Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Intro)

hey guys i m new here i hope u guys will support me
story revolves arond four besties childhood family friends with in a group named


four of them belong to different proffesions yet r very much close to each other love eachother like helland love their family alot and loved by family alot
always have time for eachother they r weakness as well as strength of each other they know each and every secret of eachother except one secret of swara and one of laksh

Characters sketch

swara malik only daughter of omm and raima malik,23 years old hates bussiness and is cardio surgeon by profession hve a great crush on sanskar but is unaware of feeling called love[the secret known by none] love yong stunners alot love to spend time with them favourite hobby is to irritate sanskar to get closer to him loves ragini and Laksh a very bubly girl[master mind beauty with brain] special quality

Sanskar maheshwari;only son of sujata and ram maheshwariand heir of maheshwari industrial,23 years old love to spend time with his group and is annoyed alot by swara,very strict in work ,is engineer and works as a CEO of MI whole office is afarid or him dont know how to contrl anger but in his group he loves fun and maasti loves hi family and friends alot [does whatever whenever he wants to do never asks permission of anyone] special quality]

Laksh taneja;son of kishan and manvi taneja loves her parents especially her moms knowa blackmailing very well a kind hearted person loves his group and is the secret lover of ragini[secret known by none] 23 years old ,has done MBA, CEO of taneja group of industries dont want to waste hi life in work but for his mom goes to office and handle it in a very well way just do flirting in front of ragini to make her realise his love LOVE his group alot alwys in the mode of masti [doesnot care for any one except his group and family] special quality

Ragini gadodia ;the only daughter of sumi and shekhar gadodia ,fashion desighner by profession very possesive for her profession strict with employees calm in family and naughty in group Owner of gadodia fashion house,loves her family and group hates flirting of laksk dont know why but just hate it traditional but modern bubbly girl 23 years old [the string by which the group is binded together or u can say problem solver]s q

so her is the intro shekhar ram omm and kishan are besties since teen and so r there children in my story there is no seperation secrets sorrows the only thing is love and friendship
hope to meet u soon if i get enough comments
lots of love

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  1. Nice…plzz make it Swasan raglak

    1. It will be swasan and raglak

  2. I loved the concept.. πŸ˜€

  3. Superb plot wating for the first episode

  4. Superb waiting egarly πŸ™‚

  5. Yipee! Thats such a sweet intro??Waiting..waiting…waiting…?

    1. patience sweety patience

      1. sure cutey

  6. Superb dear and plz continue

  7. nyc intro dear
    mujhe ni mil raha tha ye ff
    sry for late…

  8. its ok and thanks for ur comment

  9. nyc πŸ™‚ all 4 r so adorable

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