Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 7)

Hey guys it’s ufaq back again actually I am severely ill from past 2 days so was unable to post NW I m feeling little bit fine
Sibling is the name of a relationship based on love trust masti larai and sometime overpossiveness I have 4 brothers 3 elder and one younger my eldest brother is a just person sometime too good and sometime rude he is a doctor and loves me like hell and 2nd one is also a doctor v both r exactly similar in hobbies he teases me alot but love me alot 3rd one is in 2nd year he and me r siblings cum friends we from childhood play together eat together beat each other love each other in fact we study together in a same room I love to irritate him the thing which swara does with sanky I have done all this with my bro he is also not less he also taeses me v can’t even stay away from each other even for a day my younger bro I love his expression when I say him that this is my mom and v have brought u from road every time he believe this story and cries but I also love her like her even I fight for him with my bros mom dad cousin because I love him that’s the relationship of siblings yar larai and love love u bros
So coming back to chappy
Lift stuck in the middle swara is breathing heavily as she is very much afraid she sits down and holds luky hand tightly by making him sit down
SWA:luky talknto me I am feeling afraid
Luky:cutipie don’t get afraid we r together na and what I should talk OK u ask question I will answer them OK
SWA:okmbut don’t lie
Swa;:undont love seea na
Luky was shocked that how she knows
SWA: don’t get tension I knw u more than urself I am not dumb like sanky and rags now tell me
Luky: yup it’s true I don’t love her
SWa: then whom do u love
Luky stammers: no it’s nothing like that I don’t love any…
SWA: jhot u said in game now tell me I promise I will not tell anyone
Luky thinks that I think I should tell her
Luky:pakka na u will not tell
SWA: paka
Luky: I love billi
SWA; wo to m b lekin whom u love truly
Luky: duffer I truly love her I want her to b my life partner
Swara was damb shocked
SWA: u must b joking
Luky; no trust me I love her
SWA stands up and starts dancing: yippee luky loves billi he loves billi rabbit loves billi
Luky smiles seeing her and says: curious Beth jao agar lift start moving then u will fall
SWA sits immediately and says OK u tell from when u love her
Luky: when I was 13 I think
SWA: duffer u should have cofessed her then u would have 2 kids now
Luky: in age of 13 u think I should have got married
SWA: no but in age of 20 atleast u knw wht u r idiot
Luky: shut up cutipie otherwise I will not tell u anything
SWA; no no u tell and ya why u said us that area is ur gf
Luky; to make rags jealous and to make her understand my love
SWA: yup I saw she was jealous so she also love u
SWA stands agin and starts dancing yeeee billi loves luky she loves luky billi loves rabbit
Luky again make her sit and says her to shut up
Luky: u have seriously gone mad she don’t love me she loves me only as a friend she is unaware of her feeling
SWA: hmm ya I also think so
Luky: now u tell what should I do
SWA: don’t worry now I m your love guru u just follow my advise got that
Luky: what u insane girl will b my love guru noooo way
SWA: ha I m helping u and u r saying this OK i F u don’t follow……
Luky: OK OK I will follow and ya don’t tell anyone otherwise…..
SWA: otherwise what
Luky: otherwise I will tell everyone that u love sanky
SWA was shocked: who the hell has tlod u that
Luky: nobody but I can tell it to everyone by making this story
SWA: haaa but that’s not truth
Luky: so what
SWA: aaaaa u r blackmailing me
Luky: yes I m

SWA: OK but u hv to folw Me
Luky; of course my cutipie
SWA: u knw what I am really happy for u
Luky: thanks yar now I can share my feelings with u
SWA: ya that’s true anyways tell me how can we realise that we love someone
Luky; u love to see that person ur day doesn’t passes if u don’t see her u feel incomplete without her she seems u to b most beautiful girl u wish to b with her always u wish her to b happy u just ….I can’t explain more when u will love someone u will surely get to know
SWA: seriously ypthis happens??? If this happens it means u r in love???
Luky: ya cutipie
SWA: OK I will wait when ths happens
Luky: but u have to tell me first
Lifts starts moving and stops in loby door opens ragsan r standing there with tensed face SWA goes and hugs sanky tightly to make luky hugs ragini sanskar reciprocates the hug and says: don’t worry cutipie u r fine now
Rags comes and hugs luky tightly and weeps: I was sooo much scared
Luky reciprocates it; billi don’t worry v r fine they break hug then swaragin hugs and sanlak hugs
Sanky; I knw this was plan of swara to not to pay bill of lunch
SWA: noooo
Sanky: yes u r a bari bari bari mahan bhukard
SWA: shut up otherwise I will kill u
San: ya ya bhukard
SWA: shut up I m ready to pay the bill
San: then what r v waiting for Christmas???
All laughs and say nooooooo
All head towards the restaurant it was full only one table was left let’s see what happens there in next epi

Gus I will pst ext on 3 June till thn take care and ya pleaseeeeeeeeee comment
What type of relationship a mother and a child has?????

Love u guys byeeee

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  1. Awesome…..

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  2. raglak scenes are nice, their story is really good

    1. Thanxxxx swety

  3. awsm deat……
    hope that laksh wll propose ragini soon…….
    btw whn u sleep????

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  4. Awesome nd mother nd child.. bst friend, guide, first support system with whom u can share all ur worries nd happiness, if child is happy thn mother is double happy nd same in sadness… mother can read their childs face at least my mom… she always encourage me but don’t force any thing… may be the words r less for describing mother child relationship:)

    1. I must say u love ur mother Soooooon much and thanks swety

  5. haapy bday my sweet sissyyyy
    love u dear

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  6. U too write so good .. Happy Birthday dear … May all your wishes come true.. God Bless u .. Many Many Happy Returns Of the day … ???????

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  7. what happened to my sis…are you fine now….
    ufaq…I am sorry for late comment….my brothers use tell that same story on me…which you use tell your younger brother…and epi was outstanding…and your story line is awesome babes…you just rocked it…For me mother daughter relation…very very special…It starts from my birth…From each step of my life…she is an angel…no can replace her….she is my world…she is my heartbeat…she is my day night…she means a lot to me…I can’t stay a single day without seeing her smile..she will know if I am sad…If I have tension…she will do anything for my happiness…ufaq I am being speechless….
    ufaq today is your b day…ohh god…
    happy birthday to you….. happy birthday to you…May Allah full fill all your wish…be blessed always…be a good human…Make this day very special bcoz today your the princess…be happy always…never leave hope on Allah…He is great yaar…insha Allah I will include you my duha…love a loooooooot your Api…take care..

    1. I was suffering from fever but now I am fine Alhamdolilah API and my brother always cry so u also cry???? And thank u Soooooon much API and plz pray for me and my result thank u Soooooon much again love u api

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      2. I have started my studies from Aprilbut classes r going to start from august after result

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    U r the bst sistr i hv ever got.. also in my imagination……..
    Your possevness fr me shows how mch u love me……….
    Happy bday dear ……..

    1. Thank u Soooooonmuch yup iIlove my siblings very much

  10. Our relatn is very spcl…….
    In wrld siblings r made by parents….. bt in our case ourrelatn is made by telly updates………
    Love u dear……….

    1. Yup v r telly sisters hahaha and ya bond of course for me is also very special

  11. lovely lady do you write ff…If please can you give name or link of your ff…Please

    1. ya dear i wrt a ff….
      named abhi na jao chor k
      10 parts hv been posted…… so u cn chk it on edkw page……
      i wll be waiting fr your cmmnts dear……

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