Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 23)


sanskar was banging the door continuously he was getting worried more worried then he enters the neighbouring room and goes towards its balcony he jump from its balcony to Swara room balcony he enters Swara room through the open window(remember guys)
sanksar shocked to see Swara which was lying on the floor he rushes towards her and picks her from the floor and lifts her to the bed and places her gently on the bed sanskar opens Swara room door
sanskar goes and touches Swara forehead which was very hot
sandkar oh god she is suffering from fever
he starts dialing doctor number
the number u r trying to dial is out of reach please try later
sanky hellllllll with that doctor I will not leave him gadha kahin ka
sanky sits beside Swara very worried

Gadodia mansion
rags enters her home very happy and starts singing lalalalal
semi oho someone is happy
rags yup someone is happy
sumi oh so my daughter is living in paradise of love
rags yes that is called LOVE IN PARADISE
sumi may u live in it forever
rags not just forever TOGHETHER AND FOREVER
semi my sweet daughter may u live long
rags awww thank u mama a hug please
she goes and hugs sumi tightly love u mom
sumi love u to love of life
rags love of life seriously than what is papa
sumi tm b na mama ko tang kr rae ho
rags winks yup wese tell me naw plzzz
sumi shut up go from here and get freshed
rags laughs OK OK but I will say it to papa
sumi ya ya OK go
rags bye bye
sumi bye bye
sumi smiles ye larki b name pagal
rags I heard what u said
sumi han han

Malik Mansion
sanky was doing patti of cold water to swara but no use the fever instead of decreasing was maintained
sanky yar ye bemar kese ho gae and WO b that much Swara plz wake up name plzzzzzzz sweetie see your friend is very worried if something wrongs happen than what stunners will do u r our strength ur CHUMZZZ(friends) love u a lot even I love u a lot please Utah jao na
no response
raima enters Swara room swaru betu my bacha suddenly she stop
raima hain sanky what r doing here
sanky aunti WO main
raima and what happened to my daughter Swara beta Utah jao oh no she suffering from fever
sanky ya aunti actually when I came to meet her…………..($anky told her all what he did after entering malik mansion)
raima u should have called me
sanky sorry aunti I was worried na that’s why I forgot
raima its OK i will call doctor
sanky OK aunti do it fast
raima goes and calls doctor
raima doctor is coming……………..
sanky thank god
Taneja group of industries
laksh was busy in meeting after attending ,meeting he comes to his cabin and sees 20 mis miscalls of sanskar
lucky oye hoye kisi he hamein yad kia h
lucky calls him back
sanskar immediately picks up the call
sanskar hello lucky
lucky someone remembered ,e????
sanky shut up OK just shut ur mouth up we r worried and you r enjoying where the hell was ur phone han in fact where the hell was u can’t u pick up the call
lucky gets worried
lucky sanskar calm down what happened I was in meeting yar and ya y r you worried everything is fine name???? u r fine????
sanky I m fine but cutipie( tear drop from sanky eyes)
lucky gets up from chair cutipie what happened to her she is fine na tell me damn it
sanky no she is Ill suffering from very high fever
luiky fever??????? OK I m coming
sanky jaldi aja yar
lucky on my way

lucky while driving calls ragini
rags hey laksh just now u dropped me and ur missing me again
Laky shut up
rags lucky…….
lucky I said shut up our family doctor is severely ill
rags family doctor???? oh god Swara????? Swara is ill y don’t u told me earlier how is she
lucky I just now came to know by sanky and I don’t think she is good
rags OK fine I m coming
lucky u just come outside I m waiting
rags coming

raglak enter Swara room doctor was checking her
doctor I can’t understand the reason of becoming I’ll this much is she worried
raima no she was happy in fact
doctor than she eat something wrong????
raima I don’t think so
doctor strange anyways this is prescription u take these medicine than give her she will be fine
raima I hope so thanks doctor
lucky come I will drop u doctor
lucky along with doctor goes outside
sanky medicine le kr ata hn
raima OK beta
episode ends
hey guys I hope u guys will like it I m ending this ff as soon as possible

precap sanskar taking care of Swara,sanky parents at Swara home Swara telling them about sanky view

lots of love

Credit to: ufaq

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