Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring [chapter 5]

Hey guys back again with a new chappy thanks to those who commented it really means a lot but I am getting very less comment so do u think I should stop writing or end it as soon as possible as I had decided many things but its ok when readers r not happy then there is no use of writers writings any ways lets continue
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SWA enter the roomand says;rabbit when u have changed the interior of ur room???
Rags;a week ago
Swa;how do u knw???

Sanky;because we helped him cutipie
Swara acts like weeping;then y don’t u called me I hate u stunners
Laksh;no cutipie its nothing like that
Rags;cutipie we called u ur mom picked up the call she said u were doing duty till morning in the hospital and u slept just then
Swa;so what u should asked her she would have woke me up
Luky;she said but we asked her not to do that
Sanky;because cutipie u were tired na
Swa;so what
Rags;we wnt our cutipie to b healthy and sleep is very much necessary and we love u na that’s y
Luky;my dear we care for u na we cant see u ill

Swa;ohh my stunners I love u
Sanky;yes u r liar just now u said u hate stunners now saying u love stunners
Swa;no no I was angry naa
Sanky;so what
Swara bends her head down sanky smiles
Luky goes hugs her;cutipie he is joking r8 sanky
Sanky smiles;yup yup
Swa smiles
Sanky;come u hug me
Rags go and hug him

Swasanraglak together;YOUNG STUNNERS ROCKS
All mens have gone to another room to chit chat
Ladies r discussing
Manvi;sumi r u finding some boy for ragini as its her age to get married
Sumi;ya I have asked some people but ragini is not agreeing and I will not do anything without her wish
Raima;so what u r going to do
Sumi;nothing w8 for ragini when she will agree I will talk with some guy family
Suj;and if she don’t say yes
Manvi;then I will make her my law hahahah
Sumi;ya I will give my daughter to manvi hahaha
Suj;achaaaaaa hahahah waise raima what u have thought

Raima;I am waiting for the day when my swara will come to me and say mom this is my gf I want to marry him hahahah
Suj;seriously u r too much hahaha
Raima;no seriously if it will not happen ur son is also there I will give u my tension hahah
Suj;I will love to take it
Sumi;han han swara is cute
Manvi;ragu is also cute
Sujmanvi;we don’t have any problem hahaha
They don’t knw what they r talking about and making fun is going to be true
Luky;now what guys
Swa;we will play a game
Sanky;which game
Swa;hide and seek
San;this girl has gone mad seriously
Rags;v will not play hide and seek
San;luky u tell

Luky;seriously ok let me think and start thinking
Luky;we will play the game named ‘‘I NEVER DID’’
Luky;the games rule are that anyone will tel his one thing which he never did and others which have done that will drink this soft drink ok??
Swa;oky doky
Luky so lets start swara u first
Swa;ok amm I have never eten non veg
Luky;rozzzz hmmmmm saying this drinks sd
Swara throws pillow on him;don’t do hmmm
Sanky;once in my life and got a very bad stomach pain drinks sd
Rags;yakhhhh never and dnt drink
Rags;ok my turn I have never drink alchol
Sanky;only to celebrate sometime and drinkssd
Luky;yup sometime and s drinks
Swara;everytime In hostel when my results come and I topped
Rags;yukhh swara seriously

Swa;yup very tasty hmmmm as she is drinkuing it
Rags;shut up cutipie
Swa;ok gandi billi
Sanky;I have never loved someone
Rags;haa so u don’t love me
Snky;no I love u like a friend
Rags;ok and I hve also nt loved someone
Luky;I thnk I had and drinks
Rags;that seea na???
Luky;wo wo
Rags;rehne do mere hathon main wese b cold blooded murder likha ha don’t worry
Luky;han han [and thinks idiot I love u]
Swar;no I never [because she thinks sanky is only her crush unaware of feeling called love]
Luky;ok my turn I have never beaten someone in my teens and youth I don’t knw in childhood
Swa;rozz college k gate pr even I have made silver jubilee in it and drinks sd
Rags;seriously and y on college gate
Swa;ta ke andar wale r bahir wale dono dekhen
Sanlak;v think v shold b carefull

