Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring [chapter 4]

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Sumi enters ragini room and find ragini sleeping in her room she goes and kisses her forhead ragini slowly opens her eyes and hugs her mother from waist in sleeping position and says;gud morning mom
Sumi;aree u wake up?? Good morning my sweety
Rags;yup when u touch me I feel so secured then I wanted to see that securer
Sumi;ohhhh my sweet bacha uth jao late ho jao gi
Sumi ;7:30 am

Rags;oh ach auth rae hn
Sumi;ok I will prepare breakfast for u
Rags;itli plzzzz
Sumi smiles;ok my princess
Rags wakes up and get rady in white top and black jeans and was looking stunning goes downstairs hugs his dad wishes him morning and sit down to eat breakfast
Sumi;ragini now u should learn cooking u r getting elder enough to get married
Ragini;mom u r joking r8
Rags;oh mom plzz I don’t want to get married I thnk god has not made someone who can handle me like u cant
Saying this she picks her purse and phone and says I am done bye darling and bye beauty[dad mom]
Sumi;kahna to kha lo

Rags;no I m done
Sumi;ruku ek bat btao mjhe tm kab sudhro gi??/
ragini stops and acts like thinkingand says;mom jab ap mjhe sudharna chor do ge m paka sudhar jaon gi pakka
Saying this she runs smiling
Sumi understands it after sometime and says;ragini tm b naaaaaa
Scene ends
Manvi;laksh wake up na ur if ur dad comes to knw he will kill u
Laksh;aann mom u spoiled my day u took that devil names u knw wht he is ravan of my life
Manvi;shut up he is ur dad
Luky;mom u knw na he is destroying my life in doing work
Kishan from downstairs shouts;manviiiiiii
Kishan; have ur son got up

Laksh ;papa uth gya hn fresh ho kr a raha hn
Kishan;good for u
Laksh in his room says to manvi;go now otherwise u and I both will listen a great lecture
Manvi and laksh laughs hard
Manvi ;coming
Laksh; go go ur husband is missing u
Manvi shakes her head smiles and go
Laksh comes down eats breakfast discuss abput hi party prepations whuich r dne by manvi and then leaves

SANSKAR IS DOING YOGA mom comes and gives him protein shake and says ;sanku beta y swara came yesterday
Sanky remembers everything and says nothing to give me some gift
Sanky;nothing churiye bhookk lagi h
Suj;abhi khana laga dti hn
Saanky;fresh ho kr coming
Suj leves sanky thinks about swara and says pay back time miss malik and smiles
Goes calls raima malik ;hello aunty
Raima;hi beta this early morning anything serious
Sankyl;nae actually I want to tell u sth
Raima;ya go ahead

Sanky;aunty wo actually u knw what now adays swara is behaving very weirdly she is thinking smethng all time when I asked her she said that she is worried about u u r very much annoying her u always tease her for no cause u don’t let her take mobile don’t let her go outside home she is saying u r very bad mother even she has taken psycatres appointment for u aunty I want to ask u y r u doing all this
Raima was shocked and was burning in anger;I am not doinbg anything she has gone mad now I will not leave her u don’t worry beta I will make her straight like foot
Sanky ok aunty take care bye
Raima;bye beta
Sanky laughs and says cutiepie u r gone hahahaha
He takes bf and leaves
Raima enters swara room too much angry shakes swara like hell swara wakes up with a jerk and sees her mom is very angry
Swara;mom what happened

Raima;what happened??? What u told to sanskar
Swara;sanky?? What I had told him yar
Raima;don’t u dare to lie me u think I am mental that u have taken psycatres appointment
S;appointment to psysatres who took??
R;u urself
S;me??? For whom
R;me u think I am mental
S;wait wait hold on yar I didn’t do anything like that
R;thn why sanskar told me that
S;sanskar told u when????
R;today morning u r a very bad daughter she starts weeping
Swara rushes to her mom;no mom believe me I didn’t do anything
R;u liar [again comes in anger form]
S; mom believe me
R; no I am not going to and u tell why sanky would lie??

