Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 19)

swara after attending call enters rags room rags was busy in arranging snacks sanky and lucky were playing games on their mobile swara goes and lay down on the bed
rags.cutipie what is this u r sleeping
SWA.ya billi actually everyone is busy naw that’s y pointing towards sanky and lucky
rags sees them she goes and snatches their mobile kr do gaming king har har k thakte nae ho
sanky.billiiiii I was just about to win to
rags but lose r8 so what play it later
sanky.mar ja to
rags same to u my dear

saying this trio laughs
rags hey drama queen what r u waiting for
swara.a tight hug
swara goes to stunners and hug them
Sara.OK now we will play the game
lucky.which game
sanky hide and seek ( doing mimikery of swara)
swara.sanky shut up OK
rags.OK now sanky will tell which game
sanky OK we will play the game called “Word To Word” remember the rules guys u have to say a single word in response of the word which ur previous one has said
Sara oki doki starting from me
lucky baarish ( rain)
rags bondein ( water drops)
sanky.pani ( water)
swara sooraj ( sun)
lucky subha ( morning)
rags dhoop ( sunlight)
sanky garmiiii (hottness)
swara kam ( work)
lucky time waste
rags passion
sanky zindagi ( life)

rags masti ( enjoyment)
lucky pyar ( love)
swara sanky………………
stunners turn toward her what u said
swara stammers WO WO I was saying sanky pass the juice
sanky takes a sigh of relief oh OK OK
swara drinks juice and says aj to Bach gae
lucky into her ears nae bache
swara eyes widens
rags swara now tell na
swara ya what was the last one
lucky pyar…..
swara stunners
sanky samandar ($ea)
lucky gehrai deepness
rags diving
swara sansen (breathes)
sanky dharkan ( heart beats)

lucky billi
rags Jan
and raglak see each other and there comes eye lock between raglak
which was broken by sanky uffff u guys have started again
lucky breakes eye lock sorry guys
SWA.its OK
rags nend a rae h

swara so u sleep na
rags where
swara on the bed
rags goes and sleep there beside her swara also sleep
sanky where v vil sleep
swara on the floor on floor no way chal tu uth wahan se way
lucky.its OK cutipie u sleep dear good night
swarag gud ni8 luky
sanky and lucky go to other room and sleep
here in the hall ladies r seen hugging each other and saying congratulations to each other but y I don’t know then how I could tell u :-p
next morning swara wakes up and open the windows hi sunny see or brother again run away don’t u told him I m angry u ave become bhulakard OK see u bye she close curtains and turn towards rags who was smiling
swara y r u smiling

rags cutipie u r a kid
SWA.well that’s true saying this both laugh they after getting fresh went downstairs swara was passing through the corridor when someone drags her
swara shouts what the but someone put hand on her face
scene splits on swara tensed face
episode ends
guys plzzzzzzz comment silent readers plzz comment guys comments r strength

precap sanky worried swara happy and raglaks romance

today there is Urdu guys sorry for that love u byeee

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  1. billi always rocks

    1. Ya she is rocking thank u sweety take care keep reading

  2. Angel_pari

    loved it ufaq plzzzz make sanky fall for cutieepie and as alwayzzz love stunners love u also post soon 🙂

    1. Yar if I will make sanky fall for cutipie then I will have to change my story line do u want that if yes then let me know and I love u too swety thanx year take care

    2. Angel_pari

      aryyy nh nh go with that i loved it 🙂

    1. Thanxx swety keep reading

    1. Thanxx cutie

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    1. Thanxx swety

    1. Thanxx swety

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