Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 16)

Hey guys sooooo sorrrry vru have told me that I m using too much Hindi now a days wese it is Urdu but it’s ok I m really sorry guys I will not use Urdu or Hindi onwards sorry guys
Swara and luky come at the ragini house at same time and hug each other like they have met after along gap
Swa.luky my cute rabbit how r u
Luky.i mtooooo gud cutipie
Rags enters the hall hi guys how r u
Swa v r tooo gud hw r u swety
Rags.i m gud swara come on hug me
Sears goes and hugs ragini tightly luky makes puppy face
Luky.i also want hug
Rags oh my love come one hug me
Luky goes and hugs him tightly swara stands there and says ahm ahm romancing Jodi plz not now
Luky. Awww bone in my romance I hate u
Swa I hate u tooo
Swa ya
Luky ya ya whatever
Sea.where is mr sanskar maheshwary ????
Rags.ya where is he???? I would knw guys
Sanky after half an hour enters gadodia mansion he was on the entrance when rags shout sanky stop there I said stop there now she picks up fruit knife and starts runnig behind him sanky starts running
Sanky.what happened wild billi dare u to come late Han??
Sanky.sorry sorry
Billi.what I will do with ur sorry
Sanky.ok baba thank u
Billi.thank u????
San.ya u can’t do anything with sorry then do whatever. U want. To do with my thank u ok
Rags.shut up today I will kill u
Swa.rags no don’t kill him
Rags only on ur request I m leaving him ok
Swa thanks
San.ya thanks and thanks cutipue
San sits and takes deep breathe suddenly he reme.bers what rags had done yesterday then he slowly takes knife from rags hand then he shouts miss gadodia u r gone today I will not leave u
Rags what happened
Sanky.i will murder u today
Rags but y???
San.what u told yesterday to all
Rags oh acha wooo???
San.yes I will murderu
Rags.everyone gets married na so what was wrong in that
San.shut up I do t want to get married got that
Rags.but….. but and vuts just shut up
Rags.ok fine I have told u my shart u do whatever u want to do
San that’s gud now give me hug
Rags goes and hug him swa runs to sanky and hugs him tightly sanky was shocked but reciprocates it r u cutipie
Swa.i m very gud how r u
San.i m gud now will u please leave me
Swara realizes that he is still hugging him swara leaves him and says sorry
San.its ok sweetie
Rags now start preparation decorators will help us
Swara.ok so lets start
Scene ends
Sanky was standing on the stairs and was placing flowers on the wall swara was giving him dirctions where to place
Swara no sanky there no no here no there
San.shut up cutipue just tell me where to place
Swa.i m telling u na there no here nooo there there no here boo where if there na sanky
Sanky was moving his hand here and there suddenly he loses his balance and fells down
Swra starts laughing.hahahaha sanky u fell down u hahaha
San.noo I m cleaning floor and y r u laughing
Swa.oh sorry hhahahaha
San.give me ur hand
Swa.oh Han Han sorry she gives him hand sanky holds her ha d and pulls her down swara also fells Dow. Beside him and swara shouts ahh
Sanky starts laughing hahahah feel good ?? Hahaha
Swa was irked shut up because of u I fell down
San tit for tat
Sanky was still lying on floor and sqara was sitting beside him swara starts beating sanky dint know how but swaras neck chain gets tied with sanky shirt button swara fells on sanky sanky stops laughing and there comes the intense eye lock between swasan swara was enjoy all this
Sanky comes in sense and says miss Malik get up I said get up now u r very fat because of u I can’t breathe
Swara gets up and innocently says sorry
Sanky sees swara face and says its ok sweetie. V were joking na
Sea.yaya but I m sory
San.its ok now tell me exactly where to put flower ok
Swara ok ok
Sanky.if now I fell I will put ur face under water for 5 minutes
Sea.then I will die
San.churail does not leaves so easily hahahaha
Swara Yar you….
San.ok sorry
Swara.its ok now I will tell u
San ok
Scene ends
Episode also ends
Guys take care love u bye and sorry. Again for Hindi r Urdu sorry bye everyone love u

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