S;I don’t knw ok ok I m sorry
R;so u said that
R;shut up I am not going to talk to u
Raima goes swara shouts;mommmm listennn
But no use suddenly her phone shows msg by sanskar;how was the return gift cutiepie
Swa;I m not going to leave u
San;try ur best sweety
Swa;shut up sanky how cant u do that
San;I can do each and evrythng
Swara fumes in anger and says to herself I am not going to leve u apple
Swara goes to her mom try her best and after a lot of try she forgive her swara hugs her and after bf went to hospital

Laksh is welcoming the guest and is dressed in a black pant red shirt and black blazer he is waiting impatiently for stunners
Swara comes dressed in black maxi with red stones on it was looking stunning he greets luky at entrance and stand their waiting for stunners so as the luky
Then rags come dressed in red top,black pant light jewllery [always gets ready in different style]
They started waiting for sanky
Swa;that sanky late fellow I will not leave him
Laksh;u r ri8
Rags;shut up guys he wl cme
Sanskar comes dressed in a same dress like LUKY but designing of shirt was change [everyones dress was designed by ragini]
Rags here he come

Laky;hi sanky
Sanky;hi guys
Swara burst out;apple what u did in this morning
Sanskar starts laughing hard
Raglak confused
Luky;cutipie what happened
Swara tells him all things
Sanraglak starts laughing like hell
Swa;keep ur teeth covered otherwise I will break them
Rags;hahaha but he just took revenge
Swa;billi this much revenge my mother ws about to kill me
San;tit for tat hahahah
Swa;u just w8 I will take my revenge surely
Sans;han han

He laughs again
Rags hug swara;oh my cutiepe love u
Swa;love u too billi
Luky;love u three
Sans;love u infinite
They hug eachother
Luky;now enough lets go inside
Swasanrag;yup my rabbit
[rabbit for luky,billi for rags,applefor sanskar,cutipie for swara,they don’t mind if stunners call eachother but if someone other call them they r killed]
Stunners enter in party
Swara shocked to see this many people;luky u said it’s a casual party and only few people will come
Sanky;he lied
Swa;what how dare u luky don’t tell me it’s a official party
Rags;yup it is

Luky;han han I knw u hate official party but yar how can I celebrate my project completing party without my stunners and pouts
Swa;don’t make this type of face in this u look like what u r not
Luky;I look like wht??
Swa;innocent which u r not
Luky agin pouts
Swa;I said don’t make this face and how can u do this with me how I will handle this party??/
Rags;when stunners r here no fear we will surely enjoy
Sanky;exactly don’t worry we will enjoy
Luky; yes yes
Swa;luky to to chup reh

Luky acts like weeping;see sanky this devil always scold me
Sanky;u r complaining to me??? Me who is her biggest target to irritate
Rags laughs seeing them
Swa;shut up u both have to pay for this u for this party and u for the morning
Sanluk;ya ya miss malik
Saying this both shares hi fi and hug eachother rags aloso join later swara also join
Manvi,kishan,om,raima,ram,sujata,sumi shekhar come there and see them hugging eachother and smiles;they cant change
Swara;DJ ha luky???

Liky;only soft drinks
Swa;dance ho ga??
Luky;I don’t think so may b I don’t knw mom knows
Swa;luky chapal hain???
Luky; han ku???
Swa;tmhare sar ps marne hain ye kese party ha js m na dance ha na music r drinksss b nae hain
Sanky;official parties ese hti hain cutiepie
Swa;this much boring
Swa;aaaannnn that’s why I hate them rabbit I am going
Luky;swara my cutipie u r loking too amazing plz don’t go
Swa;seriously??? Apple??
Luky signs sanky;han han
Luky;now if u go then who will see ur beautiful dress and face my dear [black mailing,my bro also does this]
Swa;ya u r8 I m not going billi u r an amazing desiner
Rags;well thank u so much
Someone calls luky from back;lakshhhhhh

