Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 25)


Swara: han sanky an bolo b sae
sankskar: don’t tell anything to mine or ur parents got that
SWA: but sanky u r not happy with it naw
San: no I m happy
SWA: han??? kia bola tm be????
San: Swara u know na I love u very much but as a friend and I m sure when u and I will get married v vl adjust our relations OK I m sure u r very sweet someday I will also start loving u but till then I will maintain a good relation with u like a friend OK?????
SWA was not able to believe what she heard just now
SWA: what u said???
San: I said I m ready to marry u

Swara: r u sure
San: double sure
SWA jumps and hugs sanky tightly
SWA: I m really happy v will maintain our relation like u wish
sanky reciprocates the hug
sanky; thank u now will u please
SWA: leave me???
San; no give me water plz
SWA leaves him
SWA : ye lo pani
sanky: I said a cold one
SWA: oh god this is very cold
San: no this is not cold
SWA: this is

San: no u take and drink
Swara takes it and drinks water of was very cold
Swara: is it not cold??
sank: no
SWA: OK ye lo
saying this she pours all the water on his head
sanky shocked Swara rocked
SWA: now tell was it cold
: San; what the hell have u done
saying this he pour the water of jug on her
Swara shocked sanky rocked
SWA; hell sanky ab tm nae bacho ge

saying this sanky starts running and Swara starts chasing him
sanky runs across the kitchen then he ran towards the the hall he kept running everyone is seeing him and Swara who was chasing her
sanky feels tired he run upstairs Swara was standing downstairs
SWA: come down sanky
San: no way
SWA: ok wait I m coming
San: nae nae nae if u come I will jump
SWA: noo OK I will ask u nothing comedown plz
San: that’s like a good girl he comes down
SWAsan turn and see that everyone is seeing them both feel embarrassed then everyone laughs
suj: han Swara u were saying something
SWA sees sanky
SWA; woo WO WO WO to main bhol gae sorry
suj; no worry jb tmhein yad ajae then tell us OK
sum: so engagement will b tomorrow
SWA: tomorrow!??????
raima: yes tomorrow
sanky: OK done

ragini ; wait I will bring sweets
raima: in kitchen
rags: OK anty
she goes to kitchen lucky also goes behind her
rags was placing sweets in the plate when someone hugs her from behind she turns hurriedly obviously it was laksh
rags: laksh what r u doing
lucky; hugging my fiancee
rags: leave me hat jao I said leave
luky: chup otherwise
rags: otherwise????????? leave me I said
lucky places his lips on her lips it was a strong lip lock after five minutes lip lock breaks due to lack of breath
rags feel shies and places her head in his chest lucky places his arms around her and says
lucky: I m honoured to hug u
rags: me too
sanky shouts from the hall
sanky; u r bringing sweets r making them

rags runs: comingggggg
she runs outside everyone have sweets and leaves
Engagement day
Swara was tieing the dori of her blouse but can’t
Swara: oh god rags she is insane now how I will tie this dori hell with her where is my mobile where is Ann here it is
she calls her
rags was also getting ready she picks up the call
days: han Swara bolo
SWA: rags u insane girl m tmhara gala dba dn ge
rags: y???
SWA: I said u to put zip but u put dori
rags: oh acha wooo
SWA: g
rags: actually dori looks stylish
rags: what??? hell with ur stylishness
rags: shut up Swara don’t say something to my designs
SWA: u shut up
rags: wear it or I will kill u
SWA: OK fine I am waiting u come and tie my dori urself
rags: but I m getting ready it will take one hour
SWA: fine with me but I m waiting

rags: OK fine take caren
SWA: u too bye
rags: bye
Ragini Room
ragini cuts the call and place it on the table
rags: ye Swara b na pagal
she was selecting jewellery for herself
rags: this one no that one noo that nae ye wala han ye wala
lucky comes from behind
lucky: no that one
rags turns: u here go from here
lucky: but let me wear u or jewellery
lucky takes diamond earrings he made her wear wearing and necklace both were soo much closed that they can hear their heartbeats than lucky phone rings
lucky : acha I m going important call
rags: going?????
lucky: yes

rags: OK a tight hug plz
lucky: OK come on
they apart away after sometime lucky leaves and rags smile
Swara Room
Swara was trying and was remembering ragini
after half hour ragini enters her room
rags: tie ho gae????
SWA: han g
rags: gud
Swara takes a pillow and throws on her tie ho gae ki bache
rags: oh my dear don’t get angry come on I will tie she ties her dori
After Half an hour
sanskar and laksh family enters malik mansion
rags bring Swara down sanky this time was literally shocked to see Swara she was looking very gud infact amazing she comes down
sanky in Swara ears
San;inti khobsorat tm this to nae ab kese ho gae
Swara: main hamesha she thi

San: anyway u r looking amazing
SWA: thanks apple
rags: so let’s start the engagement
lucky: ya start
sanky makes Swara wear ring
everyone claps than Swara makes sanky wear ring everyone claps everyone was happy all couples do couple dance and evening passes like this everyone leaves

precap: marriage functions will start

hey guys its gonna finish happy??? me too

Credit to: ufaq

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    Not Happy what you thought haa…you broken my heart today…chul bulli you’re writing skill Masha Allah…I beg you please please don’t end it.. you can continue it.. There is many think is remaining….seriously yaar you’re personality is awesome….The way you give important to each pairs it’s commendable….The episode was outstanding….chul bulli I love you sooo much….Please don’t end it….I feeling but it yours nah…If you end please come with another ff…promise me…take care…

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