Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 8)


Hiii everyone ufaq back again
Mother child relationship
Ammm nobody knows how this much love and care comes in a mothers heart and especially from where my mom loves me like hell because may b I am her one and only daughter but she loves me she is always there to help me she is the only person in the world who can catch my lies by reading my forhead she can understand how sad I am how happy I am what is bothering me what can give me happiness she says me that a mom loves her child more than everything in this world my day is incomplete without her even my life there is no word for me to explain her love I think she is my universe love u mom
Swa;excuse me is there any table empty
Manager;no mom sorry
Swa;but there is I think
Mg;no mam actually that table is booked
Swa;but that person didn’t come yet na sooo
Mg;no mam v cant give u sorry
Swa;what I am gonna do with ur sorry
Mg;mam u find someother restaurant
Swa;no now I will eat food in this restaurant only do u get that
Mg;but mam try and understand
Swa;stunners u take seat
Mg;mam plzzz
Swa makes puppy face plzzz
Mg;no mam
Swa;now I will not leave that person who has booked that table and didn’t come
Mg;no mam I m sure sir will come
Swa;and he will go back with double speed get ready
sUddenly a man comes ;excuse me where is my table which I have booked
mg;sir actually that mam sat on that and is not ready to leave it
man;how dare she I willnt leave her
man goes to that table and without seeing others burst on swara;excuse me lady how dare u how can u take some other place r u insane
man turns and says;ragssss
rags;how r u rohan and hugs him
luky fumes;is ki to main ullo ka sar
rohan;I am pretty good how r u???
rags;too good
swa;hey u man hold on who r u???
rags;are he is my college friend
swa;oh acha w8 how dare u to call me lady
Swa;yup y u called me lady
Roh;so u r noy a lady??/
Swa;I m girl not lady
Roh;w8 I called u insane also u don’t mind that ???
Swa;no let it be y u called me lady
San;hahah pagal u should fight on being called as insane rather than lady
Swa;no I will fight on lady
Roh;okkkkkkk I m sorry
Swa;well but u have to share that table with us
Rah;yup fine with mee and I also want to spend time with ragini
Rags;han han sit yar
Swal;but first u should introduce us
Rags;ya these r my…..
Roh;friends r8
Rags;no these r my stunners
Roh;oh these r ur stunners hello everyone
Sanky;bhukariii khana oder kro
Swa;kr rae hn bhukard
Sanky;rohan u also take food dinner is on cutipie
Swa;yup u order I will pay the bill
Roh;but y anything special bd party any festival r celebration of sth
San;no this is punishment
San;yes because she brought us on boring shopping furthermore she blackmailed us she annoy us she scolded us and….
Swa;apple shut up now
San;see she is devil
Roh;yes u r r8 she is
Swa;don’t u dare I will kill u both
Sanroh;try it
Swa;aaannnn forget it
They eat rfood and chit chat after sometime
Roh;guys I think I should take a leave I have a meeting so catch up with u guys later and ya b in touch
Swasanraglak;yes surely v will byeeee
He leaves rags;guys do u knw he proposed me in college in last year
Luky;what how dare him
Swa;matlb kuch nae acha what u said
Rags;I said him that I don’t knw now but after I complete my studies I will decide
Swa;then if he propose u now
Rags;then I think I will say yes because mom is also asking me to get married and now I have completed my studies also sooo
A tear drops from luky eye he composes himself;guys I have some work bye
Swa;rabbit listen
Luky;no swara bye guys
Rags;luky what happened listen
But he left
Rags;what happened to him
Swa;he will b alright I will talk to him I also have some work bye guys
Swa;sanky bye
She also leaves later ragsan also leaves
On luky side he is walking on the road tears r flowing continuously he don’t know where he is going he is vvery much disturbed only thing running in his mind is ragini and rohan
Ansooun ne nazar m jaga bnai
Zindagi ka hisa bani tanhai
Pori ho k b pori na ho saki dua
Tjh se juda juda hoa m juda hoa
Mjh se khafa khafa yahan mera khuda hoa
Someone comes in car and pushes luky inside the car luky didn’t realize anything
After sometime
Luky calls seea
Luky;hi seea
Lseea;hi laksh how r u
Luky;will u marry me
Seea;what luky but u love rags
Luky;but she don’t love me so will u marry me
Seea;luky u r not in senses listendear
Luky;no u listen and says something which is muted
After that luky calls someone;done
Call cuts luky sits on his bed with thud and tears again starts flowing and he sleeps weeping
Episode end guys

Precap;rags come to know about seea and luky marriageand seea luky enagement rags to go there and sees allthing

Lets see what happens next bye everyone I knw episode is booring but this is my story line
Love u guys byeeee

Credit to: ufaq

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