Love Has Brought The Season Of Spring (Chapter 15)


Heloooooo everyone it’s ufaq back again with a new chapy guys

After everyone has left ragini goes to her room smiling thinking about his love she sits on bed and smiles suddenly she stands up and remembers Sth a d calls swara swara was sleeping
Sears without seeing callers identity picks up the call
Sea.hello hey mister don’t u have watch can’t u see the time is this time to call someone tm ne mere crore ki nend barbad kr di ab kia chup sha ka roza h tmhara bolo b sad
Rags.sorry sorry Maine time nae dekha so sorry cutipie
Sears wakes up with a jerk.sorry billi I did not see callers identity. Sorry
Rags.its ok acha I want to ask u y u were worried in hospital u said. That. U will tell but then I forgot to ask
Swara hits her head hard with her hand.billi u have called me this time to ask this seriously????
Rags.ya I was worried for u sory
Swa.its ok nothing I was just worried for my operation( lies).
Rags.seriously???? U made me scared
Rags.its u sleep and let me sleep nendya Ki rani
Swa.g g ok bud night sweetie
Rags.gud night cutie
Rags cuts the call nd sleep swa says .mis Malik u r saved this time but next time b careful
She also sleeps
Scene ends

Here in sanky house
Sanky at midnight is walking worriedly here nd there billi Ki Bache gadhi kahen Ki meri Raton Ki nend barbad krdi shadi krlo kun bhi kun kron shadi tm kr Rae ho kafe naw h naw g tm b kro idiot fool shart h mere kai ki shart dimagh iska abhi thika e lagata hn mjhe ta g kr k khud so Rae h Bach sae to billi Ki Bache
Saying this he starts dialing ragini number but stops says nooo sanky bechari khawab dekh Rae hogi tang Mt kr su bbha pochta hn is se ab so jata hn
He goes and lies on bed and sleeps after sometime
Scene ends
Next morning
Malik mansion
Sears wakes up due to sunlight and shouts coffee
She sees sun and says hi sweetheart. Kese ho ah garmi bht krdi h tm ne yr control ur temperature acha ek bt btao rat ko jo tmgara Bhai Ata h Chand mamu wo subha subha kahan bhag jata h biwi k pas very badkeh Dena us se bht naraz hn m us se acha ab m ja Rae hn love u sweetheart. Bye bye then she closes curtain

Then she drinks coffee and get ready to go to ragini house for the preparation of engagement.
Luky calls swara
Swara.hi my dear rabbit
Luky hi sweetie
Swara.kese ho se bht acha beautiful r cute
Swa.hahaha nice joke r sunao n
Luky joke naw h
Sea.acha acha Cal ku Ki????
Luky tmgein yad silane ke liye k rags k ghr Jana h
Swara too??? tyar go jao
Swara.main tyar hn r Mikal hi Rae hn
Luky.ok ok jaldi ajao
Sea.acha tm kahan ho office
Swara.satiya nas u r in office and asking me to come early
Luky.m Mikal raha hn bs
Swara ok g take care bye
Luky.u to bye
Luky vuts calls
Scene ends
Episode ends

Yipee today I m too happy as I ha e completed 15 chapters yeee
Love u guys bye

Credit to: ufaq

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  2. Vaikha

    Pls try to write in english yaar.. Now a days soo much of hindi.. Getting much harder to read…

    1. So sorrrrrryyy next time there will b no Hindi pka

  3. chull buli How are you..and how is your tab…yaar I want to register but my phone it’s not getting registered…when is your result…epi was amazing as usual…ya Allah I can’t imagine you as height bcoz you’re always a sweet sis for me..I can’t imagine…If your height then you may be beautiful isn’t…love you take care

  4. I m gud alhamdolilah and I got new tab and my result is on 26 july and my height is 5 ft 2 inch which I don’t think is short a cha api r u a tamailian which means u r my akka ??? Love u too and u too take care

  5. no who told I am tamilian…I am malaysli…In malayam we call chechi, ietha, dhidhi, innja….so many names but you call me api please…I feel happy when you call me Api…Please my baby…

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    Awsm part

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    oooooppssssss i got soo late… i m sry……
    as,always awsm epi….. wo suraj se,convo mast tha yar……..
    so cute…….
    congrats ufaq fr cmpleteng 15epis n gr getting new,tab…….
    now u wll be regular rt????
    once again sry…..

    1. Ya u r late intact next chapy is posted and next one is also gone for moderation but its ok and thanks and ya from onwards I will try to b regular inshallah

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