and understand that here you r not only the one who read ff’s of tashan e ishq or have their fav in tei. So look plz dont hirt others fellings dear. Next timemdo not repeat it dear. I dont say that u dont have write to keep ur POV but please be careful u should also keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt anyone. K take care of this from next time.

      4. Muskan{News reporter}

        i already wrote a gossip so leave it bcoz it will come tomorrow so it will be my last one and i m soo sorry bcoz me this all started.

    2. insha my love why do u always force me to say HATERS STAY AWAY.

  13. Thank you harna

  14. Awesome story….amazing

  15. ♥twinj- forever♥

    wow!!!really funny and cute too….

  16. A cute episode.

  17. Vryy funny ???epi nd awesome too ??.. Go on ???

  18. Insha is right im wid u insha don’t worry btw tara she hadn’t told any shitty things as mentioned by you.she was just suggesting. How can u be so rude tara?we twiraj fans r also nt interested in u’r boring twinj ff.tara u must go 2 hell. Don’t u dare say anything abt us.stupid twinj fans.

    1. listen m not telling anything wromg..just go nd check her comment in the link..
      m not mad like her..u get that..

    2. ohk Natasha so u r a twiraj fan right so y do u bother the waste ur time reading twinj ff’s and read the comments…..its very clearly mentioned in the title of the ff that its an ff on twinj(best couple ever)…so plzzz go a read twiraj ff and be happy…u hate being rude but hav to with ppl like u

  19. very good

  20. It was cute epi

  21. Thanks rashi Verna, twinj- forever, ff reader

  22. wow amazing do well all the best

  23. cute & funny epi ritzi…I quite liked it…

  24. Natasha & insha i m also wid u both.don’t worry.tara u’r so insha ne bola hi nahi tum ne uspe bina wajah ka ilzam kyu lagaya?r u mad ?or u’r bf left u that’s why i think u’ve gone crazy.foolish tara

    1. u ppl dont really understand …go nd check her comment in the above link nd also see my reply..

      1. nd how dare u say such things?? i think u r mad thats y u r telling all these..

    2. you dont have any rights to talk abt personal things of anyone….n if ur the twiraj fan then plzz dont cmmnt here u go to twiraj ff by zai n do comment

    3. excuse me….dude cmon how dare u pass such personal comments…u know what we can complain about it and then ur comment will be considered a spam and u will never be able to comment again so better be carefull

    4. Muskan{News reporter}

      Excuse me dear what did u say just now, i think u have lost ur brain. Dont feel bad bcoz how can even u say like that about anyones character really i mean ur behaving as of u know everything about tara. And this all started from my gossips so i m very sorry for it and i m gonna stop to write my gossips. No one will have problem then. And for god sake no one write anything like this again.

      1. Muskan{News reporter}

        Really i m very sorry again and as i told i posted my gossip so earlier it woul be uploaded tomorrow and its my last one i want everyone to end up this fight now.please?? and i m aorry once again as it started with my gossips.

  25. Hey insha, Natasha and alia I also liked twiraj in the beginning but no now after all I m in love with twinj but insha you will still get to see a bit twiraj romance but sorry to say only for sometime but thanks guys for your suggestions

  26. ha ha ha a nice epi

  27. all the haters over here…..u say tara is mad….i dnt understand when u ppl knw that its a twinj ff y do u come here n waste ur tym n cmnt rubbish…..this act of urs prove u ppl mad nt tara or nyone else…..n btw i was thinking nt to tell ny one personally bt m forced alia u dnt knw tara at all how can u say such harsh words to her that to of her personal matters… twiraj fans n twinj haters both create a grp of urself talk all rubbish there leave us alone stop all ur nonsense…..

  28. Meenat Abubakar

    so funny and nice

  29. I seriously don’t get it it is just a drama why are you guys fitting
    If you have a problem with sidhant looks or acting go and tweet him and I think he won’t even give a shit cuz so many other ppl are crazy about him and alia I seriously just pass a cmmnt on Tara just like that….do you know her… right so just use your common sense before you pass a cmnt if you don’t have common sense than just do one thing go at google and type”HOW TO HAVE GOOD SENSE” do read it….it will seriously help ppl like you

  30. Btw sorry ritiz it all happen at your ff but I can.take it seen Tara is my good friend….keep it up…all the best for your ff

  31. Tara,esha,akansha,ff reader,loveleen & all twinj fans u all r stupid.i m also interested in u’r i’ve 2 comment 2 give u a lesson.u all just stay in u’r limits.

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