Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 17)

by ufaq

lucky and ragini were busy in doing preparations
lucky .I am the first groom who is doing the preparations myself awww I can’t take it anymore mid ragini gadodia I m not decorating ur house got that
rags laksh that’s not fair u can’t do this with me u have to help me
lucky no everybody knows that I m kamchor still u r asking me to help u
rags makes puppy face plzzzz laksh
lucky year u plz don’t make this face my heart starts melting
rags that’s why I m making it
lucky what???
rags nothing lucky plzz help na see how swasan r working
lucky.a cha so u want me to work but I m tired yar and u being my love should understand it
rags-my love I understand saying this she kisses lukys both cheeks and says now feeling better
lucky.ya little bit now I will help u
rags.seriously?? I love u
lucky I love u too saying this they start decorations
rags lucky pick me up I want to place that there
lucky picks him up rags start placing that thing
rags. lucky its not getting placed there
lucky then what I will do plz do it quick my hands r about to break
rags.two minutes
lucky.jaldi jaldi yar
rags.ya ya but it is not getting fixed what to do???
lucky.I don’t know just do it quick àhh my hand
rags.ya ya doing it quick otherwise I will leave u

rags was very frustrated by him she says.OK fine leave me
lucky listening this leaves rags now rags was on the floor screaming in pain.awww rabby tabby u left me ahhh
lucky then realizes what he has done ahhh sorry sorry rags but u said to leave u
rags next time don’t u dare to leave me
lucky OK OK sorry
rags aww its OK now give me ur hand lucky gives him hand she stands up and hugs luky tightly I love u my love
lucky I love u too my wild cat
lucky.han han billi
scene ends
next morning gadodia mansion was beautifully decorated by stunners stuners were feeling proud they were very happy taneja mansion was also decorated BT lightly gadodia mansion was decorated with blue and white flowers and lights stunners were impatiently waiting for evening
sanky was standing in his room he was doing work on lappy swara comes to him and closes his eyes with his hands sanky touches swara hand and recognizes and says..cutipie leave me I have a lot of work to do
swara leaves him he open his eyes and says.y r u working Apple u should not work its raglak engagement today
sanky oh thanks for the info but swaru I have a lot of work to do so take aside
swara.noo don’t work name plzz
sanky seeing swara requesting face shut down his laptop.OK yar by the way what r u doing here
SWA.I came to give u dress given by ragini
San.oh thank u so much
SWA.ur welcome
San.a cha where is ur dress my house
San.oh avha
SWA.OK I m going home as I have to get ready take care swetu
swara leaves sanky sits there shocked sweetu??????? hell
Following Evening
sanskar enters gadodia mansion dressed in blue sherwani and white dupatta he gives the final review to whole decorations done by stunners he goes to rags room rags is dressed in blue lehnga and white choli she was looking outstanding but sanky thinks to tease her

sankyhoes and places his hand on rags shoulder rags turns she was looking amazing but sanky shouts bhooot bhooot help me help me
rags says where where
sanky turns him to mirror see there
rags sees his own face and mirror and says sanky ka bacha u r saying me boot
sanky.oh its u I thought its ghost
rags sanky I hate u u r very bad
sanky.laughs and says sorry sorry I was just kidding u r looking damn cute and beautiful wese a cha to main b lag raha Han take aside I want to see myself in mirror saying thus he pushes rags and ge starts admiring himself.aha sanky u r so handsome u r solo beautiful u r hunk love u I love myself
rags places her hand on his mouth.shut up sanky stop admiring urself
sanky makes puppy face OK u tell I m not handsome
rags melts awww my sweet apple u r very handsome every girl will go flat on u
sanky.uffff aginnthat topic I don’t want any girl to go flat on me
rags.OK OK fine as u wish
sanky.thank u for leaving me
rags.or welcome saying this both laughs
scene ends

lucky family arrives lucky was dressed in white sherwani and blue dupatta and was lurking stuning rags comes down with sanky lucky was mesmerized seeing her rags passes a sweet smile to lucky lucky smiles seeing it sanky gives to him and says Hans my or hansi is going to end soon when this chu rail will enter or life
rags playfully hits sanky shoulder shut up sanky shut up
lucky u only think about urself don’t take my tension OK
lucky han han by the way dosri churail kahan ha
rags.ya where is swara
lucky wait I will call cutipie
lucky calls Sara but phone is out of reach stunners get seriously tensed they were very worried sanky was feeling restless he was continuously dialing swara number after an hour swara enters gadodia mansion sanky raglak rushes to her sanky hugs swara tightly cutipie where vere u where is ur phone y u were not picking call han???
SWA.sanky WO
rags.first leave her
sanky leaves him and says sorry
SWA.its OK actually I was sleeping I forgot to put alarm on my phone so sorry and wen I wake up I got ready and came here and I was not picking phone because my phone was on aeroplane mode sorry
sanky hits his head hard with his hand off cutipie tm b na u makde me worried
rags not me us
San.ya ya
lucky swara what is this y u don’t become serious
SWA.because I m kid and serious behaviour doesnot suits kids and she makes face
everyone laughs
scene ends

episode also ends as I got a new tab so I wrote a long episode from my side its a treat guys hope u like it and one more thing guys I m not getting enough comments now a days so should I finish it if u say I will finish it in next 8 chapters if u want plz comment guys its a strength of writer take care guys love u bye

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