Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring [chapter 3]

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Raglaksan close their eyes and shout; cutipieeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sanskar open his eyes and thought that he has lost a very beautiful thing of his life
Billi opens her eyes which were fully drenched
Laksh opens eyes and felt that his heart has stopped beating
Trio were in a shock as they were standing behind they cant see what is happening in front of car and what the condition of swara can be they rush towards the car the car driver who has closed his eyes due to fear of accident comes out of car four of them reach there and was shocked to see that there was no one stunners were in great shock
Luky[not knowing what he is saying]says;sanky this man has hit her so hard that she flew I an telling u she flew
Sanky was numb rags was weeping they don’t knw what to do they were lost standing there when someone pats ragini shoulder and says;billi what happened??? R u finding something???
Trio turns and were shocked to see swara all fo them hugged her so tight that she felt her ribs are going to break after sometime they break hug swara saw the driver standing there and says;hey do u want sth??

Driver shook his headthen swara says;so go from here r u r enjoying darma
Driver shook his head again goes to car and drives off
Swara;now will u plz tell me what happened
Rag was about to say when luky says;ya cutipie but in park not here
All enter the park then
Rags;swara now tell me why u stood in the middle of road???
Swara;oh acha wo…han wo actually I was listening music na song got finished in the middle of road so I thought to change the song then I changed it then I remember that I have forgot chocolates in car then I went to car to take them but y r u askng what happened
Trio wre shocked to know the reason then rags tell her whole incident
She smiles and says;ohh achs so u were worried what if I died
That’s it sanky who was sitting silent burst out
Sanky;r u uot of ur mind have u losted do u knw what r u talking ur mind horses r running too fast tie them otherwise u will suffer the worst circumstances by me got that
Swara pouts and says;see na billi he is scolding me
Rags;he is ri8 don’t say like that again got that
Luky;exactly stunners r four and will always b 4 get it???
Swara nods;yup yup
Luky;now where is my chocolate
Swara takes chocolate and give it to raglak sanky refuses
Swara;sorry apple I will not say that again pakka
Sanky smiles and takes it
Swasanraglak start their chatting just then a girl enters park luky saw her and thought to tease billi
Luky;oh teri yar sanky dekh kitne pyari larki ha
Swasanrag turns
Sanky;han yar
Swara fumes

Luky;control sanky she is mine
Sanky;all urs bro
Luky good now I am going to talk to her
Rags hold his hand tightly and says don’t u dare luky
Luky;why if u will do that then I will never get married
Rags;shut up don’t go
Luky;no iam going
Rags twist his hand behind his back
Luky starts screming;aaahhhhhhh billi leave I promise I will not go
Rags release her hand;good boy my laku
Luky whats ur problem
Rags;nothing she is not good for u
Luky;aahhh when u get better excuse then tell me plz
Rags;han han and gets into thinking
Swasan were laughing like hell
They chat for sometime and at 1pm decided to laeve
Luky;so u guys r coming to my party tomorrow ri8???
Ragswasan;yup without any dout
Luky;good ham se hi din hota h
Swara;surmau sham dhalti ha hum se hi
Rags;har ghari sans aati h
Apple;zindagi kehlati h hm se hi
They bid bye to eachother and move to thei plces
Episode ends

Precap party maasti

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i knw episode is boring but next will be dhamaka i hope so till then byeee

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