Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 20)

so back again with a new chappy
Swara was continuously trying to free herself but that person was not leaving her now she stopped resisting seeing the face of that person
SWA.lucky leave me
yes he was lucky lucky leaves her swara takes deep breathes
swara do u want to kill me
lucky no I was just stopping u from shouting sorry cutipie
SWA.hoooo its OK rabbit
lucky.chal ab bta
lucky ur love story….
swara fumbles love……….story
lucky han love story of ur and sanky
swara there is nothing like that and u plz let me go she starts moving
lucky stops her tell me naw plz I told u naw about mine
Swara I told u naw its nothing like that
lucky seriously…….
SWA yup
lucky so u r not going to tell OK gth I m going and don’t u dare to talk with me again saying this he starts moving
Swara stops him nooooo nooo don’t go OK I will tell
lucky smiles phans gae ( u r trapped)
Swara nae tm ne phansaya ( no u trapped me)
Swara OK I will tell u ya I love sanky I love him more than myself but that idiot he is afraid of being married now u tell what I shall do????
lucky u love sanky?????
Swara no I love tom cruse pagal yes I love sanky
lucky starts jumping like Swara yeeeee cutipie love apple she loves apple Swara love sanky
Swara stops him shut up pagal
lucky OK OK sorry and ya don’t worry I will help u
Swara pakka????
lucky pakka
Swara and ya don’t tell to someone and I will tell billi myself on ri8 time
lucky OK pakka promise
Swara gud boy byeee
lucky where???
SWA.bhok lagi h I m going on break fast table
lucky OK u go I will come after a call
Swara oki doki bye bye
lucky ya ya u go on war bye
Swara laughs and leaves
lucky was talking on phone when someone hugs him from back lucky turns it was billi she was still hugging him lucky was on phone so can’t talk with her so he signs her to leave billi shakes her head in noo lucky plzzz billi no lucky was now silent on the other side hello sir hello sir
lucky ya ya I m on line
rags was still hugging him and lucky was requesting her to leave billi noooo after this she kisses his both cheeks lucky eyes widen he was shocked then she kisses her forehead then she hugs him again tightly lucky to the person on the phone I will call u aftersome time
lucky cuts the call
lucky billi what r u doing
billi hugging u do u have any problem
luky no but I was busy on phone naw
rags that’s not my problem better u solve it by urself
lucky hugs her more tightly OK fine I will handle it
sumi from the hall shouts raginiiiiiiiii
rags coming mom
rags tries to release herself but now lucky was not ready to leave her
rags lucky leave me plz
lucky noooo way
rags plz mom is calling
lucky that’s not my problem
rags makes puppy face plzz
lucky OK on one condition
rags what???
lucky u have to spend ur full day with me today
rags but office
lucky OK fine I m not leaving u
rags ok OK done now plz leave me
lucky releases her from hug
rags start going lucky again gets busy in mobile
rags turns and shouts rabbit…..
lucky raises his eyes from mobile screen yes
rags passes him a flying kiss lucky smiles and catches it
rags I love uuuu
lucky I love u too
rags goes lucky smiles pagal larki
scene ends
on the dining table everyone was busy In eating sujatha makes noise with spoon and stands up
suj ladies and gentleman I have a special announcement to make
sanky was busy in eating
raima sujatha tell fast name plz
suj ya ya
Swara aunty come on tell na
suj yup so the announcement is that we have decided………
lucky aunt I tell na sanky still busy in eating
suj ragini get ready to make a lot of clothes
rags oh really I m always ready but for what
sujatha for sanky engagement
sanky who was drinking juice now spits it out
sanky what mom what u said????
Swara eyes unknowingly filled with tear she was about to cry lucky kept his hand on her shoulder to console her
sanky stands up from chair
suj what happened sanskar……
sanky was in shock what u said mom
suj ur engagement is going to held
sanky what but with whom
suj ammmm bta Dn????
San mom………..
suj OK OK u r enagement is going to b done with ………..Swara om malik
Swara was not believing her ears what she said she was very happy lucky into her ears congratulations
Swara thank u
sanskar was hell shocked what with cutipieeeeeee but…….
before sanky could complete his sentence rags took apple piece and puts it into her mouth
rags congratulations apple eat apple
sanskar chewed the apple then rags putted one more
rags khao khao congratulations
then she hugs Swara congratulations
Swara thanxxx but
rags no if r buts
lucky ya rags is r8 sanky congratulations broo
sanky shut up lucky mom ap
suj sanky bs u better finish ur drama u r getting engaged that’s it u get married whenever u wish
sanky but mom
rags plzzzz sanky man jao
lucky han sanky plzzzz
sanky but what about Swara
lucky she does not have any problem
sanky how do u know
lucky to poch le
sanky han cutipie tell
Swara awn if everyone is happy than I don’t have any problem
sanky but…… OK r u sure????
luky ya she. is sure and u????
sanky I want sometime to think
suj but sanky….
Swara aunty its OK sanky u take ur time
sanly thanks cutipie I have some work at office bye
Swara bye
raglak bye sanky everyone leaves swalak was alone they started dancing yehhhh wooooooo they were dancing like hell after sometime they got tired and hug each other they bid bye and leave
scene splits on sanky worried face in car Swara happy face
episode ends