Swa;yes u should
All laughs
Sanky;amm ya in my hostel because he washed my cell phone
Sanky;then what ek aadh laga di thi us k bad wo hospital chala gya
Rags;u had hit him so hard
Sanky;may b
Swa;u r also very dangerous
Sank;carefull cutipie carefull and all laughs
Ragini;han ek ko to mene b lgae hain purse chura k bhag rha tha batamez
Luky;seriously u can also baet people
Sanky;no luky don’t believe u he needs a demo so give him a slap
Luky;y me not u
san;bcse I trust her

rags;chillax luky I am not going to give demo
luky;oh thank god
rags;I am going to show u movie and hit him hard with pillow
luky;aahh billi gandi billi
all laughs and continue to play game
ladies went and sleep
swa;neend aae ha billi
sank;to so jao
San;on my head duffer where u find place
Swa;ok and sleeps in billi lap on sofa

Rags smile sanlak sleep on bed ragini dnt want to disturb swara so sleep in sitting position
Swara opens his eys and sees billi wake up and make her sleep peacefully and kisses her forhead she takes cloth which manvi has placed and was going to wash room when she stand there seeing sanky and was completely lost in his innocent face after some time goes to washroom after that sanky wakes up and takes his cloth and goes to othr room luky wakes up and sees ragini sleeping and kept on staring at him until the swara came out of washroom later rags wake up all went downstairs ate bf and left to their places biding bye to eachother

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GUYS I HAVE A QUESTION FOR U what according to u is friendship????
I will tell u in next epi if I get enough comment till then byeeeee
Lots of love

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  1. According to me friendship is AWESOME AND A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. I love your ff but I am a little confused about the pairs.

    1. These r swasan and raglak yar and thanks

  2. awesome I loved it…you’re just amazing…keep writing….

    1. Thanks api

      1. Ufaq….yaar my mom use to call me Appi…hahaha…

      2. but in our culture it is used for elder sis

      3. hahahaha…..ufaq so cute and strange…. can I ask onething…wo…wo…shafaq means boy or girl

      4. ufaq…I got it…sisi..I searched in Google…sorry for the foolish question…asked becoz here it mean as boys name…I am sorry

      5. api shafaq means girl seriously yar ap b na hahahah yar ufaq b girl hti ha r han give the answer of question i have asked in last in epi

      6. which question…

      7. In end of chapter

      8. sorry yaar…I forgot about your question…I am really very sorry…haaa my answer is…that seven letters makes as feel that we are the best…They will hold our hand in hard time…They will never fade up with our dramas….They will laugh at our jok whether it good or bad…For friendship should be first every relation…I don’t know about you…I feel very good when am texting with ufaq…love you dea…and in your culture what saying for small sis..

      9. Nothing just name

  3. Superb episode and plz continue

  4. Awesome…

    1. Thanks yar

  5. it was jst awsm yaar……
    n whn swara said ki dono taraf k log dekhe … that was vry funny……
    fr me frndship is — full trst( isliye i hv got so mch dhokha) , shrng every thng… givng full tym to each other ….. persn takes me seriously……. n many othr thng…
    n ufaq one thng i thnk it was the bst epi till

    1. Oh thank u so much and those which cheated u r not considered as friend friend r those who never cheat u

      1. frns r like u seriously…. cute n caring

      2. aww my cute di thanks

  6. Awesome. Friend in need is friend indeed? they understand what u wanna say W/o u say ?

    1. u r ri8 and thanks

  7. Nice one… nd don’t stop it… bcus there r so many silent readers… nd friendship topic is so sweet.

    1. these silent readers plzzz comment

  8. raglak scenes are cute

    1. thanks yar

  9. heyyyy,,,,,ufaq wowwwwww yar such a nyc i really like stunners
    their frndship is soooo superb

    ammmmmm acc to me frndshp is smthng abt trust undetstanding and masti

    means kiling situation b fun lage frnds ke sath 😉 😛

    1. hey angel seriously thank u sooooooooooo much u really read it love u yar

  10. frns r like u yaar…..

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  12. Thanks di

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