Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 24)

sanky after taking medicine comes to Swara room everyone has left only raima was present
raima: sanky beta u go I m here
sanky: no anty plzzzz u go I will take care of Swara
raima: sanky plz take care of my Swara after marriage also actually my girl is very much sensitive soo plz
sanky= aunty u don’t worry everything will b fine and I m always there with Swara
rain: thank u beta
she leaves
sanky go and sits beside Swara and says
sanky: if u would have told me earlier I would have respected ur feelings at least u should told me earlier that u love me and with my this decision of getting not married with u u will fell this much I’ll why cutipie u knew what u r not mastermind v HV given u wrong title u r brain less
saying this tears r contiously felling from his eyes
sanky: I know cutipie that I don’t have same feeling for u but for me nothing is more important than ur health v will live together and I will try my best to maintain good relation with u
sanky then remembers flashback
Luky : how Swara became so much ill $anky
sanky; WO I don’t know actually I talked with her on the phone …….(he tells him whole the convo of him and Swara)
lucky fumes in anger
lucky: all this happened because of u if u don’t want to marry her than u should have convinced ur mom that’s not fair sanky u know what u have become selfish u never thinked about cutipie feeling the most famous business tycoon Mr sanskar maheswari just think about himself u r such a dumb
sanky; lucky what r u saying what I have done
lucky: all this is done by u Swara loves u sanky and u don’t care about her feeling
sanky: what u said she loves me???
lucky: yes she loves you
sanky: but she didn’t tell me earlier
lucky: she is afraid of ur phobia
sanky: sorry OK I promise whatever I have done I will correct it
lucky: I just hope so
sanky: and one more thing lucky I m not selfish my stunners r always my first priority
lucky: I m sorry sanky I didn’t mean that I was angry sorry again
sanky : its OK lucky OK I m going to take medicine
lucky : OK bye
sanky leaves
Flashback Ends
sanky take Swara band in his hands and sleeps
night passes
Next Morning
Swara wakes up she is feeling much better she sees sanky near her and wonders what he is doing here
she gets go and goes to washroom after getting fresh she goes to the garden of her own house with a cup of coffee she was very sad
on the other side sanky wakes up he sees here and there but finds Swara no where he starts feeling restless he starts finding her everywhere he was sweating and was very worried
after finding her for one hour he goes to garden and sees her there he rushes to her
sanky: yar I m finding u from a very long time
SWA: oh sorry I thought to take some fresh air
sanky: kese ho tm
SWA : I m gud what u were doing in my room???
raima comes
raima: he took care of u for whole night
SWA: oh thanks
sanky: my pleasure
SWA: OK I m going inside
sanky: OK let me help u
SWA: no I will manage thanxxx
sanky: OK as u wish
Swara leaves
Same Evening
sanky parents along with raglak family arrives for the date of engagement
suj : so raima what have u decided
raima: I leave it on Swara
sun: OK Swara beta u tell
Swara: aunty actually I want to tell all of u something
raima: ya sweetheart tell
Swara: mom actually
sanky interfere
sanky: annn Swara can u give me water please
suj: u take ur self she has recovered just now
SWA: no aunty its OK main de deti hn
she starts pouring water from the nearby jug
sanky: noooooo not this I want a cold one
SWA: it is cold
sanky: no it is not u give me from the frige
SWA: pk wait
she leaves to the kitchen
sanky signs luky
lucky calls him
sanky: important call I will be back
sanky also leaves
here Swara is taking water from fridge when sanky pats her shoulder,Swara turns what happened sanky
sanky; WO …
SWA: do u need something
sanky: no I wanna talk to u
SWA; OK tell I m listening
sanky; WO actually
SWA: bolo na
sanky: tm chup
SWA: OK fine I m chup
sanky : WO actually………………
epi ends
precap: swasan engagement along with raglak romance
so sorry I know its boring but I m just ending it in few more epi
till then b with me plzzzzzz
take care
lots of love

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  4. Ahaaaan it was not boring it all it was mind blowing i just want to see swasan together plzzzz post soon…. I love ur ffs yar u r too good

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