precap raglak on outing with each other swasan phone convo

I think it is a long one what do u think guys let’s see what happens next till then take care guys byyeeeeee
guys I need ur help will u plz help me do u know what rituals are performed in sangeeth I mean what is it in our culture there is no sangeet so will u plz tell me
and ya angel I want a help from u will u plZzzzzz help me I know u r busy in ur studies now a days but plzzzzzzzz anju plzzzz………..
lots of love

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  1. Angel_pari

    episode was amazing……. Yipeeeeeee swasan gng to marry loved it…… Yeah dear say what help u want i,ll try to help u sweeto 🙂

  2. raglak scenes are awesome

  3. LovelyLady

    dear sangeet is a,very joyful function… family of both bride n groom cm together either on their house or any where else…. all the family members dances … one perfrmnc is also by bride n groom… the sistrs brothers n every one dances
    …. sm tyms there are face offs…. sm tyms dancing comptn between grls vs boys or family of bride vs groom…… masti majak is on height…..
    many tyms mehandi function is also done at the same tym
    if u want ro kn any thng more abt it u may ask….

    cmng to the epi… it was very good… waiting fr sm romantic momnts between swasan……

  4. Raglak scenes are superb and waiting for precap

  5. Affaa

    Masha Allah lovy really yaar sangeet kashhhh sangeet were in our culture…chul bulli I have one idea we can go to lovy marriage I mean sangeet function…We can enjoy hahaha…Haa chull buli….seriously my chull buli is a very good writer…ufaq rocksssss…love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mmmmmmhaaa

    1. LovelyLady

      Aree yaar sach batauuu actallly sangeet to hamare me bhi ni hota……. ye thora filmy hota h n abhi tk hmare me ni hota…. actually dear i belong tomiddl class fmily …….

  6. Affaa

    Shitttt I thought to come for your marriage but now…no use

    1. LovelyLady

      kyu di aap ko bulane k liye.. sangeet rakhna parega…
      btw meri shadi me abhi saaloo h…
      itni jaldi mai ni fasungi…. n what abt u????
      apka kya plan h??? 😉

  7. Affaa

    Yaar what to say I will be someone we soon…my family is planning for it…but I…

    1. LovelyLady

      oommmgggg r u saying true…. wooww ab yease krne me mja aayega…..

      1. LovelyLady

        guys i hv posted new epis of my ff on edkw page .. u cn go n chk….

      2. LovelyLady

        i mean tease krne me….

  8. Affaa

    But I don’t want to get married…I’m too small…what to do

    1. LovelyLady

      No di….. bahana ni chalega……… ??????

  9. Affaa

    Lovy tummm

    1. LovelyLady

      kya meri sweettuuu di… bolo bolo….

  10. Affaa

    Lovy please check my post….

    1. LovelyLady

      ya di i read your post abt frns……..
      it was,hrt tchng….. n i too agree that in my case…. love,u a looottt

  11. ahaa smone is getting married ohoooo

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