Four of them turn;seeaaaaa
Luky; goes and hugs her[plan]
Luky; how r u my dear
Seea; I am good nd u????
Luky; I m good
Here ragini is fuming in anger and says;acha dear?????
Swasam;hi seea
Seea; hi guys hi rags
Rags tring to smile;hi seea y don’t u get some soft drink waiter waiter….. I thnk he is busy u go and take it plz enjoy party
Seea understands;ok bye guys
Ragini starts beating laksh how dare u call her

Luky;yar she is my friend specialllllllll friend
Swa;ha we r special friend
Rags;she is not ur gf today I ell not leave him
Luky;no u will not do anything
Rags;no I will
Luky;for my sake
Rags;u r blackmailing me rabbit
Luky;yes plzzzz and agin pouts
Rags;ok fine don’t make this face
All laughs swara;yar wo dekh

Swa;wo boy I think his hairs r fake
Luky;mr khan??? He has fake hairs
Swa;target target
Luky;no swara u r not doing anything
Swa;chillax rabbit and ya who is going to help me???
Sankyrag raise their han;we will we will
Luky;no yar
Swa;yes yar
Saying this she moves towards him and says; hii
Girl along with him; hi he is my boyfriend so stay away han[mr khan is also young]
Swa;so I don’t want to b his gf even u will not
Khan;excuse me

Swa;ya ya sure
Saying this swara turns to go mr khan also turns swara again turn to him and slap him on his head slightly that his hair fell down swara rocked mr khan shocked [no one except stunner and gf saw it]
Khan gf;what is this oh my god
Khan ; baby wo
Gf how dare u u cheated me
Khan;no baby listen
Gf goes and khan giving angry look to swara also goes
Stunners who were watching all this burst into laughter
Swara;hahahaha bechara
Luky;swara u r too much
Rags;swara u rocked
Sanky;hahahah tm nae sudhro gi
After sometime swara again feeling bore;yar m bore ho rae hn lets do sth
Raglaksan;swara noo
Saying this move toward soft drink corner stunners follow her
Boy on counter to swara;hi girl
Swa;bye boy
Boy gets embarrsed and moves swara to waiter a soft drink plz

He gives him sd
Luky;now what r u ging to do
Saying this she removes a small bottle from bag and pour some drops in sd and goes to that boy
Swa; hi boy
Luky on counter;yar he is gone
Boy;hi girl
Swa; sorry wo us waqt mere dost mere sth the
Boy;its ok
Swa;no I m feeling guilty see I have brought soft drink for u
Boy;so sweet of u he takes and drink it
Swa;I think my frnds r calling me bye
Boy;but yar……..ok bye
Swara comes to stunner;see now what is gonna happen
Luky shakes his head u r impossible cutipie
Swa;hahaha w8 nd atch
Sanky;poor boy

Rags;gone gone
Saying this all laughs
Boy starts feeling dizy and starts behaving strange and collides with a girl
Girl;behve urself man
Boy;oh u r soooo beautiful[fully out of sense]
Girl;how dare u
Boy;truth is truth
Girl slap him hard
Swara;ye parri
Boy how dare u to slap me
Saying this he slaps her back
Sanky;wo laggi
Girl how dare u again slap

Rags;gal hoe lal hahaha
Boy was about to slap when manvi comes what happened
Boy, girl; he is insane,she is insane
Manvi; shut up u both[to girl]beta u enjoy
To boy;I thnk u r unwell u shld go home
Boy; u r r8 bye beautiful saying this he ;eft
Manvi;what the hell
Stunners starts laughing like hell
Swara continues playing tricks on people and all of them enjoyed a lot

Raima ;I thnk we shld leave
Manvi no body is going any where u have u live here today tomorrow u go
Manvi; no but wt
Sumi;ok g
Manvi;ok we will talk for sometime then we will sleep and laky u guys
Sanky;anty we will enjoy in luky room
Manvi ok beta
Rags;chalo apple,cutipie,rabbit
Luky;ok billi

Saying this they leave to luky room
All other smiles
Episode ends

Precap;luky room, stunners, masti

I hope this episode is long enough and good one plz read and comment
Love u lots

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