Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 22)


raglak part

laksh uffff god where the hell is she this much time for getting ready like if she is getting ready of her marriage hell saying this he again presses the horn
he has been waiting outside the raginis house from last 45 mint
ragini comes out wearing yellow skirt and pink top and was looking stunning laksh was busy in his cell ragini goes and sit in the car laksh without seeing her busy in mobile starts saying how many time I have told u get ready fast and u makeup queen spent all the time wasting in doing all this u r simply beautiful but noo u r also a girl na that’s why and…….
saying this he moves his eyes towards ragini and was mesmerized ragini was still smiling
ragini kese lag rae Han???
laksh WO WO bht bht achi
ragini smiles and laksh again gets mesmerized ragini sees him seeing her and there comes eye lock

tu hi tu har jaga aj kal Ku hai
raaste hr dafa sirf tera pata mjh se pocha bhala Ku hai
na main apna raha na kisi aur ka
aesa mere khuda Ku hai
tring tring trinnnnnnnnngggggggg
ragini picks up the call
ragini hello
laksh asks her to cut the call
ragini with her hand says nooo 2 min
laksh OK saying he also kisses ragini on her cheeks
ragini shocked laksh rocked
ragini immediately cuts the call
rags lakshhh
lucky billliiiiiiii
rags hugs side hug
lucky chalen?????
rags yup let’s go
saying this he drives off

Swara was suffering from the fever when she sees a nightmare and wakes up with a jerk Swara was breathing heavily then she started feeling suffocation and she gets up from bed and starts going towards the window but can’t move due to weakness that she has got due to fever but somehow manages to reach window she opens the window and start taking deep breathes suddenly she feels dizzy again and feel down thawww
raglak part
they reach beach as they decided
ragini laksh let’s go to take a dive
laksh what??? do u think it is a pool???
rags no but we will surely enjoy
luky we will enjoy dieing and I don’t want to die this much early
rags shut up lucky come na
lucky no wayyyyyyy
rags so u r not coming????
laksh nooooo
rags OK fine darpook
lucky what u said
rags I said darpok……
laksh OK u w8 saying this he starts throwing water on her
rags lucky nooooo
laksh don’t stop and continues throwing waterrags become totally wet then rags starts throwing water on him both of them become wet rags run towards him and hugs him tightly I love uuuu lakshhhh
lucky I love u too sweetheart
scene ends

swasan part
sanky enters malik mansion
servant.good noon sir
sanky noon where is everyone
ser .sir raima mam and sir are in office and Swara mam is in her room
sanky OK thanks
sanky goes to Swara room but room is locked he knocks the door
sanky Swara open the door cutipie
no response sanky year Swara open it na
no response sanky becomes worried and starts hitting the door hardly but… response sanky goes
sanky to servant r u sure Swara is in her room
ser yes sir
sanky then y the hell she is not opening the door
ser I don’t know sir
sanky becomes very worried this time
raglak part
ragini is making castle with sand
lucky beautiful
rags castle na?? I know
lucky no not castle the queen of this castle
ragini blushes
lucky wait u also know blushing
rags shut up rabbit
lucky ammm OK but u don’t know u r beautiful
rags oh thanks sweetu
lucky sweetu….
rags yes
lucky OK now what to do
they enjoy on the beach and aftersometime leave to their home lucky drops rags to her home and leaves to his office as he has a meeting there
scene splits on raglak happy face and sanky worried face

episode ends

hey guys told u naw I will give one epi before eid so I gave I hope u guys will like it and comment as comments r strength sorry for wasting ur precious time
lots of love

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Angel_pari

    amazing superb ufaq loved it…..

    I,m eagerly waiting for next epi how will sanakar take care of swara…. Post soon after eid lots of love 🙂

    1. Thank u thank u thank u soooo much anju I have written new epi also PR post krone ka dial nae or raha but I will post after somedays I m glad u liked it love u…..

    1. Thanxxxx swety keep reading

  2. Raglak r cute

    1. Thanxx I m glad u liked it

  3. Raglak scenes was beautiful

    1. Thank u sooooo much

  4. nice raglak scene are amazing

    1. Thanxxxxx swety

    1. Thnxxx yar

    1. Thanxx swetu

  5. LovelyLady

    ufaa i m really sry fr late rply….. plz forgv me….. there was sevre netwrk prblm.
    thnls fr ur epi bfr eid…… it was very nyc bt eager to ln abt swara….. plz post nxt prt sooonnnn……
    n dear i hv replied to ur ques in epi 21…. plz,go n chk….

    1. Its OK do koi nae hot a h esa and ur welcome even I have writtenone more epi but ppost krne ka dil nae or rahaanyway thank u so much love u

  6. Affaa

    Asalamu alikum
    Chull bulli where is your os…Please sent name…epi was outstanding Raglak rocks….I loved it yaar superbtha…hai when will be tomorrow or Wednesday….how are you….love you soooo much take care….mmmmmhhhhhh

  7. Walaikumsalam Api us one shot k bare main to bat hi mat kro ye telly wale mera one shot Khan gae an m dobara nae likhon Ge
    And thanxx
    Eid will be on Thursday Api suna h is bar 30 roze chain
    I m gud alhamdolilah
    Love u too utoo take care

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