Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring [chapter 6]

HEY GUYS its ufaq back again on the previous chappy piya has told me there r many silent readers so silent readers plzz comment it’s a deep request and those who commented thank u soooooooo much comments r strength and thanks for the reply of my question
In my opinion friendship is life trust and enjoyment sometimes sacrifice also like all others I hv a friend name SUMA she is soo much calm and I am soo much naughty she is afraid of peopleAND I am always ready to face them for me as well as for her if she is angry with me I try my best to convince her after she is convinced I ask her how dare u to become angry with me then I become angry with her stupuidity nae?? We enjoy a lot in our school college and academy my day doesn’t passes if I don’t talk to her my teacher says that u r bff I have evr seen our friendship is 7 years old in which we have fought 700 times but never broke it she is the first person who wish me on my birthday[sumaaa my birthday is coming remember] same is with me according to me that is what called friendship so bak bak over coming back to chapter here is the link of previous one

Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring [chapter 5]

Swara enter manion raima ;swara u came from hospital early today
Swa;yup wo actually I had no operations today so I took rounds and came back
Raima;ohhh acha anyways I have some work in malik industrial so talk with u later bye my sweety
Swa;bye mom
Swa;mom gone now what I will do at home swara malik think yar idea billi
Saying this she call rags
Rags busy in her fashion house but picks up the phone
Rags;hi cutipie how r u???
Swa;hi billi I am fine how r u???
Rags;I m fine
Swa;billi where r u???
Rags;nice question sweetie
Swa;yar btao na plzzz
Rags;apne fashion house main r kahan
Swa;ohhh achaaa
Rags;what achaaa???? Why r u asking anything serious
Swa;nope actually I actually came from hospital early today so I was feling bore????
Rags;sooooooo??? What hv u decided
Swa;actually I was thinking I should buy some casual dresses
Rags;uffff swara I have sent and designed for u 20 casual dresses a week ago
Swa;so what I want to consume my time and there Is no better option than shopping
Rags;but cutipie without any need
Swa;yup plzzzz billi…..
Rags;fine come to my fashion house
Rags smile and says pagal larki
Swa;hmmm I am coming love u yarrrrrr
Billi;love u too cutipie bye
Swara calls luky;hiii luky
Luky;hi yar
Swa;luky u love me naa????
Luky;of course sweety but sudden confirmation???
Swa;ok then come to rags fashion house
Luky;but I am busy yar
Swa;chup busy ka bacha pohch otherwise
Luky;otherwise what
Swara;remember my silver jubilee
Luky;u r blackmailing me?????
Swa;yup I am
Luky;but this is my trick
Swa;I hv also learnt it from u
Luky;u knw wht u r devil
Swa;I knw
Luky;fine pohnch raha hn
Swa;good rabbit u r soooo sweet
Luky;don’t expect I will say same to u
Swa;han han chal byee
Then swara calls sanky and also says him the same he agrees but on one condition that swara will pay the lunch bill swara agrees
All of them reach raginis fashion house
Rags;hi cutipie I thought inly u r coming
Sanky;ok bye v r going chal luky
Luky;han chal
Rags no no no no
Sanky;sudhar gae ham b swara se khana khae beghair nae jane wale r8 miss malik
Swa;yup yup
Stunners go inside
Rags;see swara these r the dresses u see which u want
Sanky;what v vil do
Luky;nice idea hahaha chal sanky shuru ho ja
Swar;ragini I want all the dresses
Rags;what have u gione m,ad
Luky;get ready to b rich billi
Rags;shut up
Swa;wo actually I like all na so difficult to decide
Rags;pagal u like all but u chose the best ok w8 I will help u
Swa;ok rabbit and apple u also help
Sanky;meeeee nooooooooo
Swa;rag let it be now apple will decide only come on apple
Sanky;hv u gone mad I don’t knw
Billi;then y u put ur nose in middle now u decide
Sanky;no way
Swa;ok I will keep cloth on me u trio tell
Swara puts cloth on her sanky nooo,then swara puts other luky ammm noooooooo then another rags nope yar swara kept on putting anyone of them always say nooo
Swara fully in anger;what the hell u like no dress what is wrong with ur mind have u gone mad sanky do u have any dressing sense only saying noo and billi u u urserlf don’t like cloth which u made and luky do u knw any word except noo
Luky;sorry cutipie
Swa;now see what u like I will put again
She again puts cloyh now everybody says yes wether it is good or not
Swa;aaaaan u all na first no no then yes to same dresses
Sanky;then what should v do u devil always scold us
Swa;shut up apple to rags;u pack all of them I will decide what to wear r not
Swa;now shpping is done lets go to restaurant
Swa;bht khush ho
Sanky nods like a child
Swa;ziada der tk nae raho ge
Smile vanish all haed toward lift luky and swara enter the lift ragsan stop due to some reason and lift starts moving and is stuck in middle ragsan come to knw this
Episode ends
Precap;luky telling swara about his love towards rag swara promising to help him later in restaurant again masti
Guys don’t get confuse pairs r raglak and swasan so chillax
Another question for u what kind of bond the siblings share between them
My answer in next epi till then bye love u lots

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  1. awsm epi…….
    now d story is bcmng more interestng …….
    laksh sharng his love fr rags……
    i m so exciteddd….

    fr me siblings relatn is very spcl.. i hv one brthr… he is my life…..
    many tyms i hv argued wd mom n dad fr him…
    i cnt listen a sngl wrd against him….
    i jst love him mote than any body……..

    1. Thanks di
      Yup now story with time will become interesting love u di

      1. u r really very sweet……
        love u dear…..

      2. Love u too di

  2. Awesome

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  4. Awesome episode

  5. ufaq my answer for last epic.
    .I answered…same like you I have one friend…she is my……. I don’t know what to say about her name is Anwara…my sweetheart…and coming to your epic your just rocked it babes…and too interesting..

    For me siblings…its very cute relation yaar..I have three elder bothers I am small one…They treat me like a angle…For me my brothers are key of my heart…their just awesome…I use tell them my bothers deserves the best so they got sister like me..hahaha..
    In our culture for elder bother we says ICHA….

    1. Api my friend is my life and I also feel so happy to talk u and thanks love u

      1. Api it has been posted u just check it out

    2. ufaq when you’re going to post next epic…I am waiting…Please post fast

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