Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (chapter 2)

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A great mansion is shown with a name plate

A girl come in the mansion and throws her bag on sofa and shouts;aapaa coffeeeeeee
lady named raima malik comes and says;swara how many times i have told u not to drink black cofee its not good for health and…. [the girl is non other than swara]
swara interupts;ya ya i know it effects brain cells escapes sleeps effects stomach i knw i knw but mom bad habits and deeds cant be left easily like u cant leave me
swara;ok ok last time plz kunke apho majbori r wo ha zarori
raima;what?? in anger

swara;matlb ap ho zarori wo hai majbori and laughs
then a lady come and gives her cofee she taks it drink it and goes to room
after freshing up picks up phone and msg on whatsapp on the group named young stunners[laksh ragini and sanskar];hii guys
rags;hi cutiepie
laksh;hiii dear
sanskar;hi raglak

sanskar;uuu what???
swara;nothing my stunners how r u???
rags;fine as much as possible
luky;fit and fine
swara;and sanky u??
sanky;what me??
swara;tm kese ho??
sanky;ap se bht acha
swara;unche unche khawab zameen pr wapis ajao janab
sanky;ya ya whatever

raglak;not again both of u shut up
swara;he started
rags;and i am ending nothing more got that
sanskar;how was the day guys
laksh;with work how the day can be it was booooring
rags;good infact too good as i have got imp project tomorrow is meeting also
swara;too busy back to back operations
sanskar for me it was gud and cong billi
swalak;ya congo billi
rags;thanks guys
sanskar;i thnk we should meeet tomorrow o hv sm fun time
swalakrag;superb idea
swara;but billi u hv meeting right
rags;who cares i will potpone or prepone it dont worry
swara ok but where we will meet

laksh in the same park where we used to play
sanskar;come on we r not kids
swara;who said that we r kids u old man
sanskar;swara chup
rags ok fine done sharpat 11pm
laksh;i will tell to seea also[teasing]
rags;no way she is not alowed only stunners will come got that luku
rags no means no
luky;ok billi
rags ok i hve to sleep see u soon byeee hum se hi din hota hai
sanskar;byee;surmaii sham dhalti hai hum se hi
swara;har ghari sans aati h
luky;zindagi kehlati h hm se hi

laksh;i too have sm work bye cutiepie bye sanky
swara;good night sanskar
sanky; tm se bt krli kai ki good nigt rat barbad
swara;acha to tm dekhna m tmhara b barbad kr dn gi
sanky;dont u dare to come at my home in early morning
swara;we shall se bye sanky
sanky;uff bye
next morning 7pm
sujata;sanskar uth jao beta;
sanky five min more plz

sujata goes downstairs and swara enters house sujata;are swara u here
swara;hi aunty where is sanky
sujata;upstirs u go and wake him up i am going to temple will be back soon bye
swara;bye aunty sanky get ready now u r gone
swara enters room a cute boy is sleeping he is sanskar she goes into washroom and take a bucket of water and open music system and play the song in slow voice
darwaze ko kunde maro
koi na bach k jane pae

dj ko samjha do music ghalti se bi ruk na jae…….
thaka thaka jo feel kare wo ja k do red bull ghatak le
jis ko dance nae karna wo ja k apni bhens chara
suddenly higher the volume on full
sanskar due to sudden noise wakes up with jerkand says ;what the…
but before he can complte his face was washed

yes swara inserted full bucket on him
sanky without knowin what is happening stands on bed and says;what the hell
swara;how was the mornig gift
sanky;uuuuu i will not leave u and starts chasing her and finally catches her but due to water both slip swara was on top and was lost in sanskar eyes
eyelock breakes when sanskar says;cutiepie utho mere upar se pagal larki
swara stands up so as sanky he says;do u knw how heavy u are insane girl
swara;u see urself

sanky;aaahhh time wasted
swara;ya mine to btw how was the gift
sanky;awesome and u will also get an awesome return gift just wait
swara;whatever u go take bath
sanky;dont order me
swara ok then saying this she pushes her into bathroom he was about to fall but controlled
sanky;swara tm nae bacho gi m naha lnthen i will deal with u
swara;ya ya if u can then do saying this she goes downstairs and sanky starts taking bath
swara downstairs shouts;rami kaka……..
rk;yes madam
swara;rk sanky is saying that his bathsrooms tap is over flowing so u go and cut the water supply of his room unti the plumber comes
rk;but sir didnt told me
swara;i told u na go now
rk goes and cuts the water supply sanskar shower water stops

swara laughs and says enjoy dearand goes
u all can imagine what happened next sanskar start banging the door after 45 min rk goes to his room sanky from the washroom ask him to open water supply and comes out after taking bath rk tells him about swara he fumes and says swara u r gone[guys its normal between them as swara is helpless in front of her hobby and heart]
sanky gets ready and goes to office
first sanskar comes thn rags and thn luky they chit chat for sme time but didnt enter thepark without swara they were waiting for her just then swara comes in her car she parks it on other side of road and comes out she has headphones in her ears and was listebing music dont knw why she stops in the middle of road sanraglak was watching it suddenly the car comes and
sanraglak closes their eyes and shouts cutiepieeeeeeee
thats it epi ends
hope to meet u soon

next part is suspense

plzz keep comenting they encourge me alot and tell me wether i should write or not
lots of love take care bye

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  1. Too good?Enjoyed the Swasan part too?

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  3. vry nyc n that poem lines.. jindgi khlati h hm se hi … wo tumhara khud ka creatn h?????

    1. n ya u shd keep wrtng…….

    2. Nope that’s a song tum SE hi I have changed it in hum SE hi and thankss

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  7. Oh my!! Suspense?? Plzz update soon..

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  9. raglak nokjhok is cute

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  12. wowwwww nyc one both raglak and swasan are adorable

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